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  1. Love his hair this length!! With those little wisps of curls.....*dreamy sigh*
  2. Looks like he's got a bit of sun. Adore the "co*k" hat.....it's so him! I agree that he looks a bit tired and in need of a break perhaps. Still sexy as ever though!
  3. I love that little curl coming out from under his hat *dreamy sigh*
  4. Oooooooooo prizes! Please put me down for: Bounty T-shirt King Leo Action Figure Men's Health - March '07 Architectural Digest - May '10 By the way, Diggin' the new emoticons! Especially this one........
  5. Wow, I've been busy the biggest part of the weekend so this was rather surprising to come back too! Thanks so much everyone! I was thrilled to read on the 5th Birthday Celebration thread that all the entries will be used in various threads during the week ahead. All of them were so awesome, we have such amazing talent here at GALS! For those of us that haven't been here since the beginning, its a great opportunity to be a part of the history. I've been enjoying all the Birthday threads and topics posted today, so thanks to the MODS for hard work and making this such a great community to be a part of! and......
  6. Another question: One entry per person?
  7. *ROFLMAO* This made my day, thanks for posting it!
  8. "....we tried, it's not for us.....we have a puppy" Thanks for posting this, it made my day!
  9. That turned out gorgeous Amy! I'm a sucker for black and white - and totally diggin' on the wording too! Well done!! :bounce:
  10. Holy Moly! Those pictures make my ovaries hurt! This is the best batch I've seen in a while. First kilt pictures and now these.....no man should be that good looking.
  11. Congrats Stu! Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy! Thank so much for everything you've done around here already, you'll definitely be an asset to the mod team. Wishing you nothing but the best in your new position!!
  12. Ruggedly handsome, rough-around-the-edges, homicide detective with a torturous past that's left him broken and bitter. Sprinkle in an ex-wife whose suddely thrown back into his life when getting caught up with a gangland murder and it has all the intrigue, suspense and vehement passion one could ask for. He's prideful, relentless and honor bound; but yet extremely flawed, alcohol addiction brought on by trying to cope with the devestation of his failed marriage. She's breathtaking, willfull and innately compassionate; but weighed down with guilt and remorse at the cruel way she systematically destroyed the man he once was. Gradually she realizes the mistake she made all those years ago and finds herelf falling in love all over again; question is, will he be able to look past all that pain and bitterness to allow himself to forgive her? It should be a story, it really should. Oh wait....... (edit: I should mention that this is already a written story, and not really an idea being tossed out there for use, persay. For those of you not aware, this is the basic Brodie storyline we play over in Bainte Amach.)
  13. Wonderfully beautiful - loved the change in perspectives. While it may be short, you have a way of drawing the reader in. Bravo!
  14. Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantasic! I'm so happy for all of you! Looks like everyone had such a great time, and I'm green with envy. What a gracious and wonderful man. Would love to hear everyones stories when they get back home!! Congrats again ladies, especially Holly & KB!! What an amazing first time!!
  15. tee-hee, he's got a rooster on his head. ...yanno what they say about the sorts of people who wear co*k hats *eyes a certain someone with a knowing smirk*
  16. Kids are still in school the first week of June around here - that could hinder my ability to go, so I voted for July 22.
  17. ....errrrr "Hot Scot In a Cup" had me daydreaming at work for nearly a half hour. Now to just dollop on some whipped cream and add a generous handful of salty *ahem* nuts.
  18. The virtual con was absolutely amazing! So glad we were able to share in the excitement with everyone out in Vegas, and watch things unfold in real time. What a wonderful step forward for this community, proving that we truly are connected. Thanks so much to Barb and her hubby for all their continued efforts - it was so awesome to be there when the Phoenix award was presented!! Congrats to all the winners!!
  19. I didn't see this to register a head of time - but doing so now - kind of late! *lol* Thanks to everyone who helped to make this possible - its been fun!!
  20. I heard about this from Iliessa! Thanks so much for sharing it! What a wonderful treat it must have been for them.
  21. Oh my goodness, how incredibly adorable! Thanks for much for sharing this April and bflo! Also, might I add...Bailey your siggy is awesome! J.
  22. BAWWWWWWWWWWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Oh my lord, I snorted Pepsi out my nose!! Brilliant...
  23. HughE said several times that the fans that showed up were always extremely courteous and never intrusive, so condemning those who were trying to be respectful while he was shooting because of one or two overzealous folks is somewhat disparaging. I don't think anyone was trying to 'put this back on Gerry' by their comments, but were simply pointing out the fact that being in the movie industry like he is more then likely comes with a certain understanding of how enthusiastic fans can be at times. He has always said how grateful he is for having such a dedicated fan base and always seems more then willing to make time for them when he can. That being said, every movie set, whether it be Gerry's or any other actors, has its fair share of onlookers - especially when being filmed out of the studio and in public like this. So just expecting everyone to leave them be is a little shortsighted I think. Lord knows that if he was filming close to here I'd go hang out a couple days hoping to catch just a possible glimpse. But that doesn't make me a stalker or crazy fan. So ease up people, and take things a little more at face value before over-analyzing situations your not directly involved in. I'm sure it's not nearly the big deal we're all making it out to be.
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