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  1. Has anyone seen any photos of Gerry's Mum and other family members at the London premiere of TUT? He said about eight of them were coming down and it would have been nice to see photos. There were lovely ones taken at 300,POTO,P.S.I love you and even Nim's Island with his young nieces. Just wondered, Mirin
  2. I thought some of the critics were really over the top in the language they used to trash the film. One said it was on a par with 'The Antichrist' as the most horrible film this year!!! They seemed to be taking it far too seriously and just not enjoying the tonge in cheek, raunchy romp. Thank goodness the deluge of bad reviews has not stopped people going to see it, enjoying it and passing the word on. The Box Office success bears this out.. In these days of Internet blogs and comments critics' views dont influence people as much as they used to. Mirin
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