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  1. I started a blog that has the whole story on it http://jentrywithaj.tumblr.com/ Please everyone visit and let me hear your comments or questions! I'll even take criticisms! haha anything so I can talk about it some more! I can't help it
  2. I'm so glad ya'll enjoyed the pictures! I know I can't stop looking at them. Literally...im looking at them as im typing this And to answer everyones questions about the car in the picture, I think that it is the car he is filming in but multiple people I know have seen him driving up and down Line Ave. in it. No reports on a blue ferrari but definently the red one! He has also been spotted at starbucks and a lot of local restaruants! If any of ya'll have any questions or what to hear some stories...i have plenty!
  3. I will! Im still trying to figure out how to do everything! A member for 3 years and im still utterly clueless haha

  4. You need to POST more! Especially after your exciting encounter. Thanks, again, for sharing your pix. Holly

  5. Hey everyone! I was fortunate enough to meet Gerry today and I was wondering how I could upload the pictures! Can anyone help?! Edited by becozy: I moved all the posts from the two threads into this one, so they may seem a bit 'off' but the story and joy are here! The photos are now in the Gallery, and this is the info Jentry supplied: The pictures kind of go in a sequence and each has a little story. The first picture is just like a normal, quick "get a picture with me" type of picutre. Then my aunt (who was taking the pictures) told him that I have seen P.S. I love you 5,000... So, the second picture is him asking me "5,000 times huh?" and i said not REALLY 5,000 times haha The third picture is when I found the courage to tell him my clever line: "I really dressed up for you today, so i hope you are impressed. i really pulled out the big guns...." The fourth one is him laughing and he said "you're a funny girl!" ~Gerard Butler. The fifth one is my favorite...captured a moment of him smiling down at me after my little line. ahhhhh heaven! The sixth one he said "come here" and wrapped his arm around me and i got to touched those famous abs! All in all, the sweetest guy ever. Super down to earth and very nice to everyone! best day ever!
  6. Suz

    I am not around much anymore but I wanted to welcome you to GALS.

  7. Thanks for the warm welcome! I hope I can get aquainted with everyone real soon!


  8. :yippee: Hey everyone i'm new, but I LOVE GERRY TOO!!! Im sooooo happy for him! Love you Ger!
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