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  1. Well - tomorrow is the day the first group of costumes will be auctioned. The live auction starts at 12PM Central Time, and people can still bid online at that time as well, I believe. I really hope some of the fans will be able to acquire some of these precious pieces of memorabilia. We were honored to be able to care for them and share them with you...and wish we could have done more. Just for information purposes, I spent an extraordinary amount of time trying to find a museum that would be interested in preserving and displaying them. Generally speaking, the ones that handle those sorts of artifacts were willing to take them as a 'donation', and we simply could not afford to do that following the enormous investment we put into obtaining the collection. I really appreciate everyone trying to get the word out about the auction - I am disappointed in the efforts (or lack thereof) that the auction company has put forth. Also - we did keep one of Gerry's capes - so if you are ever in Vegas, and feel the need to try it on - give me a call!! Susan


  3. Hi GALS! Just wanted to thank everyone who came over to see our POTO Costume Collection - it was great to have all of you there - I just wish there had been more time to chat with everyone!! Thanks to Issy and AimeeMarie for organizing the transportation - I know it's a major pain to trek out to Summerlin from the Strip. I'm happy to say that with the help of my daughter, Chava and her friend, Crystal we were able to get everything packed up in record time, and it's all back in storage - just waiting for next year!! Unless we can get it out to museums, which is the goal - but a daunting task at best!! Glad to hear your convention was a success - and we hope to see all of you again next year!! Now, if we just get Gerry to come and model an outfit or two..... Susan
  4. Here are the names of people who have paid that did not include their GALS ID... JIMENEZ WELLER HARMON PETERSON Thanks for your help!! Susan
  5. Hey GALS! Here's what I have received so far...if your name is on this list, and you didn't include your GALS name, could you please send that to me? Trying to make sure everyone is accounted for - and there are a few real names vs. GALS names that don't add up!! ANAYA BENOIT BERG CORNELL DEVER DRIGGS GAXIOLA GLORE GLORE GRAY HEIL HENSON JIMENEZ LANCASTER LAWSON LEA LOPEZ LUTE MAAS O'BRIEN O'BRIEN ORYL PFORTMILLER PORUBSKY STEUART SUYDAM WALKER WELLER WOYNAR Thanks for your help! Susan
  7. Susan, I'm sorry...and I hate to confuse things any more than they probably are...but Loni (Shaw) who I paid for isn't going to be able to come to the convention...so I'm giving her ticket to Donna Lute... (DonnaKat) ....I hope this is ok... hugs, Sue (Dever) ... aka..Irish Ah, confusion is how I roll most days - no worries - it's been duly noted! Susan
  8. Hey There! Sorry there was a mix-up at our post office...I checked the address in the first post of this topic, and it is correct. I can't imagine what went wrong, but if just one number is transposed, or human error occurs...well who knows?? Anyway, there really isn't any need to send it a 'special' way - in fact, it's a hassle because then we have to line up (in a VERY long line) to sign for it!! If everyone can include their GALS name and email address - I'll be happy to let you know when your check arrives. So far, here's what's come in: DEVER MAAS SHAW JIMENEZ O'BRIEN (2) BENOIT WOYNAR DRIGGS LAWSON STEUART WELLER HEIL Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns!! See you all soon!!! Susan
  9. Hi!! Check has arrived - thank you!! Susan
  10. That would be great if we could get the 'live' version!!!
  11. It's most certainly ok to bring your new toy!! It's always nice to share!
  12. Yes, please make the check out to Metrospace Design Group. And don't forget to list the names of the people the check is for!! Thanks!! Susan
  13. Hi Everybody! It won't be long now til you are visiting our fair metropolis - it's already starting to heat up here so summer's coming!! I emailed Issy about the collection - we had to move everything to a different storage location and had to undress all of the mannequins. It took my husband and me 4 days just to get them undressed. Mannequins are most uncooperative. Soooo, now we need to get them dressed again (I don't even want to think of the horror involved) and move them to our house. We do not want to disappoint all of you, so we are mentally preparing for this challenge! However, due to rising fuel costs, we will need to charge $30 this time - as it will take many trips back and forth to get the collection moved. We will have our little refreshments for everyone, so you can take a moment to relax by the pool if you need to wait for the tour. It sounds like most of you will be coming over right after the POTO film screening which is fantastic - you will all be sooo in the mood to try on Gerry's cape and check out the costumes. I think the best way to handle this would be if you could send a check to me along with the names of the people the check corresponds to. We need to give a list the guard at our gate. Checks can be made payable to Metrospace Design Group and mailed to the following address: METROSPACE DESIGN GROUP P.O. BOX 34057 LAS VEGAS, NEVADA 89133-4057 I think that's it for now!! We are all looking forward to seeing you in June!! Susan
  14. It's our absolute pleasure to be able to share these with such devoted fans!! I only wish you kids had the convention any other time than summer - the thought of moving this stuff when it's a million degrees outside makes me sad!! But - it'll all be worth it to see your smiling faces!!
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