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  1. OMG....yes,when i saw this pohoto nearly me faint. oh..
  2. thanx u barbara.I finish entering the Web thanks for informaciĆ³n.when goes to London in summer I hope to visit the store. the bracelet is precious
  3. help me gals. i not known to find the meaning of the bracelet of silver of gerry.I bought a bracelet that looked like you accustom watches it and thinks, where will be gerry? oh OMG.. I already know that I am very crazy haha.they know because it takes it? thanx gals
  4. hi. SporranTart,it is a page Web dedicated to the film actors. I do not know that he will be the one of porno. to my never to left to me it can that he is something advertising. woww gerry has 80 votes!!!!!! lol
  5. oh thanx u for the info.if, it does some time did not leave this page to me in the finders, and the other day luckily I found it :snowman: :yippee: :mopboystranger:
  6. and sight photos of this film, gerry leaves very handsome!!! but i don't watch the film. in the spain to not left, i think. that pity :mopboyerik:
  7. hello gals since when it is this Web in Internet? I decide to me that when began I to like gerry I did not find it. only: gb.net, gbutler.com, gbonline.com .... and the other day encontre this, and this brilliant!! :mopboystranger:
  8. if, sight that to be mistaken in a so precious name!in the other row "wapo of December" is gaining elijah wood and Michael Rosenbaum. gerry goes third with 65 votes!elijah has 88 and the other 71.they do not have so many either.we will demonstrate that gerry is the best!!!! :snowman: :spinny: :yippee:
  9. and foundling 4 times gerry is winning!!!! :: :: it already has 50 votesif, you can vote so many times as you want, but they must spend 15 minutes thanx gals
  10. gerry always to be so handsome....
  11. wowww gerry already has 45 votes it is possible to be voted the times that they want but with a space of 15 minutes :inlove: :: :mopboyerik: :mopboyreddeath: :mopboyterry:
  12. :mopboyterry: hey girls! they must vote in a page so that gerry is the plus handsome man of this month ( it is in Spanish) this: http://www.waposdecine.com/ewc.html where it puts " candidatos de diciembre" it must have many votes, some actors have many thanx for all
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