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  1. Yep, read this one in 1 sitting as well; way too short!! Passing it around to co-workers.
  2. Lame pick up lines? How many of us would go with him on just a look from those gorgeous eyes? The man doesn't have to say a word!!! ** Gutter, here I come!!! [no pun intended] **
  3. Include me for the limo, unless there is no more room, in which case I will need a ride. Thanks, Liana
  4. "Letters to Erik" and "Unmasked" are 2 of the titles on their way from Amazon. Finished "The Phoenix of the Opera" last night, and "Out of the Darkness" today. Had to take a break tho, to cut the grass!! Liana
  5. Just started my collection of Phantom books. Besides the original story, I have completed Stefanie's book "The Phantom Returns" (loved it by the way and wrote a review for it at Amazon) and Kae D. Jacob's "Beyond the Masque". Stefanie, I got so caught up in your book that I read it in one sitting. I recommended it to my secretary, lent it to her and she is now reading it. I wrote a review for "Beyond the Masque", too. I have to say that "Beyond..." got to me in a way that few books have; after I finished it, I started reading it through a second time, immediately. It was one of those books that sucked me in and had me staying up to all hours because I didn't want to put it down, and although I am a fast reader, the book is over 600 pages. I was pulled in from page one. I must be a "visual" learner, because I have been trying so hard to figure out exactly how Erik looks. I pulled out all of the descriptive passages about him from this book and have actually made a "chart" of the characteristics mentioned. But I still can't good mental image!! I find this very frustrating. I can't even use Gerry's POTO make-up as a starting place because he was portrayed so differently from Erik in Leroux's original. I would really like to get a look at anything from any artists out there who have done a full face portrait of original Erik with his mask off. I just started the first of Sadie Montgomery's series, "The Phoenix of the Opera". I have the rest of the set to read and I have a $140+ order coming from Amazon with more Phantom books. Liana
  6. Just realized that I wrote 2:45 am as my arrival time. It should be "pm". Sorry for the confusion. Liana
  7. 7:00 for dinner at the Hilton's Hacienda Margarita (late arrivals welcome!) 1) Swannie 2) Irish 3) IListen
  8. I prefer a chaise lounge to a deck chair, I will will "recline" along with you, if I don't scare everyone away when they see me in my swim suit!!! If I can swing it, I will be in Vegas next year. Starting to think about how I'm going to get my gown out there this year; poofy crinoline and all!
  9. Phew! Feels like it's been forever since I've been on the board; this time of year is so busy at work (and I just finished reading Beyond the Masque, by Kae Jacobs for the 2nd time in less than a week. I've fallen in love with that book; all 600+ pages!!!). 7:00 at the Hacienda sounds good to me. Like I said, I'm up for anything... it's Vegas after all! I'm there to have fun and make memories! I don't have a cell phone number list. I will gladly share my number. Who is doing one? Liana 22 days and counting :dance:
  10. You bet I will be there!! I added my name to the end of this list. Liana Spot and BIG MIKE will be in Vegas, baby!! Knight Phantom and Sally Irish Poppy LeslieDcup RandomLanda Swansong zanyzombie touchmetrustme scottish spazz stacie-in-nebraska AimeeMarie Susan~Sporran JENNY...woohoo! Texas Gramma IListen
  11. IListen

    Zodiac Sign

    I am on the cusp of Taurus and Gemini. The year I was born, 1959, I believe the 21st was Taurus. I have many traits of both signs. I was born around 7:30pm (I came instead of dinner!) Liana
  12. I'm supposed to get in early Thursday afternoon. I'm not going to Chippendale's, either. I would like to see the strip, but not by myself. I'm up for just about anything!! Liana
  13. I'm getting in around 2:45 am on Thursday and my flight out on Sunday is supposed to be around 11:15 am. Liana
  14. I thought that it came after Masquerade or before Point of No Return, when he is rigging the chandelier, based on the clothes he has on. His version fits the movie much better than Minnie Driver's version, IMO. Obviously, it's one of my favorites. Liana
  15. Gee, that goes along with our nerd/hero!
  16. Welcome Wendy and Solen. You will both have a good time here. Liana
  17. Thank you to our talented GALs for sharing these images. The brown suit got me thinking... Hershey's* Gerry Kisses. What color foil would they be wrapped in and what flavor would they be? Frangelica (a nod to his Mum's wish for a priest) with foil in the color and pattern of his tie? Should they be with or without nuts? Hazel nuts that is!!! Sounds good to me! *got to be Hershey's since I live in PA.
  18. Me thinks there will be a crowd of us stumbling over each other to get those clothes off of..... ** OMG I don't know if I can get to the gutter in time** Medic, Mop Boy, Someone.... I need hellllppppppp ^_^_^_________________________________________________
  19. Grimey, slimey, greasy.... who the cares. Let me at him, then we'll both be sweaty!
  20. Long live Gerry - the nerd or otherwise. And to all you GALs out their, I love ya (TNLW)!! What a great group to be part of. **just got back home, again, and I'm right back here!!**
  21. http://www.eonline.com/gossip/awful/index....3275f1#comments Liana
  22. When I click on the "comments" link, it says there are none, but does give me the form to leave one. Maybe they were getting too nasty? Compared to this article, not much would be too nasty!
  23. ROFLMAO Picturing Gerry in fishnets, a garter belt and a bustiere(think Madonna in cones).
  24. With all of the discussion about these pictures, I just couldn't resist!! And the tighter the better.....or not at all! http://i268.photobucket.com/albums/jj7/Ger...n/shoot_031.jpg
  25. Just got home from work and caught up with all the new posts on this thread! Had to bug out last night, because it was 1:00am our time, and I get up at 5:00 to go to work. Gerry as a nerd, Gerry as a transvestite (a kilt's not really a dress), Gerry in a diaper (think Attila)... Does not matter to me. I love him just the way he is; down to earth and not giving a rat's a** about what anybody thinks. And I don't care what kind of line he used on me, it would work!! Liana PS Welcome to all of our new members!!
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