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  1. Road map to interview link There is a black and white picture of the interviewer / presenter called Jim White. Just above his picture there is a link called 'Listen again > Listen to this edition of backrow' If you click that link it will play the interview.
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    300 Interview

    "For Zack to take it as far as he did -- it's almost like Stephen Hawking coming along and working on the ideas of Albert Einstein," Butler mused. "It's one genius after another taking a process and sending it even more beautifully into the world of flowering and dark imagination." - Gerard Butler http://www.wftv.com/entertainment/11184338/detail.html
  3. So funny, Anna is only 5ft 2 inch and is tiny compared to Gerry but in this interview she showed Gerry who's boss! The poor guy couldnt get a word in edge wise! This opens up the realplayer audio clip directly rtsp://.../backrow_20031206.ra?BBC-UID=b46670f2fe6f455ea6da34bb000019df59dec55580b810f032800d415dad7e21&SSO2-UID= This is the link to the page where the link is. The interview starts at 17:25 http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/arts/backrow/b..._20031206.shtml
  4. There is no folder or topic for dracula 2001 so l thought l would start one. Found this old interview; http://www.bbc.co.uk/films/2001/05/18/gera...interview.shtml What horror films made an impression on you? "Salem's Lot" really had an effect on me, really caught my imagination. Like you know when vampires fly through the window and just stand up? On this movie I kept saying 'can't I just float along?' and they were like, ‘no’. How much input did you have in creating this new cool Dracula? Not an awful lot. I had a lot of ideas about the way I wanted to look but pretty much none of them happened. I mean, there were twelve guys making the decisions for me. Was your dialogue always so sparse? No, it wasn't. I guess I didn't do very well cos they cut a lot of it out! It was like, (adopts American accent) "no, no, we wanna cool effect - he doesn't have to talk". There are a lot of stunts in the film – what was the most dangerous thing you did? I spent nine hours in make-up, then I had contact lenses put in, had a harness shoved right up my groin and then hung upside down from a wire. I think that's really quite unpleasant! I kept biting myself with my teeth and when I went to bite people's necks I'd really go for it and I scratched everybody's necks. And contact lenses - couldn't get them in for about forty minutes and I was crying. It nearly killed me. Oh, and on my final day I had to be tied up in swamp water and there was an alligator about twenty feet away that everyone was feeding with turkey!
  5. Hi everyone Just joined. If this news story is true then its hilarious! Digital Spy Madonna offers vitamin jabs to film stars Thursday, August 30 2007, 11:51 BST By Daniel Kilkelly, Entertainment Reporter Madonna offers vitamin jabs to film stars Madonna has been offering vitamin injections to actors on the set of her husband's new movie. After Guy Ritchie complained that the stars of RocknRolla were all falling ill, the Queen of Pop decided to take matters into her own hands. Eager to help, Madge arrived on the East London set and invited the actors to her Range Rover, where she delivered vitamin B12 jabs. Tom Hardy, who plays Handsome Bob in the gangster movie, spotted Madonna working her magic on Hollywood star Gerard Butler. "When we had a break Guy asked if I'd like to meet the wife as she was in the car park and he knew I was a fan. So off we trotted," Hardy told The Mirror. "To be honest, I had the shock of my life. There she was in the back of her Range Rover administering a shot of B12 into the a**e of Gerard Butler. Believe me. "I was completely stunned to be quite honest, stunned - I mean to throw open the door and see that... I knew it would be magnificent to meet her because she's cult - I mean like Elvis - but the last thing I expected to see was her giving Gerard a shot in his bare a**e because he wasn't very well." He explained: "She does it for her dancers, she's trained doing it, so she decided to do it for the actors as well."
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