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  1. hi there,how are you?

  2. Hi everyone, I'm in Monroeville PA...Pittsburgh area. Winters here are long and gray, but I love the Fall. Hi to all my neighbors!!! ~Wendy
  3. No wayyyyy. How lonely and empty that would be. I'd love to have some money...don't get me wrong. Money isn't everything but it sure does make living easier. But trade money for love? I wouldn't be able to breathe. ~Wendy
  4. Oh my goodness, and you have time and inspiration to make beautiful siggies for perfect strangers. I am humbled by your story, please add my prayers to the others offered on your behalf. Hugs, ~Wendy
  5. OH NO!!!! I hope everyone, especially Gerry is ok!!! How can it be a 7 with no damage? The word tsunami scares me! Wendy
  6. I really love these pics...he looks so happy!! THanks for sharing and turning me into a TOTAL Suit Luvah!!! Wendy
  7. Well I missed the pics when they were up...looks like I will soon be buying a copy of Men's Health!! ~Wendy
  8. WHooooeeeee... Great pics, I love the bright colors. *sigh* I think KH is so pretty...she looks good in that blue. ~Wendy
  9. Lisa, sorry you're having a hard day. Try to think of positive things. I know how easy it is to let your mind settle on the things you're not happy with about yourself and your life. But think of GOOD things, if you can. And I know you don't like going to work (me either!) but sometimes things seem a bit better when you get out of the house and do something. Being home all weekend tends to make me mopey. Hopefully things will seem a bit better tomorrow. Try and be good to yourself, and keep coming to GALS! ~Wendy
  10. I forgot these were tonight!! Thanks for the reminder. Now I can keep an eye out for Gerry and be entertained while I (finally) tackle all of this danged laundry! Wendy
  11. I'm finding this thread very interesting, and I applaud you all for voicing your opinions in what I see as a calm, intelligent, respectable way. It's good debate regarding a topic we all love! I've been on other sites where the debates very quickly degrade into namecalling and immature banter. I think you all actually have it just right! Differing opinions can be a good thing. I'm still getting to know Gerry and I really can't say what is "real" or "not real" just yet. But knowing he is a person, a human being bound to make mistakes, I say, yes, I accept him for who he is. Sometimes you can just look at a person and know the kind of person they are on the inside. There's nothing that boldly states anything overtly, but it's all the little subtleties that make up what I think reflects a person's soul and heart. From what I've seen of Gerry so far, everything in his smile, his eyes, his sense of humor, etc. scream to me the kind of person that he truly is. And all of that, I will gladly accept! ~Wendy
  12. Well, I'm FINALLY going to see this movie! I noticed it's on HBO cable on demand now, so I will be DEMANDING Gerry this weekend! I can't believe I haven't seen it yet. ANd the best part is that I can pause the movie anytime I want! Wendy
  13. Wendy, that does NOT sound silly at all!!!! That's the best part of my month is when I get to see my Girlies and we gush and squee and scrap Gerry all day long!!! Well maybe one day you all can forego glitzy venues like Vegas and come to a dumply l'il town near Pittsburgh, PA...all so I can join in on some gushing and squeeing and scrapping! Now THAT sounds lovely, now doesn't it??
  14. I'm so jealous!!! You all sound like you will have a fantastic time in Vegas. I know this sounds silly, but a day hanging out with some friends scrapbooking and gushing sounds so nice!!! I'd love to be there, but I will live vicariously through those who are more blessed and creative than I!! You'll have to share your pages when you're done.
  15. I actually like the yellow tennis shoes!! I love how casual he looks but still makes a bold statement. (then again, he apparently doesn't need tennis shoes to make a bold statement when he's got those horsie-ride-and-nap-inducing thighs!!) ~Wendy
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