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  1. Hiya!

    Yup that was me :D

  2. Nice to meet you. Our son lives on the Sunny coast - nice and warm. I'm in Canberra brrrrrr.


  3. Hi you may know me as FOXYMORON! from GB.net. did you go to the Adelaide con a couple of years ago?

  4. hi fellow Australian here, joined ages ago but not posted.

    I'm from Brisbane.

  5. loney Aussie QLD fan... like to talk to other aussie fans about a hot scot, gushing allowed.... I am going to THE UGLY TRUTH next week all alone... sigh.... will take a tolerant friend the next week ..... Why is it only some people get zapped by that Gerard smile and not others????
  6. Thanks kheigl,I love the photos... and I don't go to the gym..... was even contemplating exercise just to get my hands on the "Fitness first" photos... now thanks goodness I can resume being a couch potatoe.
  7. This may keep you going till you can get better scans... from aussie mag, august Film Ink. HI Patsy!!!!! it's me the FOXYMORON!!!!!!! now Troppo...... lovely to see you my dear......
  8. I don't know if you've seen this, It's available here... UK magazine... Total Film... August 2009.. page 42. I haven't checked . double click?
  9. Hi all I'm new here... don't post, I hang over at GB.net.. Troppo here, but FOXYMORON over there.I'm from Australia - girls I have chased around for the Fitness First here and will check out the local gym as well. Lovely to meet you all and big hi to you Aussie chicks.... so few around... I'm from Brisvegas... in sunny QLD and am just a lonesome GB fan here... Adelaide seems to breed Gerard fans......
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