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    Lyon, on the board of Saone, in France
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    I'm interesting by a lot of things ... <br />At first, and this is the reason why I'm on this forum, by Gerry : his carreer, his interests, the beauty of his mind, and this incredible beauty of the glance, ... <br />I like to go to movie. I like French, American and English movies. <br />I listen music : classic music (Bach, Vivaldi, Corelli, Boyce, Haëndel, Mozart) and jazz (Pat Metheny, Chet Becker, Bill Evans, Diana Krall, Stacey Kent, Oscar Peterson, Harry Connick Jr), soul calif (Boz Scaggs, Cowboys Junkies, Prefab Sprout, Luna), rock (Bruce Springsteen is my fav), pop ... <br />I like reading, above all thriller (Michael Connely, Patricia Conrwell, Henning Mankel, John Grisham, Donna Leon, Robert Ludlum, Elizabeth George ...) and novels (I adore Jane Austen).<br />And ad last, I like cooking because I like eating ... I take a recepie and I try to do it even if it seems to be difficult ... For New Eve, every year, we are some friends who think at the menu, and december 31th we have a rendez-vous at 3 PM and we prepare all together, husbands and wifes, the diner .. It's amazing !<br />I studied law and succeed to a master degree in a parisian university, and when I was studient, I went very often to theaters, I met a lot of French actors, I acted too. I sang in a Oratorio chorus and sang in some concerts in Paris (Berlioz, Vivaldi, Verdi ...). I worked for a lawyer during 7 years, was fired (as Gerry) for economical reasons, and became bursar in high school in Alps, and in Lyon, before to succeed at the selective exam of School teacher. <br />I'm maried since 19 years with a lawyer, have 3 childre, Geoffroy (17), Louise (15) and Jeanne (9). My son is studying drawing art, Louise is acting in her high school. Jeanne has language's troubles but she's very smart and succeed at school in spite of her problems.

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  1. Hi my little dear Jo, You know that I'm not on GALS very often. I'm sick and at home, and I was so happy to see YOUR art work about Gerry after all this time. I knew that you was created, but I didn't know that you had finished your statue.The body is .... how to say that ? Hotty ? I'm happy to see that you are going well, and ... que tu t'éclates dans ce passe temps de sculpteur. Je te souhaite de faire encore plein de Gerries ! Have a lot of fun with this hobby which is almost a job ! And what a pleasure to "work on Gerry's body". Yum ! I kiss and hug you Jo. You have my friendship ! Bénédicte PS Hi to all GALLS I know on the forum. Especialy Irish-Sue. I hope she was at Glasgow yesterday to see our "grand homme". Hugs from France.
  2. Happy Birthday sweet friend...I miss you!!!



  3. I was reading a old book about New York viex from the sky ... Pictures by Yann Arthus Bertrand .. .So ... I was in the mood ! I watch, at last, PSILY, on sale in France yesterday, and I dreamed all the night. About dreams ... Happy anniversary M. Dream, Martin Luther King. Here in France, we study at school the speach he made August 28th 1963. It's the good date. So ... I have a dream too. Happy good day ! Bénédicte
  4. Hi to every Gals !!! I'm still alive ... but, I have a lot of work : oldest son is coming back from USA (Waouh ... New York seemed to be so great !) with a lot of things to do (clean the clothes for exemple) ; and I must to prepare all my courses (French litterature, French vocabulary, mathematics, history, geography, drawing, sports ... ). It's too big, but I must do it ! So, no time for Gals, no time for Gerry, no time for TV or books. ... Perhaps in the middel of the school's year ? But I still think at you !!!
  5. Hi Sue, I hope that you are doing well both, since these 4 weeks of absence. I thought at you so often I could. Can you find zucchini's flowers by you ? Here in Lyon, I can't. I find them only on the Nice's market. If you can have them, I could give you the receipe : it's very easy. But it would be with a great pleasure that I would cook these fritters for Dan and you ! A big hug for you both ! Bénédicte
  6. Hi everybody ! I came back from vacation yesterday ... No time to read all your posts. I hope that the one who came in vacation had a good weather and enjoyed ... I hope that the one who couldn't take vacation and stand at home had a good time and toke a rest ... I hope that everyone is fine and happy. During my vacation I went to Bretagne where I stand 2 weeks. The sea's temperature was at 62° F (17° C) even when we had the sun ... Here is a picture of my husband and me, and an other with my children ... And after, we went to Nice, on the Riviera ... Here is a pic of our cousin's garden where was a swimmingpool, and a pic in the street of the old city of Nice. I stand here two weeks, with my daughters (my hubby stand a week, came back at home to work and returned to Nice for August 15th which is a free day in France, and for this day there was a beautiful firework on the sea, behind the beach "Promenade des Anglais"). I cooked zucchini's flowers fritters. It's a speciality of Nice. There were so good ! yum Now I have 2 weeks to prepare all the works for school (first day September 1srt) and to clean the house. I'm waiting for the DVD of PSILY which I will buy August 22th ... Have a good day ! A special hi to my friends Jo, Sue, Reggie, and all the others ... Thank you Jo for your roses I received today ... And for Gerry .. who is ... yummy ! Hugs and kisses Bénédicte
  7. Hi to everyone ! Eva Marie, your children are so cute !!! Congratulation ! I just wanted to tell you that I will miss you during my 4 weeks of vacation. I leave tomorrow in the morning to go to Bretagne, on the Channel, with hubby and children. After, we will pass by Paris and put my son at the airport : he will go into your country USA, for vacation during 3 weeks (to Charlotte, North Carolina and NY) ; he will stay at friends of mine I met in 1983 for the first time. And we will go from Paris to Nice on the Riviera whith our two daughters. My husband will leave August 10th to come back at his job, and will return to Nice for August 15th (which is a free day in France) and we will all go back to Lyon August 17th. I take home work with me to prepare my courses for my pupils in september. But it will be fine to be quiet during a month ! And I hope to have sun .. and even if we don't have sun, it's okay, because it's summer time ! I wish good vacation and safe travel to everyone who will be in vacation. I hope a lot of courage and hope to everyone who need because they don't have vacation. I hope a good health to everyone who need some wishes. I will think at you, without Internet connection during a month. Hi Jo ! Nice summer for you ! Hi Sue, a lot of positive thoughts for you and Dan. Hugs !!! Bénédicte BONNES VACANCES
  8. Hi Nay, thank you for the wishes ... I love these words, Bastille Day !!! The fireworks was amazing !!! Tracy, nice pictures of you both ... My husband doesn't like to be on pictures kissing me. I had some pics, but it's always so difficult to have them !!! This year will be our 19 anniversary in October ... Hope to have 10 more like you. And for you 29 more and more than 29 more !!! I'm going to sleep. Hi to my Jo ! Hi to Sue too ! And hi to everybody ! Bénédicte
  9. Congratulations to you Australian ... It's one of you, Cadel Evans, who wons the stage on the "Tour de France" (bicycle course) today. We, French, are a little bit sad because we would like to win for our National Day in Blue, White, Red, but we wasn't the best.
  10. Hi everybody ! It was a long time I didn't visit you ! It was the school ending and a lot of animation in every school I went this year (the 3 where I was teacher, and the one where my little Jeanne is pupil ... and will be for one year more, after September 1th). I miss a lot of news ... I put a message for Daniel on the other thread (Prayers). For the 29th wedding anniversary ... Congratulations Tracy ! Here in France it is National Feast. My daughter Louise went to a ball yesterday with friends. But today, we will watch fireworks on Lyon in family, and we will go to a ball together. My children succeeded to them exams this year ! Louise (15 years old) succeeds to her exam for the end of first high school. She had notes between 16 and 20 /20 and she has a mention “very good” (if the notes are between 16 and 20 … very good, between 14 and 16 good, between 12 and 14 not so bad, and fewer than 12, no mention). We are very happy and very proud. And Geoffroy (17 years old) succeeds to the first part of baccalaureat (which is the exam you need if you want to go to university) He has : 9/20 in French literature (writing exam), 11/20 in French , literature (oral exam), 15/20 in mathematics, 17/20 in sciences and 12/20 in some specific works made during the school year. We expected bad notes and we are so happy ... Because he didn't work during the year, always on the games on line or on front of the TV ... But ... he was not so bad ! So, hollidays can coming ! For me the end of school was Friday 11th. Now I'm in vacation until September 1st. But I have to prepare my courses for the next year. We will leave Lyon the next Saturday, to go to Bretagne for 2 weeks, neart the sea. And in the beginning of August, we will put Geoffroy in a plane for .. USA (Charlotte, North Carolina). With the two daughters we will go to Nice, on the Riviera. One week with Bruno my husband, and one week only the 3 girls before to see Bruno again August 14th (August 15th is the Mary feast in France and he will have 3 days of week end, and in Nice there is a firework August 15th every year ... yes !!!!). I'm happy !!! I hope to everyone to be as happy as I am ! Have a good day ! Bénédicte
  11. I love my fanmillySusan~Sporran Thank you for these cute words ... You know, I love to read all the posts from all around the world ( Hi Australian Gals !) and I like to share some important moments with you. And for my English ... it's a training for me. Even if I write with some mistakes Sue Sue, dear Sue, forgive me because I let your wedding anniversary though ... But with all my heart, I hope that Dan and you will always share love a long way together. I pray always for the good health of Dan. I'm glad to read that you have some plan for the medical following. I hope, HOPE, HOPE, that all will be fine for you both ! Jobella .... The little Sophia is an angel. She's so cute in her dad's arms (do you know what I thought when I saw this picture ? .... Jo, Hi my Jo, I'm sure you are, now, and like every day, with "your" Gerry. I'm sure that with all the times you gave to "him" he couldn't be nothing than WONDERFUL !!! Thank you for your mails. They are so great ! And for Ingrid Bettancourt ... She's very famous in France because she's French for a half, and Colombian. And she was kidnaped since a so long time. A famous French singer, Renaud, wrote a song for her and a lot of people (So did I) bought the CD for helping. We are so happy in France today. In a lot of cities, the picture of this woman was put up on the wall of City Hall, since the capture, and today we can put them in the gutter ... Even if we are not agree with her or with his cause, it's a great day because she's free and she saw her children again : they all seemed so happy on TV. She praid with her mother, on the airport where she came back to the liberty (with 3 American people too !). For ending, I wish to all the American GALS a HAPPY AMERICAN DAY, JULY 4th !!! (For us in France, we are waiting for July 14th). I hope you, all, will have a great feast day. Hugs to all. Bénédicte
  12. Hey all of you ! A long time I didn't visit you. Fine to read you again. I was watching a report about Amazonia. It was absolutely amazing : this sens of family, of communauty and the non-sens of property. An Eden garden. And suddenly, we could read on the TV that Ingrid Betancourt was free since today. It's a real great new for us in France. Because this woman is French and Colombian, and she was captured by FARC since February 23th 2002 ! It's the reason why I'm so happy for her, for her sons and her daughter Melanie. We saw this little girl beginning a young woman and talking about her mother every day, every times she could. Thanks God for them. I hope you are all fine. I would find time (and a second brain) to read all you wrote, and undestand without lokking some words in a dictionnary. Here in Lyon we had 91,4 ° F today. Our houses are not air conditioned (no pollution and no facture too high) and it's difficult to work with this health. But we survive. I hope. A big HI to all the GALS I know, and a to the others I don't know. Have a good day. Bénédicte I forgot to tell you my last week end in the South. We were at my friends Pier and Martine Gourgaud who opened a new « guest rooms » this week-end and we were the first customers. The name is "Les jardins du couvent" at Lanas. They are living since two monthes in a wonderful village in the south, Lanas (which dates from the Middle Age, the house was build in the 12th century), and I join some pictures we took during the week-end. The house is very cute, with nice rooms, and the diner was so good (with good wines). We passed a nice night hearing the frogs in the river very closed from us. We took the breakfast on the terrace, with the sun. After, we went to visit a big abyss (at 396,98 foot under the floor) : it was so great! The temperature was 96,8° F outside, and in the bottom of the abyss it was 51,8° F … We came back to Lyon by the highway, and stopped a few minutes in an other cute village, Miremande. But the health was so high, we stopped the visit to be early in Lyon.
  13. Just a few words : INGRID BETTANCOURT IS FREE, AT LAST !!!! ALLELUIA !!!
  14. And as French, I can say to you that Philippe Candeloro has a large sense of humour ! He's very loved in France. Oh ... I didn't say "hello" to you ! It was a long time I didn't go on the thread. No time for me : time for kids who are in exams at this times, and for hubby, and for schools (the feasts for the endding year are coming .. today it was the second ...I'm off ! Two more the next week, and a week of work more after that, and I will be in vacation ! Hourra !) I'm waiting for August with impatience ... because I will (AT LAST !) buy the DVD PSILY with French subtitles .... I will be in the South of France tomorrow and Sunday, visiting friends of us in a lovely village. I will put pictures on line when we will be back. I hope that the ones who are looking for jobs will find job. I hope that the ones who are in exams will succeed. I hope that the ones who are living in area with some hot troubles will be safe and fine. I hope that the ones who are with pains will be better very soon. I have some of you in my heart and my prayers. Hugs to all. Bénédicte, who doesn't forget you even if I don't write very often.
  15. Hi girls, For you it's summer beginning(June 21rst) but for us in France it's summer beginning AND music feast !!! This feast began in 1981 and it's realy AMAZING !!!! We went in Lyon to diner in a restaurant with Bruno's aunt and children. In every street we can hear bands with all sort of musics : jazz, rock, salsa, classic neat Opera ... And, it's realy great, at 10 PM we have 86° F (30° C) ... It's summer time ! Louise is with her friends at a feast on a natural area, at 10 minutes from house, and she has the permission until 11 PM. Geoffroy is in his room learning new music he found this afternoon on Internet, and Jeanne is sleeping. Have a good time, and I will come back to read all the last messages I don't have time to read because the computer is in the "room" (the living room) where the aunt will sleep in a few minutes. Hugs !!! Bénédicte
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