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  1. thanks very much for the Geostorm info and posters, Mirin
  2. I saw a poster for Geostorm recently but cannot remember where I saw it! I think it was on the IMDB board. Can anyone help? Mirin
  3. Thanks girls for the info that Gerry was indeed in Scotland for his usual family Christmas and also the photos of him arriving back at LAX and being met by Morgan - he looks relaxed and I expect they will greet the New Year together. I wish them all the very best for 2015. Mirin
  4. I read in another magazine that Gerry was spending Christmas in New Orleans with Morgan and wouldn't be in Scotland this year - what is the genuine info? Mirin
  5. His nieces are lovely young ladies now and so grown up since their appearance at the 'How to train your Dragon' the first movie premiere about 5 years ago! Lovely family, regards, Mirin
  6. These photos seem to be in Scotland somewhere and I would love to know where - the church looks beautiful. Gerry often seems to make quick unpublicised tripe home to keep in touch with friends and family. He looks great in a kilt! Mirin
  7. I know Gerry has different homes but the ones I heard about were his beautiful converted loft in New York's Chelsea area and a Spanish style villa in Los Feliz district in L.A. Then a short while ago Iin one article he spoke of the peace he was finding in his ranch forest in the hills above Malibu.. does anyone know if this is a new place he has aquired? ( He said his Mum and stepfather were house sitting in the house while he filmed for a month in Australia on 'Gods of Egypt'.) He has also spoken about eventually going back to his roots in Scotland to settle there. Best regards, Mirin
  8. Hi, I couldnt access this photo, is it in the Gallery at all, as I would love to see it? Is it a recent photo and was the wedding in the States or overseas? best regards, Mirin
  9. thanks every one for the info, will just have to be patient! regards Mirin
  10. Hi there, there have been lots of photos of Gerry out and about in Sydney but do we have any idea of what his 'look' will be like as the god Seth? Has filming actually started yet? regards, Mirin
  11. Hi there, does anyone know if Gerry attended any events during the Oscars' season this year as I havent seen any pictures of him anywhere? On other years he has been at Elton John or Vanity Fair paries with Alan and other friends and of course last year he was with Madalena who is no longer with him. There have been casually dressed photos of him out and about in L.A. but nothing publicity wise since his attendance at the Hugo Boss fashion show. I now look forward to seeing him as the god Set and hope all goes well for the film shoot in Australia. By the way I see the Scottish Macbeth film is being shot with Michael Fassbender playing the lead - he is a great actor but I cannot help being a bit disappointed that Gerry isnt in it. best regards to you all, Mirin
  12. I have just sent a donation and I hope you manage to raise enough to keep the Gals site going - we would all miss it very much, best regards, Mirin please dont bother to send a gift, you need all you can.
  13. Hi, Cant help being a bit disappointed that although Gerry has been busy with other acting and producing roles over the past few years, he hasnt been in some of the well received Scottish set films that have been released - The Angel's Share, Brave or Sunshine on Leith. Now too Outlander is being released to great publicity and anticipation from the huge fanbase of readers of Diana Gabaldon's book series.. I appreciate that the Jamie Fraser role is too young now to be suitable for hime but if more films in the series are made I would love him to appear as a character in the series at some point. (By the way the actor Sam Heughan who is cast as Jamie looks wonderful and is a Scot rom New Galloway in the Scottish borders) It is such a pity that the Robert Burns flm has never got off the ground as Gerry was so well suited for that role. I am now dying to see what he will be like as the Egyptian god Set in Gods of Egypt, regards to all, Mirin
  14. Does anyone know if Gerry was at the Golden Globes or any of the other related gatherings this month or if he will be at the Oscars? just wondering, Mirin
  15. Comrie is indeed in a lovely part of the world and the whole River Earn area is picturesque as well as being full of history. It is also interesting that Prince William and Kate who are known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in England have as their Scottish title, the Earl and Countess of Strathearn whenever they are on visits north of the border. Mirin
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