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  1. Gee- that sounds familiar! Good advice though Toni. I guess at this point in time I have to work out what I want to do about it. I'm just scared that in 25 years time I'll wake up and realise I've wasted my life with the wrong man. That scares the HELL out of me. Basically, Simon is a good person, but totally selfish and motivated only by what he wants. (What man isnt though??) All this stuff wasn't that much of an issue before Alex - but it's a big deal now.
  2. Heya Cat, Just don't bring that pic near me again or you won't be getting it back! Hope you have had a great week. Drive safe home!
  3. Morning all My day started out crap before 6am even hit. Great hey? Nice rank Bethy! Thinking of you, Sporran...where ever you are out there.
  4. Suz, I know how horrible back pain is! You poor thing. Hoping you feel better soon.
  5. I want to whine about the rain too! We are suffering the worst drought in 100 years here, and are on strict water restictions. They are saying the water will run out in 2 years, and we might end up drinking recycled water. (Yep, thats recycled sewage people!) Cats "Grandbaby" is too cute! I saw pics on Saturday night. I love new borns.
  6. LOL! Poor Risa! I think it was the scream that did it!
  7. I watched half of it and it made my skin crawl so I had to stop. He looks so pissed off. Imagine having some t**t following you around like that, shoving a camera in your face!
  8. Sarah, yes Cat and me had a fantastic time - I miss her. The Star Trek thing was fun - did she mention my experience with the Tribbles She sure did! :funnyabove: :funnyabove: Cheryl and I had a good giggle!
  9. Morning GALS Why am I up this early?? Bloody phone rung. It's freezing cold here too. I want my bed! Risa, Cat was saying how much fun she had with you in Vegas. She showed us the pic from the Star Trek ride thingy. There really are some great pics of the G-man that were taken in Vegas. Such drool material! Fred and I are off to play group today. Then this evening Cheryl is coming opver for a Supernatural. There are just 2 eps left! *cry* What am I going to do on a Monday night?? While I think of it - I can TOTALLY recommend a couple of books. Cheryl lent me one, by J.R. Ward. It's a vampire series, there are 2 published and the third comes out in September. I love the way it is written, plus the vamps are to die for - 6 foot 8 and BUILT! Now, I am going to make coffee and turn heater on!
  10. What a lovely picture! Thanks for posting it.
  11. Barb, I LOVE this one! Droooooooooooooooool!Hope everyone's weekend is going well. Mine is nearly over. :cry: Perrin - don't be sad! You got to go to Vegas, and see Gerry. Thats a once in a life time thing! :inlove: to you.
  12. And I missed being pervy! Life can be mighty boring being sensible all the time!I gave up being sensible the day I saw Gerry in POTO. My heart is still beating fast because of it!!! We need you around here, Sarah. Hope you had a wonderful time with TW and karmic. I completely enjoyed meeting Cat in Vegas. What a great group of women this is. :: I am totally jealous of Cat and the signed pic...I got in trouble for drooling over it! I have to say - I love the Aussie GALS. We all get on so well. Such a great bunch! *gives satisfied sigh* Suz - warning please!~My head just blew off! Huge hugs to Anna. We are off to lunch with some friends today. Alex's girlfriend actually. Blonde twins! The boy is in heaven! Here are some pics from last night - 3 turned out really blurry - I have no idea why! http://s28.photobucket.com/albums/c246/emmsb/AUSSIE%20GALS/
  13. Evening GALS Am just about to leave to have dinner with Terry's Witch and karmic.... am looking forward to it! I am going to have oysters (yum!) and something else expensive!
  14. OH MY LORDIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That man in a white shirt.... His beautiful curly hair, and some chestage! :inlove:
  15. I thought it might be about time we had a few items for our PALS in our cafepress store. Any ideas?
  16. And I missed being pervy! Life can be mighty boring being sensible all the time!
  17. You are one sick puppy! And right now I am insanely jealous! :tongue: :tongue: :tongue: :tongue: :tongue:
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