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    hmm. talking and really getting to know someone, hanging out and people watching - it's entertainment in itself - movies - reading a 'good' book - love going to tag sales and seeing what treasures I can find - laughing with friends - trying to live as adventurously as I can and learning new thing, meeting new people. Living as much as I can in the short time we are all given and enjoying every moment as it comes!

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  1. I was thinking of our TIFF time this week while watching all the action on TV for this years film festival.. I'd love to go again sometime, so if you're ever game to do it, let me know.. Maybe Gerry will have another film there next year!! I have great memories meeting you and Sandra and all the other fans. Was a blast.! And yes the longer I'm with hubby, the more I think he was a good catch!
  2. so sorry Swannie that Bill is still having these health issues.. I will keep him and you in my thoughts .. Take care..
  3. haha, Delene, if you want to pay to ship them you can have them.. !
  4. Well sorry ladies but they are not for sale any longer.. Hubby presented me with an envelope of cash this evening and said, "this is hopefully more then you would sell your movies for on Ebay.. don't sell them! they are your favourite things" Pretty sweet man I've got! I feel really lucky tonight
  5. Ah well, I don't like to sell them either but I look at it this way. I can always build up my collection again when things get back to normal again. Trying to stay positive!
  6. haha, wasnn't my favourite Gerry movie Delene, but I can still sit in a theatre with a smile on my face as long as he is on the screen!! Sounds like a wonderful cruise, hope you had a great time.
  7. I'm not sure if it's you GALS or other Gerry fans from all over, but I've got dozens of 'watchers' on the movies and magazines. This is good
  8. Thanks Lisa.. s**t happens right? I'm a little worried and kind of sick over it but I've been down similiar roads so I'll just have to make the best of it and we'll figure it out somehow. We all have these bumps in the road, don't we? The worse part of the whole idea is being apart from hubby .. this I will not like. and to pay 2 rents doesn't make sense either.. ahh sorry.. I'm just thinking out loud.. haha you know how I do that!
  9. Great thread and the age-old question. My personal opinion is of course looks matter in some ways. But it doesn't mean it has to be the stereotypical looks.. I'm attracted to a quirky smile or kind eyes or a great laugh and nice hair. Not everyone is perfect, and who the hell would want to be.. that's way too much pressure, but everyone has something beautiful or attractive about them. We can't judge people by their looks the same way as we can't judge a person until we get to know the 'real' person.. Okay now I"m rambling.. Just sayin...even when we look at people and think they are perfect, I can guarantee you that they themselves think only of their non-perfections.
  10. Hi Everyone! it's been a while since I've made a post and I'm sorry for that.. I've been in a bit of a whirlwhind at home. My daughter moved back home and I just learned that my job has a 90% chance of being relocated to a small fishing village over 2 hours from where I live. this has cause some serios thought and some unwelcome worry. for one, I don't want to move that far away or drive that far to work every day but I'll have no choice if that is what happens which is looking pretty much like a sealed deal.. Dam government. so if that happens, hubby and I will either have to live apart during the week or he will have to give up his job and probably not find anything there. It's just been a really frustrating and emotionally draining time. Long story short, I am selling whatever I can to try to have some sort of financial security, as little as that may be, to prepare for what may happen. And with that I've decided to sell almost all I own, including my Gerry collection of movies. I've listed them all on Ebay starting at only 99 cents and thought since I've collected almost all of them, I'd let you ladies know, especially the newer Gerry fans that may be looking to get some of his rarer earlier works. All I can promise GALS is I'll donate a percentage back to the site as it's been a great source of happiness, encouragement and friendship for me over the past few years. Now it may not be much if everything sells for 99 cents but I do promise to do what I can. I'm not sure Dr. Em if I'm allowed to post the link and if I'm not please just delete and accept my apologies but I thought it may be of use to some here too. and on another note, I miss y'all.. hope to get myself back on track and back on the forum more then I have been. Take care all! Charlotte
  11. I just got to see the Leno interview and my my my, can he get any better looking.. what is with this new urge to nibble on 'someone's' ear? I can't seem to get certain things out of my head today! LOL Well I think we are going to try to get to the theatre again tonight. Maybe I'll be the one setting the fire alarm off if I finally get to see this towel scene!
  12. I went to see this lastnight with my friend and we got sitting down and just about 5 minutes into the movie the fire alarm goes off and the whole theatre was evacuated.. I couldn't believe it.. In all my movie-going years I've never been evacuated from a movie theatre.. The did give us 2 free movie passes each so i guess I'll be seeing it Twice.
  13. That was just so fun to watch! What a wonderful performance from Gabby in Precious. All I can say to her is WOW! and Gerry, well he is just Gerry all the time, isn't he?
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