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  1. I'm happy to vote off Nim's Island and keep Dracula 2000 in the vault
  2. I vote off HTTYD 2 and Timeline in the vault.
  3. I vote to send Phantom of the Opera to the Vault and eliminate The Ugly Truth.
  4. Oh Oh, it's getting harder but I will go with the flow this week and go with Mrs Brown and Shattered.
  5. Gods of Egypt and The Ugly Truth for me this week. Hope you all didn't bliss out on too much chocolate over Easter. My halo allows me to say I had none. But there were Hot Cross Buns LOL.
  6. Happy Easter all. These days it seems politically incorrect to mention any religious holidays but we all have time off, we eat chocolate eggs and fruit buns so I'm throwing caution to the winds. Have a lovely Easter break and enjoy the time as best you see fit.
  7. Ooohh getting harder. This week I vote off Bounty Hunter and Mrs Brown.
  8. I'm for Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married and Jewel of the Sahara this week.
  9. Hiya all, Still on holidays but couldn't let a vote slip past. This week, Jewel of the Sahara and Gods of Egypt for me. Cheers Cat
  10. My vote this week goes to Please and Jewel of the Sahara
  11. This week Unsuitable job for a woman and Little White Lies Wave to all from Sunny Queensland
  12. We are currently at Tuncurry on the NSW north coast. Been out on the kayak this morning and it's a beautiful warm day. Love getting out on the water. Just waving to all Cat
  13. Hi, I vote for Becoming a Rock Star and Tale of the Black Fighter please. Noooo, not Coriolanus - one of my faves. But I can see why you might not like it
  14. Ahhh, the 'down the rabbit hole' of Ancestry. Yes, I know that one well. I started out as just looking for my husband's ancestry here in Australian and England. Then I decided as I'm European born I should let my grandkids see where I came from. Now I KNOW I came from HELL! Truly, my 3rd great grandfather on my Dad's side was Melchior Hell *chuckle*. And when I start looking, it's hours and hours of fund checking facts and family. As for Michael, we found he actually does have a convict from the 2nd fleet in his family. Up until the 70's this was bad for a family and then suddenly to have a convict in the family was a great thing here in Oz. So, things certainly do change. Off to Queensland tomorrow after friends arrive this evening. So much fun kayaking in the lakes, estuaries and out to sea along the coast of NSW. WOOT! TTFN friends Cat
  15. Thanks GALS I'm sure we'll have fun. I will try to keep up as I'm taking my laptop. Can't go anywhere without it. And re chores, since Mike retired he's doing the floors and I dust and do the bathrooms. We both do the kitchen when we wash up. Works great. I had years of professional cleaners and they don't do anywhere near as good a job as you do yourself - but when I was working it was better than dust and dog hair LOL. Hugs to all Cat PS Gerry with long hair
  16. Sue, hope your ankle is getting better. I have a dodgy knee that occasionally gives way so I sympathise with being a little off kilter at times. The weather here has recently cooled a bit although the humidity is still around the 70% making it feel warmer than it is. Thank god for the pool. We've had storms today and would you believe, I filled the pool yesterday. If I'd only waited 24 hrs LOL. Oh well. Heading off next week for a 2-3 week holiday and going to drive up to Queensland (around 1400 Kms or 900 miles one way). Taking about 5 days so we can kayak various coastal waters and lakes on the way. Nice time of year even if it's often a bit wet. We'll visit our son. We have friends staying at our house for their own holiday as they don't have much cash and live in Canberra. With young kids it's hard to get away somewhere nice. Works out for all of us as they get a coast house with a pool and we get security with someone in the home. Hope you're all well, dodgy knees, hips and ankles aside LOL. Cheers Cat
  17. This time I'll go for Fast Food with everyone else and Black Fighter also. Cat
  18. And over here in Oz we've finally broken the back of 100+ days and its a bit cooler now. Although we still have March and although it's technically Autumn, we still get hot days and I get to swim in my pool for another month. It's fun to be back and play games again. And Bonnie, nothing wrong with a small town. I was born in an European city, grew up in Sydney and lived and worked most of my life in Canberra. Now we live in a small seaside village and I love it. I'd love to see the snow at your place. How about a picture? Cheers to all Cat
  19. Hi all, I vote to remove Movie 43 and, I'm sorry about this, but Machine Gun Preacher. Been a while so this is fun!!! Cat
  20. Great Siggy Sue I've been checking out what's due for release and Headhunters is now called Family Man or something. Hope changing the name makes a difference. I'm wanting Gerry on the big screen Hope your weekends go well. It's cool and raining here so a break from hot and humid. Although I do miss summer when I can just jump in the pool when I want. Oh well, seasons come and go as they say. No wetsuit... All good, Hugs Cat
  21. Ohhh, nice gift thanks Sue :-) I've been to Florida once, in 1994 with the kids and we went to DisneyWorld. It was March so the weather was OK except for the darned rain every afternoon LOL. Have a lovely holiday/birthday Suzie. I'm not sure I would want anyone else if my Michael left this world. However, if it was a Scot that had about 99% in common with Gerry, weeellll.... maybe LOL. Looking forward to a new movie. I've even got my Michael saying Gerry's OK cause he's a surfer and he loves Mavericks and watches it we me. Wonders will never cease. TTFN with Hugs Cat
  22. I'll fight you for them Sue LOL. Love the idea for the pillow... very nice. Can't wait to see the picture. Hugs to all Cat And here is my Terry with that gorgeous smile!
  23. Who said we were getting old! Pah, we are just well seasoned. If you can hurt your back in your 20's it shouldn't make any difference now we are more mature... or so I want to believe LOL. I'm better now and hope you all are feeling good too. I was in Canberra working for the past two days. I love teaching and had one day getting people on board with writing a project management plan. Today I got a new contract, some technical writing for IT, something new for me but I've been working with this group for a while so, fingers crossed, I won't muck it up. They pay well so... Yep, gotta love Erik, I certainly do. It's been quite a while since I've been able to indulge, or let myself indulge, in Gerry goodness. Now I'm asking why I left it so long. What an idiot I am sometimes *chuckle*. Have a great week everyone, no drowning in floods, keeping warm where necessary or, if you're in the Southern Hemisphere, keeping cool. Cat
  24. Hi Bonnie, just reply as usual because I read all the posts :-) I think we all agree there is something about Gerry that leaves a lasting impression. So for a bit of a giggle at my expense. Day before yesterday I was cleaning up around the pool after heavy rain and a windstorm - the leaves from the gum trees are a nuisance. So I pulled a muscle in my back and have been quite incapacitated since. Better today but I feel like such a dummy because it wasn't anything like a fall or something, just bending down to pick up leaves. *sigh*. But it gave me time in front of the telly so I decided to rewatch Phantom and Beowolf and Grendel. I still had time so I took my other favourite, Timeline and put that on. I was quite grumpy when visitors arrived LOL. Luckily the visitors were fun people *phew*. Hope you're all well, Hugs Cat
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