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  1. (I'm french so i might do some mistakes in english :o)) Let me tell you that i'm sure he had a lot of fun that night, he seems very happy, smiling all the time. I was invited by a friend of mine who works on the set of the movie 300...almost all his crews was there at the party. If I remember correctly he was wearing jeans, a brown leather jacket, a chain...and his big beard... I'm sure he doesn't get recognize a lot with the way he looks right now (still cute)....He's been seing a couple of time in bars lately...and he doesn't drink or smoke !!!! That's great !!! I'm also happy he's not the typical actor who thinks he's the best and nobody can talk to him, he's simple and I hope he will stay that way.... Take care
  2. I didn't know who Gerard Butler was until I met him on his B-day in Montreal.....I had the chance to be invited to his birthday party by a friend of mine who knows him. What a night, what a guy..... I had the chance to talk to him for a while and i really think he's a fantastic person. For everybody who wish to meet him he's worth it. What a down to earth person for guy like him, he was so gentle and nice to everybody, that was very impresive. Since then, I rented Dear Frankie because he told me it was one of the best movie he did play in for a while and i really think he is a great actor....Im sold to him now... I understand now why people go crazy for him, cause he's very nice and true to himself... Wish for everybody to meet him in person.. Take care Michelle
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