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  1. Hello gals Hope everyone is well. And i too think gerry is the sexiest man in the world I am currently at this time Jobless and been trying to so hard for a job, so been a tad depressed. I am on something called jobseekers allowance, which they give you if you dont have a job in the UK its not much money but its kind of helps. Much love to all
  2. Hello Gals Gerry home nation didn't do well in soccer today.We only managed a draw.We are currently trying to qualify for the world cup.But we got nowwhere today Zanny great graphic love gerry always I get my tattoo on monday i am so excited Bye for now gals
  3. Hello Susan :wavey: Scotland is wet and cold so usual weather
  4. Loved LOVED Gerry on Leno.So funny best interview to date i think SPARTANNNNNNNNNNNN lol Only thing i really hate to point out is his accent is fading so much
  5. I recommend Glasgow, Edinburgh, loch lommend and also Alloway ( think thats it.) As if your into rabbie burns or anything like that its where his old cottege etc is.And you can go vist it.
  6. I did the same thing!!!! I'm so embarrassed, but glad I'm not the only one! if you think thats bad i did the same last night but worse i feel asleep whislt watching dear frankie and its my favourite gerry film Cant wait to see gerry on leno
  7. Diet coke or pepsi is just as bad as normal Personally the stuff rots your inside and its not something i like to drink.
  8. As i said its not a mag that ever really interests me but my dad buys it in Glasgow occasionally. Here is the website explaining there cause http://www.bigissue.com/magazinesite/about.html
  9. Big issue is a magazine usually sold by homeless people who come from Shelters TBH unless i saw gerry on the front cover its not a magazine i would tend to buy as it doens't have any that interests me I would love a gerry clone, although i admit his accent would need to be a bit like it was a few years ago when he first came into acting. He is losing his accent slightly but its there none the less
  10. Lovely interview.My Gran Lives in Edinburgh and if she tells me next time she see's me she was talking to a Scottish Actor i would serously faint LOL. Great interview, its on of those interviews you can almost feel the warmth from ( does that make sense lol.) Personally, knowing Edinburgh lol i can almost imagine him walking along and talking.
  11. Hello Everyone. Anna i hope TJ is getting better I went back to the Doctors to get my mole checked again and its turns out its nothing thank go Doctor was happy it wasn't as red and raised.But i have to go back in a month to check it again Thank you everyone who thought of me. I am getting a tattoo in 13th october to remember my gran and papa so cant wait for that Also wishing anyone well who is ill or who is getting better.And a massive hug to sue Finally FINALLY seen Rocknrolla.And i have to say the film really confused me and i still actually have no clue what its about.BUT massive BUT I think it was one of Gerards best films ( except from phantom) if i am really honest.I might not have got the film properly but thought gerry did brillently and i would really hope gerry is back for number two.Anyone know if he will be? But i think i will go see it again xxxxxxxxxxxx
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