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  1. I wasn't there, I don't know Swan but she looked lovely and I've just listened to her sing. Swan, your voice, the music, it's simply beautiful; moving and inspirational. Thank you for sharing this with us. Rest well and heal from your illness. Please post when you've recovered. Take care, Elle
  2. Lovely of Gerry to stop by and see his lovely ladies in waiting, I'm waiting my turn. When is the next GALS convention???????????????????????????? You all are a classy act!
  3. The last guy getting an autograph told Gerry he'd just watched TombRaider again and liked it; the guy then preceded to talk about Timeline. That is when Gerry said it wasn't one of his favorites, the guy then said he really liked it. Didn't know if this had been posted. The ending when he said "no seatbelt, sorry mom" was cute. I wish someone belonged so we could see the full 13:39 minute video; I'll bet it is better quality than the preview we got to see free. Thank you very much for posting the vid and screen caps. oooooooooooooooh 69posts! :yousosilly2:
  4. Skinny dipping/site seeing...same thing! :mopboyjackie:
  5. Your neck of the woods? I couldn't even confirm state on their website. Ummmmm ???Sarasota?????FLORIDA? TEXAS? JUPITER?
  6. Thank you Stef with an f for the GOTL videos, I will buy the DVD when it comes out but this is so great to see. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANKYOU STEF w/F!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Please share how you'll spend your free time on Valentine's Day; and gifts your giving. I am giving an overnight spa stay with facial, scrub, massage, and Eau de Toilette to my significant other; $ to my niece and nephews. I'm making quiche for my siblings to have for breakfast on Valentine's Day with their families - it's an awesome recipe. I will work V Day but will be going out for lunch and dinner - I'd rather have a quiet meal in but there just isn't time. What are your plans and gifts? :inlove: Edit to add: My company is having a Valentine Party tonight, isn't that strange? I'm going but I'm new with this company and don't want to offend them...still think it's strange.
  8. I tested the Caswell Massey lavender and liked it a lot, I will have to go back and get some. The lavender water in your iron sounds wonderful. This is why I posted this subject; thanks for all the info - I love scents. I have to admit that of all the fragrances I've worn the Burberry Brit red gets the most inquiries but the Lolita Lempicka is like cat nip to many, kinda scary.
  9. I use the Nutmeg & Ginger lotion at bedtime but I have heard wonderful things about Pomegrante Noir, can somebody send me some? Wouldn't that be a nice Valentine present! :inlove:
  10. New to me and tres yummy: LOLITA LEMPICKA Parfum, Creams, Gels; I love the women's Parfum Spray. There is one for men too! Don't know how long this has been around but make sure you have security if you wear it out. Oh my! http://www.parfumslolitalempicka.com/
  11. No. 2 is best from an artist's perspective to promote the movie. Now from a fan's perspective...it is nice to see his face up close in the others - perhaps that is the reason for many here choosing no. one.
  12. I think Marek would be best for happily ever after. But I want MORE! I'd still have to go with the Phantom, he's the bad boy and oh yeah he can make a heart race like no other. Life is too short to settle for a little happiness, I want MORE. :mopboyerik:
  13. Elle

    Ask GALS

    I would like to know if he knows whether or not Duvinder Singh was guilty of murder; that is if the writers had the intent on guilt or innocence in mind. Did he really jump "hurdles" in the scene where he is running down the sidewalk away from Rose? Did Gerry sympathize with Rose? Did he feel what she did was okay due to her circumstances? Was it hard to let go of Johnnie Donne after filming The Jury? I would like to know if it was terribly difficult acting the part of Johnnie? Lastly, if on a jury would Gerry consider being a foreman? I have so many questions about The Jury, it's a shame he didn't do press interviews on the character, Johnnie Donne. My heart absolutely broke with Johnnie's when he saw Rose's wedding ring. Where's a ball bat when you need one? JUST KIDDING!!!! :mopboyjohnnie:
  14. Alan Rickman, fine actor but WHO KNEW...speaking of "knowing" Will who????????????
  15. Jesus Christ Superstar and (of course I'm going to run FAST after this next suggestion) Bond.
  16. Yes, shirt out is "in", just like gals wearing shorter - waist length jackets with longer shirts. Gerry's jacket is too small for his build, could be a loaner. I'd be more than happy to find him one that fits! I can't imagine what a difficult time he has finding pants right now that fit his thighs. It is a real problem for men that work out. Dress pants would not be cut large enough, some jeans would not accept the muscle either. Again, I'd be happy to help him find clothes that fit better.
  17. Elle

    Gerry sighting

    A fan posted a message to Gerry on GB.net discussing her encounter with him; I don't know how to link but it's under messages to Gerry in the forum. No details, darn! I would love to know what he is like at a concert, does he sing along?
  18. No. 2 - It's so warm...feel like I'm around a campfire with Beowulf, nice 'n cozy, furry...ummmm I agree with Dr. Em #2 is warm and fuzzy :mopboybeowulf:
  19. Why not view it on the computer? I often watch DVD's on mine.
  20. Okay here's another question...JUST FOR FUN!!! IF, now only IF you had an opportunity to be with Geet, (spend all sorts of time doing WHATEVER) would you consider being in the adult modeling* business to get close to him? Would you be willing to get paid to be photographed with him? *modeling only required for the question...and NO, I don't mean the Sears catalog; we're talking somewhat beyond Victoria's Secret. :mopboyjackie:
  21. Elle

    Cast Yourself

    Hey, I'll have to remember that one. If I ever get to order a la carte it will be "red ceiling sex" for me! :kinkilla:
  22. I too enjoy watching Alexei Yagudin and many other talented skaters. I would not travel to see a skating event but have to confess that I enjoy a good skate.
  23. Okay, I have to ask...I am not judging Gerry, but I now know of 3 "adult" actors he has "hung out with". Julia, Eleonora, and the chick on the boat with all his "banana" pics. One might guess that these women are safe in respect to avoiding a long term relationship. He could sidestep many issues by dating this type of lady. Please don't think I'm putting anyone down, just commenting on the obvious. No doubt these are interesting, intelligent women but they are apparently in the adult film/modeling industry...not that there's anything wrong with that. They are attractive yet not the Hollywood beauties that Gerry seems to avoid. Just an observation. Now I'll crawl under my desk and hide, is it okay to make these comments?
  24. Gerry, Hope you've had a grand day. Please know that we celebrate your talent and your witty "old soul". You're absolutely a gifted natural actor and we are so blessed to know you on film. Happy Birthday, enjoy this new year!
  25. Found them...I had searched the photogallery but not under TV etc. Tres bien, Merci!
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