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  1. I think as someone else said there really isn't that much depth to the character, it's the way the character is written. I however probably come from a very biased point of view as I hated RocknRolla. Two hours of my life I'd really like back. I didn't find anything likeable about OneTwo. And I didn't feel the role gave Gerry much to work with -- I mean it didn't really stretch the acting muscles. This is not a criticism of Gerry, this is a criticism of the script. I agree with what you say here, but I didn't expect an intellectual character in the first place. This wasn't supposed to be a thought provoking drama with deep characters. I agree, I was not attracted to the character either. And yet he has exactly the same look when he plays Jack in Nim's Island -- which I believe was filmed soon after RnR, and yet I find the character of Jack very attractive.
  2. I'm not too thrilled about the idea of him playing a cold hearted killer either. When LAC was first announced I was so excited about it, I really wanted Gerry to play the lawyer. Now if Gerry was just a vigilante, i.e. taking the law into his hands because the justice system failed and he wanted to avenge the killing of his family, that might be different and an interesting angsty role. But the idea of him playing a character who is behind a killing spree -- which is what the movie poster seems to indicate, I find that rather distasteful. I already hate the character and if it is like it is described, I hope he does die or at least get his just rewards. And I don't like the idea of Gerry playing a psychopath. Sorry. I know it has a lot of people excited, but not me. Anyway I will just wait and see till we hear more, but I would still prefer it if Gerry played the lawyer role.
  3. I own both the Original London Cast Recording and the Movie version. I like both. Being a Phantom fan for almost 20 years now I of course originally heard the songs sung by Sarah Brightman and Michael Crawford. I love both of them and they will always be the original Christine and Phantom to me. I think Michael has an amazing haunting voice and Sarah was great as Christine. Their version of the song "Phantom of the Opera" is the best to me. However having said that I do like the movie version as well. I love Gerard's version of Music of the Night and Point of No Return. I also think Emmy is fantastic in the low notes of Point of No Return. However, I still think the Sarah and Michael version of Phantom of the Opera (the title song) is far superior and it also keeps the additional verse in. I just don't think Emmy and Gerard's version of that song is that great.
  4. Info for release dates of Dragonball can be found here:- http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1098327/releaseinfo
  5. In the film companion book there is a copy of the original script. After the scene where Christine and Raoul are together in the chapel and she sings about how she doesn't want to betray the man who inspired her voice, the next scene is the Phantom singing a song about unrequited love. I am guessing that is where No One Would Listen was supposed to fit in.
  6. As far as I know no version was ever released on CD. The only official version is the one sung by Minnie Driver at the end of the film. I did however download "No One Would Listen" a few months ago when I did a google search. I can't remember where I found it now, so I've just uploaded the version I have for you. You can download it from here:- http://www.mediafire.com/?gzlmjwanyo0
  7. I also wouldn't be interested in the slightest in RocknRolla or Game if not for Gerry. Neither one is a genre I particularly enjoy. I'm not really excited about seeing them, but I hope I will at least like RocknRolla. Game I'm pretty sure won't be my cup of tea. When I read that there is more action than dialogue well that put me off it. But I'll still see it cause I'm a completist and I want to see all of Gerry's films. As for Ugly Truth, even if it is predictable, I'm sure I will enjoy it. I'd take a rom-com over gangster or sci-fi/action films any day. I also LOVED Someone Like You, and if Ugly Truth is slightly similar to this I don't mind one bit. But the film I'm most excited about is Law Abiding Citizen, though I know it will be probably at least 18 months or more before it hits cinema screens. Guess I'll just have to be patient...
  8. When he's in character I prefer the clean shaven look as well, like in Shattered or when he played Jack in Nim's Island. I was sure he'd be clean shaven for this role, so I am surprised. But I guess he will be clean shaven for Law Abiding Citizen. I just can't imagine an assistant district attorney with a scruff.
  9. I always thought John Barrowman was American. But I had a look at his IMDB page and yes he was born in Glasgow, Scotland. Though he grew up in Illinois and moved to the States when he was 8 years old. I guess when you're a child you pick up accents more. I'm sure if Gerry had grown up in Canada if his mother hadn't returned to Scotland, then he'd have had a Canadian accent.
  10. I agree, I think the swear jar story is getting old as well. I've heard it so many times now. I can't imagine how many times Gerry has been asked about it, it would certainly drive me insane. There must be other things to talk about in an interview.
  11. I think the reason the DVD is so expensive is because it's not made anymore. So even if you buy it from someone brand new, it's probably a copy that was bought a while ago. I don't think you can buy it direct from amazon.com anymore, you go through them but you are actually getting it thru a private buyer, very similar to Ebay.
  12. If anyone's interested, there are a few magazine articles from UK TV magazines about The Jury which I came across at the StillGerard photo gallery. This is the link:- http://stillgerard.smugmug.com/gallery/2820547_NeLjd
  13. B O R I N G ! ! ! ! ! ! Why, just to be contrary? I like his American accent. I'm just not one of those women who writhe in ecstasy at the sound of a Scottish accent. I'm guessing the character of Mike, before Gerry came on board, was written as an American. So I would also prefer he did the American accent. I like his American accent as well.
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