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  1. Hi all, I don't post that much anymore but I keep a lively interest in all things Gerry. As some of you know I live in Australia and I was extremely lucky to come to the first convention. It was a life changer for me in multiple ways. Meeting others who shared my 'passion', women from all over the globe, was fantastic. Like Swannie and Lady Elissa, I still keep in touch with many of the wonderful women I've met here at the site and in person at the convention - even some who, like me, don't post very often. I still try to donate to the site even though it might be small because I love knowing it is here, love the updates and information about all things Gerry. I've read all the replies so far and there are many great and open comments that I agree with. I have no problem with the charity aspect of the convention. In fact when I ran the 1st Australian convention (under the auspices of another Gerry site) and the three following years, we also had a charity aspect which was relatively successful - although not the main feature of the cons. In Australia, like other places, the attendance fell off. Here it was because there were a few within the Oz fandom who felt the cons were their parties - not for fandom as a whole. It is this that cause us to finally cancel future conventions. I note an earlier poster mentioned this and even though the organisers try very hard to avoid such outcomes, if people know each other and have met before, it does occur. We tried workshops etc at the last convention but it didn't really seem to work here. That is not to say it won't in Vegas - in fact, the workshop in Vegas were one of the fun parts of the con when I attended. I have to say before I go further, I DO NOT think that GALS con organisers, mods and admins think that the con is their party. I truly believe they love sharing everything Gerry with all who attend. But for me, although I still love Gerry and would love to come to another convention, my life has moved on. I'm now a grandmother and retired. I'm not as financial as when I was working and so a trip to the US has become more difficult - although I tried to get it together for this year and, like others, failed. Finally, when we had the first con, I felt like we were not only there to celebrate Gerry but, being his fans, we could help him and his career with our support. His career has taken off and I'm not sure that, beside going to his movies and buying the DVD's when they are released, we can do much more to help. Maybe that is a bit pessimistic of me and if so, I'm apologise. I would absolutely love to come to another convention and I still have pride of place in my home of the signed Gerry photo I won at the silent auction. For me the con was to meet others with the same 'addiction'. I'm not cured and hope never to be cured of that addiction. I was a bit surprised when I watched the video that there were not more fans there. I'm saddened by it too. So, although this is probably not all too helpful, I felt I had to put in my tuppence worth. Hugs to you all Cat
  2. I can't believe it, 7 high-rises. We are truly building a city. You know, Barbara, I think Irish is brilliant for doing that for you. However, if she's not available, I'll fly in from Australia and stand in for her if you wish. Sunday here already. Boy do weekends fly *sigh*. Although I did have a great Saturday and played a reasonable game of golf. During my short retirement last year (and yes, I'm a tiny bit bitter I had to go back to work), we, hubby and I, got to play at least twice a week. I was improving well. Now it's only if the weather is good on weekends. Yesterday we were so desperate we played in the rain. Still, anything for a bit of exercise. Sitting in front of a computer all day I get stiff. Quiet Sunday before a manic week. Hope you all have a good day. Hugs Cat
  3. I'm sure his joy in living had a lot to do with his survival. I've been married to a surfer for more years than I care to count (over 30 anyway) and those big waves make me hold my breath. I'm just so gob-smacked that he took on a dangerous wave like Mavericks - what a guy!!! And to survive when other, so called better/professional surfer's haven't says a lot about our Gerry. Hugs to all Cat
  4. Hi all. Quick update on Cat. Some may know that in June 2010, hubby and I retired to the South Coast of New South Wales, a little paradise in Oz. Built a lovely house with pool and took our two Jack Russell crosses (names appropriately Jack and Russell) and went to live an idyllic life. What you don't know is that our taxation office had a few things to say about investiments and how our accountants at the time dealt with them. So a huge tax bill ensued. So in November I went back to work. I took a short term contract which has turned out much longer as I work as an IT project manager and you all know about how IT always takes longer than initially thought. Now I travel 160kms each Monday morning (up and away by 6.10am) to work in Canberra, stay with my daughter and head back home to hubby and doggies on Friday *sigh*. Only till June and then hopefully we will have dealt with the tax office YAY! I had hoped that this would be the year I could come to Vegas again. I've been trying every year since the original one and I love reading all about it while it happens and after. So.... maybe next year (now all cross fingers, toes etc and wish me luck on that one). Good to see so many lovey faces here. I recently had an opportunity to show friends my Gerry gallery on my laptop. Some knew of him from 300. So I suggested they see LAC and now they are all asking which other movies they should get. So, still working on his behalf. At the same time they got to see my photo's from the 2006 conference. They all loved the photo's that showed Gerry with Mousie, Mel and Swannie. It reminded me it's been far too long since I regularly posted. That said I think of you guys often. With Gerry going from strength to strength it's lovely to know we knew long before anyone else did LOL. OK, time to get back to it. Hugs to all Cat
  5. Hi all, I know, it's been a while. Hope you are all having a happy new year. Hugs Cat
  6. Hi All Yes, I know, it's been a while. That doesn't mean I don't think of you all often. Just that I've been busy with writing and singing. I joined a community choir and we have been practicing and doing gigs around the place. Lots of fun. I've been keeping up to date on all Gerrylicious stuff going on. Unfortunately it takes extra time before any of his movies hit Australia *sigh*. I hope you are all well and huge hugs from moi, Cat
  7. Hello lovely GALS, I hope you all have a wonderful and very happy holiday season and a wonderful and successful 2011. All my love and hugs to you Cat
  8. Yeah, sorry about going and coming. Promise to stay on and off but at least be around a few times a week. I hope everyone is having fun getting ready for the Christmas holidays. Finally posted off the cards and finished the shopping today. Phew!!! Unfortunately I won't get to see my grandson this Christmas as his mother (ex of my son) is being bl*%dy about my boy seeing his boy. Grrr OK my rant over with at least I will have both my daughter and her partner and my son at home this year so that will be great. Oh I've seen the ads on the internet and yes, WOW but we know our boy is brilliant, gorgeous, talented, delightful, smart, interesting..... OK I guess I had better put my obsession into it's straight jacket Hugs to all Cat
  9. Hi all, Yeah, I know, long time no see. Sorry. It's been a very busy time. Daughter got married for a starters and it was a wonderful ceremony too. Now they are back from honeymoon and the Christmas period is upon us. April, huge hugs and hang in there. I know it's hard to see someone you love so much got through illness. Many of us have been through these things and there is only one thing to do - put on a brave face, love them with all your might while you still can and support those closest to them. I bet you are already doing that anyway. As for Hugh vs Gerry - no bl*#dy contest and I don't get it either. I voted several times each time but don't get to my computer much these days so will keep it up when I'm online. Keep well Cat
  10. Susan, I must have missed your post earlier. Wow a lot has happened to you since I last caught up. I hadn't realised you were looking for a job. Hope it all goes well. Sounds like your tour was fantastic. I will also keep my fingers crossed that he finishes in LA so you can get to go again. I'm happy to post photos of the wedding. I'm not sure if you all know but her parter is Tanya - they have finally allowed gay weddings in the Australian Capital Territory and the girls are taking advantage of it. I'm proud of my girls but I know it is sometimes a sensitive issue to a few people.Andrea, Yep and and and anytime for Gerry. Sounds like you are a busy Mum and trying to date at the same time - WOW. I guess one night a week is a good start. We had a large dog (Kaiser the Weimaraner) but not until the kids were about 5 and 6 and then he was such a nice dog they rode him like a horse Hope this finds you all well Hugs Cat
  11. Wouldn't have been much use if I wanted a kitten. The cost of sending it to Australia totally prohibitive *chuckle*. Glad they all found homes. I just saw a post on another site about a GB fan with 8 of the most delightfully cute white rats. Didn't really want one of those Just goes to show how loving and diverse we all are Hope you are all well Hugs Cat
  12. Delene, what an absolutely delightful siggy. Haven't seen those photo's of Gerry with Lolita. Hotlips, sounds very busy for you. A divorce is not nice and good to see you are doing well. Hi Andrea, Elissa, Sue and Suzie. Hope this finds you well. Have just introduced another friend to Gerry. You should have seen her face as she watched POTO - entranced. Have lent her some of my DVD Gerry collection. Can't wait to hear which is her favorite. Hugs to all Cat
  13. Andrea, I'm happy for you. It's always a bit fraught with a first date so nice to know a 2nd one is likely Visitors coming today for the long weekend. Just finished cleaning the new house, it's so much easier than the double storey one we had... no STAIRS Elissa, boy it would be lovely to have a nice family of cats. We have two jack russells and they are a little cat like, especially Jack who meows and purrs Wishing you all a lovely weekend. Hugs Cat
  14. Hello lovely GALS, sorry I've been away so long. The reminders haven't been coming for some reason and we've been so busy that I've not had time to catch up. My daughter's wedding is in two and a half weeks and last weekend we had our mother/daughter weekend. We spent it in Melbourne (flew down on Friday and returned on Monday) and went shopping and had a whole day in a spa. I've had every inch of my skin washed, exfoliated, toned and moisturised and then fully massaged. On top of that we had a facial and a pedicure. WOW how decedent it all was and how lovely. I have some photo's of our week at the World SciFi Convention, the one below is hubby and I at the Australian Horror Writers Ball (ghouls going out as normal people LOL). The first image is the Yarra River which runs through Melbourne. Pretty view. Elissa, I note the new kittens, how cute. I love cats (as my totem and namesake) but am totally alergic I hope this all finds you well, and I promise not to let it get so long again. Hugs to all Cat
  15. Hello delightful GALS, Oh the video is toooo cute. What a Dad and what a cutie B2 is. April - Well done on the results. I will keep my fingers, toes, (I was going to say eyes, but then I might trip up on things), and anything else useful regarding the job. Good Luck. Judy, I have an iMac which is a computer in a huge screen. Love the size and what you can see sooooo clearly without glasses. Hi Jill and Suzie. I'm on the road for a few days on our way to Melbourne for the World Speculative Fiction Writers Conference over the next weekend. Lots of interesting stuff to do, interesting writers to meet, lots of workshops and on Friday night the Australian Horror Writers Annual Ball - full dress-up. I've got my POTO outfit with me, cape and all but Michael (hubby) wants us to go as ghouls. So, the photo's should get interesting and we will have to see what we will really wear.LOL. Yes, it was hard to leave the house. It's all but fully set up and the weather is improving and my pool is calling. But then, I love writing and this is a golden opportunity to go to a WorldCon which only comes to Australia about every 10 or 12 years. Hope you are all having fun, Hugs Cat
  16. Auntm - strange how a little backpack trip can change your world. Very clever of you Caught a cold from a lady at the auto registry when we were changing over state registration. Now feeling heady and with an awful runny nose. Thank goodness for cold and flu tablets - otherwise there would be a red nose added to the whole mess LOL. Cat
  17. Jill, Sue, Yep, Cat has found her haven and is loving it. Finally!!!. Worked hard for it for many years. I have taken some photo's but have to upload of the new house to photobucket in the next day or so and will post them if you are interested. Currently finding time to write each day so the book is finally getting a good edit (it needed it). Still writing short stories too so having heaps of fun. Found some photos so there they are: Andrea, your forrest haven sounds wonderful. Before we moved here to the coast we lived in Canberra, which is called the "bush capital" because it is located in the mountains and in the middle of the bush. So I do understand the peace of the forest. Yesterday my hubby and I drove down the coast and took a tourist drive off the main road - a dirt track through national forest. It is so wonderful to hear the peace, the birds and the wind in the trees. Yes, I guess you would suffer with your wonderful children when their father is not emotionally stable. Just as well they have a wonderful Mum in their lives to keep things on an even keel. FCT - Hello. Nice to meet you. Having GALS is such a delightful illness isn't it. Hope you all have a nice weekend with family and friends. Hugs Cat
  18. Oh Andrea, it must be awful for you. I can see why you would really need a Gerry happy place. Me, I watch Tomb Raider II because I just love that Terry Sheridan look. Yumm!!! However, it seems you are certainly trying for the positive and the high road, although sometimes a bit rough, is always the best. Glad you are here and can chat to us and let off some frustration and steam. I must admit, I have a lovely story for you. Two days ago a Southern Right Whale gave birth off the beach about 800 meters from where we live. She and her calf, another female and a few pod members have been in the bay for the past few days and just about an hour ago, we were watching them from the rocks. The mother, calf and other female came to within 15 meters of us. Just a wonderful feeling to see such big serene animals slowly swimming past. They are quite majestic. And who forgot her camera *Duh*. Suzie, Gerry happy places, what a wonderful place to be when things go awry. As I said, either TR2 or lately, LAC are my faves. Hugs to all and keep well Cat
  19. Boy was it hard to get to the bottom of the page with all those delightful siggies on the way. For those who remember, I was building a house and moving in and then retiring. Well, it's all done, I'm in, and retired... as of 1pm yesterday. I must admit to not being here for several months and I'm not sure what I missed out on but I promise to begin returning on a daily basis and catch up with every. Huge Hugs to all Cat
  20. Sue: An Aussie in your house... I love labradoodles - they have all the cuddlesomeness of a poodle and are a darn site smarter. Dogs with middle names. How absolutely fabulous. Andrea: What a hoot about your cat and family naming origins. Makes my two Jack Russell's name seem tame .... Jack and Russell commonly and often called Princess and Boof respectively for obvious reasons. Spoiled brats really. Frannie: what an absolute cutie too - I'm sending a long distance cuddle if I may. OK time to get off to the shower and then bed. Hugs to all Cat
  21. Oh My it has been quite a while since I was the first on a floor. What a privilege :-) BlackVelvet: What a terribly cute dog... awwwww.... Hope this finds all you GALS well. Off to the coast again to check out the house. Maybe some photo's of the insides next Sunday. Hugs to all Cat
  22. is busy with lots of good stuff

  23. Diane: A girl, how delightful. Congratulations to you and your family. Hugs Cat
  24. Oh Frannie, Ha Ha, can't smoke on the plane anyway . However, yes, some good medication and you will be a very happy puppy I think the idea of a short trip to Dallas and friends to keep you calm from there to Vegas does sound like a very good plan. Then you will be OK (thinking positive here) and off you go... like Suzie you will be changed forever. Really really really. GALS is a wonder for giving everyone involved a boost. And if you two ladies come together, the lounging by the pool will be soooo much better *chuckle*. And our capital city Canberra (where I currently reside) is a beautiful place only 2 hours by car. Our beaches are a wonder on the South Coast too. Am I making any headway:cunning: Cat
  25. Frannie: its about 16 hours but if you take an MP3 player and love movies the time flies (pun intended). To all my GALfriends, if you are in Australia, you are absolutely most welcome to visit. I couldn't think of a better group of people to come stay with me, Michael and the two four legged child replacements. I know we are a long way away from America and Europe but, hey, you only live once. The one opportunity of meeting you all came in Vegas the first convention. It was a wonderful time and, believe it or not, drastically changed my life. I went out and fought for my dreams and got them. Couldn't have done it without GALfriends. Belief in oneself is something that is difficult to attain and with all your help I got that. And yes, the place is big and open, just the way we imagined it when we gave our very scratchy drawing to the architect. We couldn't have done it if the house we currently live in hadn't gained hugely over the 19 years we have lived in it (about 500% believe it or not). So we can retire in style and host visitors that way too :-) Anyway, invitation is there for anyone who is interested, and if you can't make it, we still have this wonderful place to chat. Andrea: thinking of you and your little fellow. Hope he gets better quickly but I know this stuff takes time. I have a dear friend with the same issues so I have some idea of the problems. Special hugs to you. Love you all Cat
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