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  1. Hi there, This new family movie set in Scotland is getting wonderful reviews and doing very well at the box office and although Gerry has been very busy over the last few years with other varied projects I feel a tiny bit wistful that he is not in it. So many of his friends like Billy Connelly, Craig Ferguson, Kevin McKidd are in the cast and Pixar is a wonderful company to work with. The Scottish scenery looks fantastic even though it is a cartoon - the producers did a lot of research, visiting Scotland, to get the right look. It seems to look a bit like 'How to train your Dragon' and with the same family appeal and humour although this time with a feisty female lead. I am looking forward to seeing it at the cinema here in August when it is released. Cheers, Mirin
  2. Gerry's family are in a more central area of the Highlands in Perthshire in fact their village is not so very far away from Ewan McGregor's family's home - coincidence! It is in the valley of the River Earn and William and Kate's Scottish title is Earl and Countess of Strathearn ( In England they are Duke and Duchess of Cambridge) Mirin
  3. These photos in Scotland are great and the ones in the bar with all the bonny girls is in the Applecross Inn which is away up on the North West coast of the Highlands - a really beautiful part of the country and which looks across the sea to the mountains of Skye. A very romantic and peaceful part of the world. A world away from the Cannes and Hollywood Red Carpet world and no papparazzi in sight! ( as a matter of interest when Brad Pitt was filming 'World War Z' in Glasgow last year, he took off on his motor bike for a break from filming and travelled north to roughly the same part of the highlands where he too enjoyed the scenery and the quiet surroundings. cheers to all, Mirin
  4. The poster for White House Taken is terrific but I was wondering when they will issue a poster for 'Of Men and Mavericks'. there is one out for 'Playing the Field', has anyone heard or seen anything? Just curious, Mirin
  5. Back off Sheepshears! You curlylocks gals have had a nice run. There are marriages in the balance. Throw a desperate gal a bone. Day 722 of waiting for a haircut... Yessssssssssssssss! Gerry has proven he can't control those fly-a-way locks so time to CUT THEM!!! I can't handle the crazy man look any longer!!! ~HUGS~ Kathy I should imagine Gerry is just enjoying his 'natural look' while he can and if he is involved in filming as a military or naval type in 'Hunter Killer' or 'Thunder Run' he will have to be shorn then - also probably for his 'Brilliant' role. One thing about his longer hair - it is luxuriant and curly and not like some other actors like Brad Pitt whose longer hair is straight and lank - not to mention Jude Law who seems now to have a receding hairline! Mirin
  6. Sounds like it could be a realy exciting film! Mirin
  7. Hi there, I have just contributed through PayPal but didnt leave my name on their notes section - still the main thing is that you receive the money! You all do such a great job and I hope all the contributions are enough and in time. Regards Mirin
  8. I would think he will definitely be shorn soon when his soccer player/surfer look is no longer needed. he does have such lovely,thick,wavy hair and I will miss that! regards Mirin
  9. Mirin


    Thanks for your thoughts, I will stay positive and hope for the best. I am glad that Gerry is so busy on other projects and l ook forward to seeing him next on the screen. regards to all, Mirin
  10. Hi there, do any of you have any thoughts about us ever seeing this movie brought to the screen? It was first spoken about in April 2003 at Cannes Film festival almost 9 years ago and for so many reasons - financial,script etc - it has languished. There have been brief bursts of enthusiasm when Gerry has had a lot of publicity in films like POTO,300 and LAC but lots of lulls too. He is busy with lots of other work and has had a whole list of other projects in line like :- Thunder Run, Hunter Killer, The Bricklayer, Afterburn,Pinkerton,Ha nging Tale, Teacher Man, The Garden of Last Days, Consent to Kill, and a Ridley Scott film about the mercenary Simon Mann. Also each year that passes he gets older so I wonder if he will ever be Burns? What are you thoughts? regards Mirin
  11. As far as I know he was only an extra in a crowd scene where Whitney was arriving in a limo for a concert. I think he is the tall dark guy wearing a scarf at the edge of the pavement as he looks like Gerry's thick dark hair! I think this was the period in Gerry's life when he took a break after University and worked his way around California in various jobs - I have heard him on talk shows saying he worked in carnivals and at sea world! He didnt take up acting seriously until several years later after gaining his law degree and working for a couple of years with an Edinburgh law firm. it wasnt for him and the company agreed so he left and went down to London - and as they say, the rest is history! Mirin
  12. Hi ladies, how many of you are lucky enough to be attending this year's convention? I so wish I could go too! Mirin
  13. I was wondering where Gerry was when he wasnt in the lineup of the cast at Harvey Weinstein's New York premiere of 'Coriolanus'. I just saw photos of Ralph,Vanessa and Jessica at the event and it is unusual for Gerry to miss something like this. I wonder if he has gone back to finish 'Of Men and Mavericks'? Does anyone have any information? regards Mirin
  14. I dont think he actually introduced Gerry - it was a voiceover saying Gerard Butler, the star of 'Coriolanus' I remember the last time in 2010 when Ricky did introduce Gerry and Jennifer Aniston he referred to him as the guy from 300 and Rachel from friends! Mirin
  15. Well done,Moira, for your input to the show which I watched last night. The banter between you and Gerry was so funny and he seemed to appreciate the information you supplied about his various appearances! When Graham Norton queried you about the numbers who attended Gerry's conventions both he and Gerry suggested you bump up the numbers and they laughed about it. He looked really well - fit,happy and very masculine! I am looking forward very much to seeing 'Coriolanus' in a couple of weeks time. best regards, Mirin
  16. I see Tony Curran who was in 'Beowulf and Grendel' and one of his oldest friends is with the group photo from the Glasgow Sugar Cube. Mirin
  17. Hi Delene, I agree with you about Sofia and the effect she has on Gerry. He looked really happy and couldnt stop laughing at her remarks. It was lovely to see al that lovely laughter in his face, as well as quite a bit of chemistry between them as well. She is a beautiful woman with a really handsome son, Manolo, who is about 18 years old(she was briefly married to her childhood sweetheart at 19 or 20 but it didnt last long and I believr she has never remarried). I remember seeing her on one of Jay Leno's shows with Gerry and the vibes between them then were the same. She is a mature,intelligent woman and Gerry and she make a handsome couple. Interestingly the film 'New Year's Eve' has Sofia in the ensemble cast as well as 3 of Gerry's former co-stars - Hilary Swank.Katherine Heigl and Jessica Biehl. Regards Mirin
  18. Delene, I agree with everything you said. Gerry looks luscious as ever but the poster is so unimaginative - just a gaggle of photo - shopped women hard on his heels. His clothes too look like he has been to an event and could have been copied from a Gallery selection. There is nothing to hint at the story of the film which promises to be a poignant one and with more depth to it than some of his other rom-coms. I read somewhere that this poster may not be the final one chosen, so I hope a better one with a bit of a bite is in the pipeline. (I cannot think that Gerry would be totally satisfied with this one.) There are so many creative Gals who have shown more imagination and flair, and I have no doubt they could do better. Once again Gerry himself looks great and this is just a comment on the poster. regards, Mirin
  19. Another thing that has been giving me food for thought is how Sam Childers must be feeling about it all. He appeared at many showings/premieres and it must be disappointing for him and Lynn at the lack of cinema showings. they must have been hoping that it would have given publicity to the work they are doing in Africa. The director said at one stage that initially Sam hadnt particularly wanted Hollywood to film his story but when he got more into it and appreciated the work and the care the cast and crew were putting into the film he was fine and also he approved of the final film. It is such a shame that all of them have been let down by Relativity Media. Looking forward now to adding the DVD to my Gerry collection! regards to all, Mirin
  20. Hi Moira,Did you manage to see the film? I saw it 3 times at the Glasgow Cineworld. I thought it was very well done and Gerry was amazing, but it moved out of the cinema fairly quickly. regards, Mirin
  21. Hi, I think it wont be released in the UK until 20th January 2012, Mirin
  22. understand completely. It seems Gerry always gets left out somehow.He is so talented and so sweet that it seems all the mags would be after him for interviews, etc., and I see him so seldom, even when he has two movies in theaters now. I'm still trying to figure out what happened with MGP. It hasn't been in any theater within 30 miles of me and that means Charlotte, NC. Usually the Regals in Charlotte have Gerry's pics on at least two screens, and with this one, it's nowhere. Does anyone know why it never got to theaters?:tantrum::tantrum::tantrum: Love him absolutely, Sandy Hi there, I read over on GB Net's forum that there has been an article in L.A.Times on 12th November that Relativity Media has been having some problems and are restructuring. This may explain a bit about their apparent failure with the distribution and publicising of 'Machine Gun preacher'. it is perhaps just unfortunate that that movie has been released during this uncertain period. regards, Mirin
  23. Wonderful poster from Empire but I hope we get to see one with Gerry's face too. Mirin
  24. To Fabulous Gerry, Have a wonderful birthday and I wish you every success and happiness in the new year. Thank you so much for all the enjoyment you give us in your exciting acting choices and I am looking forward to seeing you in your coming roles. I just saw 'Machine Gun Preacher' in the cinema in Glasgow and thought your portrayal of Sam Childers was first class. with every good wish, Mirin
  25. Hi there, I heard that the film is also being shown at Cineworld chain of cinemas across the UK from the 4th November. Mirin
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