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  1. (I'm french so i might do some mistakes in english :o)) Let me tell you that i'm sure he had a lot of fun that night, he seems very happy, smiling all the time. I was invited by a friend of mine who works on the set of the movie 300...almost all his crews was there at the party. If I remember correctly he was wearing jeans, a brown leather jacket, a chain...and his big beard... I'm sure he doesn't get recognize a lot with the way he looks right now (still cute)....He's been seing a couple of time in bars lately...and he doesn't drink or smoke !!!! That's great !!! I'm also happy he's
  2. I didn't know who Gerard Butler was until I met him on his B-day in Montreal.....I had the chance to be invited to his birthday party by a friend of mine who knows him. What a night, what a guy..... I had the chance to talk to him for a while and i really think he's a fantastic person. For everybody who wish to meet him he's worth it. What a down to earth person for guy like him, he was so gentle and nice to everybody, that was very impresive. Since then, I rented Dear Frankie because he told me it was one of the best movie he did play in for a while and i really think he is a great acto
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