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  1. Hi everyone, its Michelle. I know its been over a year since i've been on but we had a death in the family and it was my mom. She died January 17, 2010. She was in rehab in Nov of 2009 cause she broke her ankle and she was supposed to come home on january15, 2010, it was a few hours of her coming home when i got a call that she fell and might have broke her hip. I went to the hospital to see her and indeed she fell and broke her hip. Two days later she had surgery and didnt make it through. Even though i lived with my mom to help her out do to her illness her lung disease we were never close like a mom and daughter should be, but when she died it hit me hard, and i really didnt want to be bothered with anything. It took me months to even wanna turn on the puter to go on the internet , if i did i just went on my game sites but never talked to anyone. I had to put my moms apartment lease under my name and my handicap brother and my handicap son for the longest time, they both did not understand were mom and grandma were. They both kept asking were she was for months and months and even though they didnt understand, them both keep asking about her didnt help either and made me more depressed. Then my stepfather John in September of last year started having seizures and had to be at Providence Hospital for two weeks he is 73 years old and the doctors told him he can no longer live alone, so guess what he is now living with me and I am now taking care of him. So this past year ive had to deal with the death of my mom and everything else. But I am getting better and I am going to try to come on here as often as I can and catch up with my GALS. So i got to go its getting late and i will be back on tomorow. Bye Love Always Michelle
  2. OOH yes i am a True and loyal TB fan and i am so loving eric , i like him better than Bill now lolOh god Michelle you are a TB girl too? I see you like Eric/AS, ugh that man was beyond delicious last week wasn't he? Gerry & Alex in the same room would almost be too much to handle. lol
  3. The trailer for Law Abiding Citizen looks so good I am sooo looking forward to seeing this one, cant wait. michelle
  4. hi everyone, Hope everything is goin okay with everyone. I havent written in awhile, my mind has been elsewere the past month. Zach is takin a med I just found out was makin him extremely sick. Its called Trileptal. Begining of May he started getting dizzy and throwing up and were thinking its just a flu or virus. But the last two weeks of May have gotten worse. Dizzy spells all the time, uncordinated, poor kid looked like he drank a whole bottle of vodka and was drunk a lot. Throwing up all the time, He even got Bronchitis and thats a side effect of the med. So i went on WeB MD and looked up the side effects for this med Trileptal and he had about 10 of the side effects. So they finally took blood work and his sodium level was low another side affect, and his Trileptal level was high. So now we know its the med doing it and have to ween him off slowly. Its sad that there are meds that we have to take to make us better that the side effects can also make us so extremely sick, it was scary. They wanted him to go to Boston Hospital to see a neurologist thinkin it was that, and im like let me look up the side affects of the med. I am so exhausted cant wait till he is 100% percent better and its all behind us. Hope everyone is doing okay Love and Hugs Michelle
  5. Hi everyone. I hope everyone on here is doing great. Its been two weeks since my ankle surgery and I know I told you all I would keep you posted, but I dont know I wasnt really in the mood to go online before today. But im here and Im feeling better. I went to my orthapedic surgeon today and in two to three weeks I have to go for my other operation to remove the metal plates and screws. He said its going to take a total of 8 weeks to heal and its been 2 weeks. The fracture was worse than I thought , I fractured the bone near my ankle at a diagonal way and when it did that it also cracked the bone inside going up. So they had to put a bigger metal plate then he thought. I got about 3 small screws holding the plate and then I got this big screw holding my ankle in place cause it was out of place. So he had to make an inscision on one side to put the plate and screws. Then he had to make an inscision on the other side of the ankle cause he said i had some torn ligaments that was in the area were your ankle is supposed to be in place and had to get them out. So I am in a cast almost up to my knee, I am in not so much pain now . I have gone 3 days with no pain meds. yeah lol And I am getting help for Zach too. He gets home around 4 pm from school. So i have a caretaker watch him and do things with him for a few hours every day and help me get him to bed and if he has one of his behaviors they are trained to help and do what they have too to help him. Even Sat and Sun they help me for two hours a day. I hate so much being in the house 24/7 not being able to just go out and do the little things like going to the store just to buy the little things, do grocery shopping, doing laundry. Then to have to rely on someone else to do your stuff like that. Especially its so hard to clean your house when your in a walker and wheelchair. Then you have to ask for more help and watch someone clean your house for you. Man I cant wait till I can walk again and by then maybe the weather will be getting a bit better by March, cause he said I need another month to heal. So im stuck in the house probably till the end of February. Sorry this was so long didnt think it would get this long lol. But I just wanted to let you know how things are and that I am feeling much better. And i am counting down the days i can wait to get out of this house, I am going crazy. lol But I think its better its winter time if it was summer and it was nice and i was stuck in the house like this and i couldnt go for walks or go out that would really drive me nuts. lol Well Ill let you all go and ill try to come on more often now that im feeling better. Hope you all are doing well. Talk to you soon. Love and Hugs Michelle
  6. hi everyone just wanted to let everyone know tomorow is my surgery for my fracture ankle and im not really looking forward too it but i got to do it. So myswell go and get it over with. So please just bear with me in hoping i make it through okay. Thanks hugs and love michelle
  7. Hello just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I may not be on as much cause my Christmas stunk. I fell yesterday on thick ice and badly fractured my left ankle, and my ankle its out of place and tore some ligaments. So monday i have to go see an orthapedic surgeon and by the end of next week or im gonna try the week after when zach goes back to school have surgery on it. Right now I have a splint from my toes to my knee all wrapped up putting all weight on right leg and hopping around with a walker . lol And my mom has one of those folding wheelchairs that has been a lifesaver. And this all happened when zach is home for two weeks. AHHH . but I am getting help with zach maybe few hours a day someone to watch him and play with him while i rest and give me a break. So when i get a chance I will come on once in awhile to say hi and just look around. Hope in a few weeks when things settle down after the operation and stuff. Have a Good Holiday Hugs Michelle
  8. Hi gals, i know its been awhile since the last time i posted here. Me , zach, and mom are doing okay, the best we can each day. Hope you all had a great 4th. All i did was sit home bored. But whats new. lol Hope everyone is okay and doing great. Talk to you all soon. michelle
  9. Those are really adorable. thanks for sharin michelle
  10. Just saw the trailer again. Every time i see it i get more and more exciting waiting for the movie to come out. i cant wait. michelle
  11. Oh man it looks so good, Gerry looks so good of course, cant wait to see it. Thanks for the link. michelle
  12. Me personally I think he looks gorgeous. After the show he probably felt stuffy being all buttoned up and having that tie tight around his neck. So he loosened it and buttoned down, no big deal. He still looks gorgeous to me. And that color blue just brings out his face and his beautiful smile. michelle
  13. Dearest Gerry, I was so glad to hear that you were going home to be with your family and to get some much much needed rest. Thats the most important thing right now is to be home with family and friends. And if we dont see your pics for awhile, good, you need to be away for just a bit to regenerate and come back happy and well rested. Have a wonderful time in the Highlands with Lolita and everyone. Hope to see your beautiful smile, and soul with us real soon. tc Love ya with all my heart michelle
  14. hi this is michelle, again just want to request a trading card of attila, i would appreciate it ty i hope i put this in the right topic this time instead of the MY trading card. sorry about that again. michelle
  15. sorry i put in wrong topic i will post in the original topic sorry again michelle
  16. hi bethy i put in awhile ago for a trading card but your internet was down at the time, i would like to request it again, if i can with the singer aaliyah, i searched before and nohting came up for her. So if you could make me one i would appreciate it. ty michelle
  17. Swannie and Jeanette , you'se both have security questions , i cant add you, you might have to add me if you want too mine is: myspace.com/butterfly7495 if anyone wants to add me love to meet new friends from the GALS site michelle
  18. Thanks Chelle for the pics, theyre nice to see. michelle
  19. for me its Attila Sword, I love Eric in the Phantom, but for me my fave is Attila. michelle
  20. Hi this is michelle, i dont know if i put this request in the right topic, but i would like to request a trading card for me my first choice is with the late singer aaliyah on i looked at the names and didnt see her name there. If it is my second choice would either be the singer Ashanti or the singer Ciara. I would appreciate if someone could do this for me and let me know as soon as you can. tysvm michelle
  21. Thanks for posting the pics, they look great. michelle
  22. hi its michelle, its been a little while and no one said i couldnt use the name Gerrys Butterfly Angel Gal, so i put it on . If it is taken please let me know and i will take it off and change it. ty michelle
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