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  1. Hi! Sorry I forget a question: Gerry, What type of adventure travel or expedition would you prefer to do? and Why? (Please you must choose one of the following options) 1- An adventure for to find a lost treasure. 2- An adventure for to know tribal cultures and countries. 3- An adventure for to practice adventure sports. 4- An adventure for to find a woman. 5- An adventure for to save the World of the aliens attack.
  2. Hi! Dr. Em thanks for sharing this info! It is a pleasure to have the opportinuty for to put questions to Gerry: --------------------------------- Hi Gerry! I want to ask you: - If someday you decide to write a book... What type of history would you write? and How it would be the protagonist? - What is your favourite scene from Nim's Island? and Why? - Which was for you the most dangerous scene of the shooting? And please, I would like to know if you can share with us some funny situations when you were shooting the film. Thank you!
  3. About Gerry's movies... What is your favourite soundtrack or movie song? Why?
  4. Hi Poppy! Thanks for your comment! Enjoy it!
  5. You can post here your favourite Gerry's pic! For to post the picture to read picture gudelines forum.
  6. Interesting links about scottish archaeology: 1- Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland (RCAHMS) 2- Caerlaverock dig 3- Orkney Archaeological Trust 4- Loch Bharabhat 5- Caithness Archaeological Project 6- Dunragit Excavations Project 7- Recent Archaeological Research in Lewis 8- Inner Hebrides Crannogs 9- Redcastle barrow cemetery and souterrain 10- Sections of the Antonine Wall at Hillfoot Cemetery 11- Ironshill, Inverkeilor, palisaded enclosure 12- The Roman Gask
  7. "A mighty power and stronger. Man from his throne has hurled, for the hand that rocks the cradle, is the hand that rules the world." "Every man dies. Not every man really lives." Sir William Wallance It is interesting to know all about this great historical character; you can read more about it here: Wallance 700 William Wallance wikipedia About scottish history there is a complete website, it is Scottish History Online If you love to read books then you need to visit the National Library of Scotland. If you know other interesting websites please to share it here with us! Just a f
  8. Somebody has visited the Hadrian's Wall? Text from Wikipedia: Here there is an interesting link about the Hadrian's Wall. To visit here: Hadrian's Wall I didn't know that the Picts were the ancient people from Scotland. If you know more about the Picts please explain it us here. --------------------------------------- I have found in youtube an interesting video about the Picts and the ancient scottish history... You can see it here: Foundations of Stone (1of2): Foundations of Stone (2of2):
  9. Hi Amanda! Thank you very much for your comment! I am a fan of ancient civilizations specially ancient egypt but also I am fan of mesopotamia, ancient greece, ancient roman empire, etc... but my knowledge of ancient scottish history and art is little and here we can learn more about it sharing links, books, news, etc... Note: About iberian lynx in my country is a protected species. Talking again about scottish world, I have found another interesting link about scottish mythology and legends you can visit it here: "Scottish Myths and Legends" with so many interesting info... I didn't know
  10. Hello SetMaat !!

    Nice to meet you !!

    I love your my space page -- it is

    just beautiful and so

    artistic !!

    I have always been

    fascinated and drawn to Egyptian art and culture..

    Welcome to GALS !!

    Take Care !!


  11. If you like and if you have interesting links, info, news related about scottish art, archaeology, ancient history, mythology, historical characters... please to share it here. We can enjoy learning, more about scottish culture here! Now I have found an interesting link about scottish archaeology, enjoy it: Council for Scottish Archaeology (CSA): http://www.scottisharchaeology.org.uk/
  12. Hi Susan! Thank you very much for the answer!
  13. Hi Jenn! About the image format I would like to know what it will be the use of the image, I dear to say, if you will use this image for to print t-shirts, for to print mugs, for to print aprons... or is it free? About submissions is it possible to send you before 31 March or it must be 31 March? Thank you!
  14. Hi! Is it possible to add to our creation our sign or name?
  15. Hi! I hadn't the pleasure to know him, but he seems a funny guy! If you know him, what do you think about that?
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