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  1. Suzie: If you can get Frannie on a plane to Australia, there is a huge bedroom with ensuite ready for you both. So start working on that now. Just remember if you fly Qantas you will be flying with the airline with the best safety record in the world. Truth is I would love a visit for any and all GALfriends. Glad you like the house, I love the open plan around the kitchen - I can get back into all my favourite recipes hmmmmm..... PS the pool will be wonderful and have a sail across the endwhere we sit and have margaritas so we don't burn :-) Hugs Cat
  2. Congratulations Diane and to your family too. Wonderful news. I hope Mum and baby are doing well. Thanks for letting us know Jill, yes - looking forward to finishing and moving in. Cat
  3. Hi Ladies Here are the photo's of my new house as promised. OK, the first is the northerly facing aspect - the al fresco area where the pool will also go. The second is the front door and garage, the third is the north westerly corner, the firth is the kitchen with the high ceiling (still being installed) and the final one is my dearest husband Michael, holding Russell, one of our Jack Russells. You can see the back of Jack in the bottom left hand corner. And yes, they are called Jack and Russell - very unimaginative but it suites them LOL. I hope this finds you all well. Thanks for the update on the grandchildren Diane and the explanation Elissa - look for ward to the news. Hugs to all Cat
  4. Hi all, Although not so with many of you yet, it is Friday in Australia. Thank goodness. Busy busy week. My projects are all beginning to come together. I have three big IT infrastructure projects and 2 software projects with releases coming up. Coordination is everything LOL. Have two new staff coming on board as well. So, little Cat is tres busy. That said, we are heading down to the coast to check you the house and take pictures later this afternoon. I should get them up on Sunday like I promised. I'm told the tiler is nearly finished, the painter is in, the render is on so it should be looking more like a home than a construction site. Diane: I've probably missed it on the thread somewhere but I'm assuming twins. I hope all goes well for your daughter. These days it's so much easier than when you and I were having our babies. My best wishes to you, your daughter and her husband. Swannie: Any news on Bill. I don't normally visit the prayer thread so I would love to hear how things are. Hugs to all Cat
  5. Mousie: Give Mel my best wishes. Good things are going well in that regard Heading down the coast this weekend and will take some pictures of the new house. The garage door should be in and the rendering should have begun so you can really see it taking shape. Bathroom tiles should also be down so again a good time to show off the place. So if you can wait until Sunday I promise to post them. Black Velvet: Yes it is nice to have a home for yourself. Hope all goes will with your mother in Khmelnitsky - I had to look it up on Google :-) Swannie: Hope all goes will with Bill. Hugs and prayers always. Amanda: Your siggy is not half bad also. Hey Andrea, Suzie, Alicia, Judy and everyone - Huge hugs Cat
  6. How Cool. They sound like really nice people. So good to see a group like that be nice. Cat
  7. Susan, what a wonderful trip. It sounds like just what you needed after a very trying few months. Thanks for the update and pictures. And grandchildren additions too. Congratulations all. Hugs Cat
  8. Well, the good news is you are still in there with a chance Cat
  9. April, I agree with others. Chin up and "fake it utill you make it". Confidence, externally at least, wins jobs. Good luck and hang in there. Cat
  10. Urgh, that must have been a daily ride to somewhere not too nice *Phew*. You seem to be better off now I guess. Life is getting busy. For you who know me, just let me say I have again taken on a huge project and wondering why I do this to myself. For you who don't really know me yet, this tells you something LOL. I'm a sucker for punishment LOL. The new house is coming along well. We should be ready to move in early June. However, the retirement has had to be put off. The challenge above will take to Christmas to solve. THEN I WILL REALLY RETIRE I promise. Hugs to everyone. Cat
  11. Sapphyre - all I can say is OUCH - sounds very uncomfortable. TBH has only just come out but a lovely niece who works in a cinema got a poster for me. I would get one for you but.... I live in Australia so... Sorry :-( I never met my doppleganger but she was in the Navy with me. She was an officer and I was a Petty Officer and people used to salute me and then go "oops". Aren't you ....???? Was always funny. Andrea, maybe it is the 5 cycles of grief, not believing (clingy), to anger etc etc. Still, I hope it improves for you. Black Velvet - if English is not your first or second language... Noooo one will ever notice :-) Susan, I love the new format. Clean and clear. It's about the 3rd time or so we have had changes and they are always an improvement. OK now back to paying bills *sigh* it never ends. Hugs to all Cat
  12. Hello GALFriends Hi Beachie, yes long time no see. Nice to have everyone back here even if Frannie had to take a break. Susan - It's been so long that I had not caught up on your family woes. It all seems to come at once and I hope you are not getting some of your life back. You are always such a hard worker even here. I wish I could make June but as the new house will be just complete we will be moving in *sigh*. So I will have to wait another year *Ahhhhhhrg!* I started to write down responses to all the posts but got lost after page 3. I note a whole lot of new GALS posting. Welcome all!. Nancy: It's been a while but I think of you often. Don't forget to email me when you get a chance. Love to keep in touch. Now as for me. Life as usual is hectic but great. The new house is coming along well and completion late May/early June is definately on the cards. The detailes about tiles, colours, taps, light fittings, colour of benchtops, colourbond for the roof, render etc etc seem to be taking up heaps of time on the weekends and I only just get time to go see Gerry's movies. This weekend saw The Bounty Hunter and laughed my sox off. He does rom-coms so well and I must say he has a much better chemistry with Jennifer than with any other actress. Work is interesting with 5 large IT projects going on at once, 2 x infrastructure, 2 x software development and one security risk assessment. It's fun but full on. And we also had the new house wired for networking and a new story has been accepted for publication later this year. And then every 2nd weekend we head down to the house (a 2 hour drive) to check it out. Yes, I'm still sane. If Susan can do it so can I LOL. I will try to keep in touch everyone, Hugs to all Cat
  13. Oh Sue, the pool looks so inviting. I'm tossing up whether to have glass panels so I can see the pool but of course an extra cost. I guess you would know about that too LOL. Hi Kathy, nice to meet you too. Hi Frannie, Cheryl, Elissa, Dianne. Oh Susan, you lucky duck. Sometimes I really fancy living in the US so I can join you chaps on one of your delightful Gerry trips. Still, I have Vegas and that's not bad for an Aussie. Any Photo's? Hugs to all Cat
  14. Anna, love your photo's. Boy it's been ages.... AGAIN. Must not be so busy and keep up with GALS. How is everyone? There are now so many Gerry pictures around. Even our Aussie Magazines have him on the cover. WOW. The new house is coming along beautifully. (Remind self to put a photo on Photobucket to post here!!!). They have done the internal gyprock and it is a lock up. Now of course everything seems to slow down as they do the internals. Pool gets dug in about two weeks. Seems retirement is getting put off maybe. My current job want me to stay on part time. Hmmmm... was so looking forward to NOT going to work. And this way I will have to travel 2 hours and stay with my daughter for 3 days. Oh well, the pay is good and I can get some extra's for the house... like curtains LOL. Love to all Cat
  15. Hi Lovely GALS Yes, it's been a while. Too busy with building the new house. But I've been keeping up on all the Gerry news of course. Hope this finds all my lovely GALfriends well and reasonably happy. If not, I wish you all the best and huge hugs from me. Cat PS I just realised I was here for the 1st high rise... WOW
  16. Yep, I third the thing about decorations *sigh*. I took mine down on the 3rd because I had to go back to work. It's definitely a bummer. Ray, love your drawings, keep showing them here pretty please - especially if it's Gerry :-) Suzie, get better soon, I did have a laugh about you still "honking" Hmm, Gerry in pink boardshorts, there is something to dream about YUMMY Cat
  17. Hi all Well all the lovely holiday season is over again for another year. I hope that 2010 is going to be a good year for all. I am back at work. A few minutes of Gerryness on my laptop to start the day. I am thinking of you all. Cat
  18. HAPPY NEW YEAR to all you delightful GALS. May 2010 bring you all the joy you could possibly wish for and may your deepest dreams find a way to begin to come true, Hugs Cat
  19. Love all the Chrissy photos. When Erina gets them off her camera I will post a couple too. Love to all Cat
  20. Oh Elissa, what a difficult Christmas present: So glad you are all safe and well. Huge Hugs. I really feel the warmth here. What a wonderful Christmas this year. Love to all Cat
  21. Hello and a very Merry Christmas GAL Friends. Been away again for a while but I'm thinking of you all. Anna, your card arrived today and my hubby opened it at remarked "What a great card, who is it from?" Love the photos on it. Will respond soon but we are having a mail strike as is normal around Christmas. Nancy, will email back soon. Ladies, have a wonderful Christmas with your families and I wish you all the best for 2010. Cat
  22. Diane, CONGRATULATIONS!!! What delightful news. Hope all goes really well for them. Anna, hugs and good to see you back also. Swannie: Ugh for the cold. Take lots of vitamin C and hold it off OK - Cat's orders LOL Frannie: I'm not sure Anna needs a new one, the old one is still go gorgeous I keep stopping to look. But if you must... Hey Peggie, Andrea hugs too See you all later. I'm off to a family wedding *sigh*. Oh I do love those (not). Let you know how it went later. Cat
  23. Oh it does feel like Christmas with all the friends coming back to post. I've missed you all as well. Swannie, hugs dearest. Take care of yourself won't you. I will try to get back more often. Here the weather in warming. Actually it's very curious, some days its 21C and the next its 31C. We can't keep track. Hmmmm something about global warming I guess. Retirement house plans have gone through council and we should see them starting the foundations in the next two weeks. Then 30 June next year and I'm out of the full time workforce WOOT! Then I can concentrate on writing. I have about four stories with magazines and keeping fingers crossed one of them gets picked up. Love you all Take good care Hugs to all Cat
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