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  1. Tuesdays film 2009 with Jonathan Ross is up on BBC i player http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p0059v88 clip http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00h9gkr 2nd item discussed I have not seen this on the board
  2. Can anyone explain when this movie will go into profit or at least meet costs, It stands at 67 million dollars at the moment and production costs were 50 million dollars Presumably foreign box office will start coming in soon,DVD soon after and sales to TV?
  3. Agree with you Rubee. Gerry's appreciation for his fans comes across strongly but in the context of a radio 1 show to go overboard about the convention would have appeared big headed. Lets enjoy this good interview he had a good relationship with Scott....Gerry so needs this publicity in Britain.
  4. My Fair Lady..........The role of Prof Higgins is yet to be cast http://www.cinematical.com/2009/10/26/keir...ady-joe-wright/ cinematical makes a brilliant suggestion ".......and I half wonder if Gerard Butlers vocal chords were trotted out on Saturday Night Live as an audition".
  5. The budget is $50 million according to box office mojo.................so it should make that back at the USA box office ...do you agree. Does anyone know what the cinemascore is likely to be as this is apparently key to overall box office takings.
  6. Well then get yourself on the Jonathan Ross show Gerry that would get you well known in the UK although appearing on SNL and JR would be equally terifying experiences I would think
  7. According to deadline hollywood.com TUT is 1st at the Australian box office over GI Joe TUT made an estimated $2.2 this Friday with a possible $7 million weekend in America
  8. There are 2 other polls for viewers to contribute a vote...it does mean logging on to the sites and finding the TUT page box office mojo currently grade C with 200 plus votes and IMDB currently 6.4/10 with 2,700 plus votes.
  9. Oh thank you so much for the info Gerry was just amazing ....he did the weather forcast............and the scottish presenter knew him well. He has 8 of his family down for the premiere.
  10. TUT is 4th this Friday with $4.2 million .......deadline hollywooddaily.com
  11. Coming soon.net has LAC listed as 16th October.2009 Are there any Award possibilities here? LAC was shown to 100 close friends recently! Gerry has a financial interest in LAC I believe as one of the producers, so I really hope that it is a success then we will get Teacher man and Hanging Tale all the quicker.
  12. Opening the same day as The Road which is R rated This does seem to be all happening quickly . I guess a trailer is on the way ?
  13. Mojo box office................. this has been moved up to 16th of October 2009. I read somewhere that this film was given a showing by Gerry to friends and movie execs when he was in LA for TUT premiere!
  14. I hope that outside of the USA TUT does do well . You may remember that PS I Love did not have great numbers in the USA $45million but did spectacularly well in the UK and Germany and fairly well in Japan.The foreign box office eventually being double that of the USA, bringing the movie in at a very repectable $156 million Katherine does not seem as well known outside the USA, so Gerry may well add considerable value to TUT in other countries.
  15. I hope the box office success has taken the sting out of the critical backlash for all the main players in TUT I have really enjoyed reading your comments /reviews........will not see TUT for another 2 weeks in the UK
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