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  1. Ah you bet me to it Susan~Sporran! Hi Gals, Just caught up...like chasing my tail! (if I had one) Glad to here all is ok Allie. Sue, I hope Dan's better today. Why does getting any health service be a struggle too. Hugs to both of you. Hey Cat, its been raining no stop in Perth which is great. Humid too. Its so quickly forgotten when summer strikes. I hope your sinuses calm down. And Tracey you too, I hope the cold leaves quickly, my boy has just got one and its sounds nasty...but he went to work (first time he's done that...must be growing up and realises he's got bills to pay) Hey Frannie big squishy one back...my girls aren't big enough to give a bigger one ; ) To all our Aussie gals...we should get a group booking to the convention! Still no word from the Mines yet. They can take awhile but I'm also mindful that it may not be what I'm supposed to do. Its a difficult one to know but that's were patience comes into it. Hey I don't remember understanding Lock Stock either it was just very busy (What I can remember) it was very different. Well off to scrub oven bits. Its all fun, fun, fun! have a great day Gals. If I have missed anyone, big sloppies to you! Cheers Charli
  2. Thanks for that. I'll have to hunt an USA copy down somehow. I'm sure the internet will help! Hot Stuff...was listening to 'Light my Fiyah' by the doors.
  3. Hi Gals, Phew just caught up. I should pop in more often so I don't have to read so much. Now I'm dizzy. You're right Anna, So much happens in a family, its soooooo confusing and I suppose we all think we are on the right track. I think one of my siblings has questionable motives but maybe thats because the rest of us believe he is our dad's favourite. But I understand your concerns Swannie but at the end of the day its about your Mum. I'm more like you when it comes to confrontation. I'd love to be tougher but I think a family needs different attitudes and our's are important too. Allie, I hope your op went well and your wee mate is ok. Still hoping to get to the convention so hopefully we'll have at least 3 from Oz maybe more. Finally saw Nim's. I want to live in a treehouse on an island! We both enjoyed it. My man surprises me sometimes. I don't like putting him through my obsessions that don't involve him. I love how the Irish don't need an excuse to party. We all work really hard so we have to make time for enjoyment when we can. Quoting The Bill & Ted's Movies...."Party on, Dudes'! Love to all the Gals...enjoy your weekend. Cheers Charli
  4. Hey Lish, Congrats and lots of love and wishes! To KB & Moira...cool. I think the whole team is fantastic and you do a fantabulous job. Cheers Charli
  5. Congrats Mischa....don't forget the pet it and caresss it...... Now I'm going back to bed and cry my salty tears!!!!!!! Boo Hoo Waaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Until next time Ladies....(evil laugh and rubbing of hands)
  6. Hey, I'll be asleep when I win...so just wake me up.
  7. Hi Ya Paige See Ya Paige... Gman can be my handyman anytime. Whoa! I'm so glad that the hurricane wasn't as bad as thought. Still hoping for safety as other fronts come through. The Queen is going to give us our public holiday soon. But, alas, I don't work Monday's so I don't get that holiday feeling. I have to wait to go home to have a perve at the Rocknrolla premiere pics. Yummy....I can't wait to see the movie. I hope it does really well and Guy Ritchie is back into form with this one. Got a real hankering for some Gerry movies though at the mo. I'm excited! as the late Steve Irwin would say. Have a great Tuesday gals...I know its hard coming of a holiday. Kisses & Huggies Charli
  8. Well Hello, My Fine Ladies (Charli says as she holds onto the door frame, huffing and puffing) I didn't realise we were are on the next floor. I had to run up he stairs. Isn't there an elevator? My days of jumping on anything maybe over...didn't do my pelvic floor exercises and not too keen to go back to wearing a nappy! (Maybe TMI) Disappointed though, I love jumping up an down. I would jump at Gerry though (In a non-threatening way). Praying that the Hurricane passes with a minimal amount of damage and heartache. Hugs to everyone. Allie I missed your news on London. Congratulations how exciting!
  9. I think King Leo needs a holiday down under...in Australia. Come to me ...come to me......
  10. Ha Pilar is an Olympic Perve!!!!!! Perving that could be an Olympic Sport. We could quite easily make up a team.
  11. Thanks Star and Wendy for making me love my Mum more. She is such a wonderful Mum and I do try to think what it would be like with out her but I don't think I would come close to knowing. My heart ached when you were telling us ,Star. Oh boy, I just caught up and need to have a lie down. Its one of those lazy Aussie Sundays, Nay. Enjoy whats left of it. I wish there was a Gerry Appreciation Class I would so go back to school for that one. To all the teachers please don't loose faith you are sooooooo important. My DH is just about to graduate (45!). He's looking at Private schools who are very interested in him. After 7 years of one wage I am sooooo looking forward to him going back to work. I'm behind in saving up for our GB convention. To all the lovely ladies here Kisses, Safety, Happiness and Health. And Gerritas all around! It's non-alcoholic so Allie can have one. All the best with school Allie and try keep focused (until lunchtime anyway) Now its to bed for my nanna nap. Love Charli (who's not a nana, yet)
  12. Hi Allie! Nice to meet you. Welcome the the island of Gerrydom. Where you can relax and bask in all the is wonderful about this special man. Make yourself at home and most of all you'll love the gals. They are the nicest you'll ever meet. Have a great time sweetie. Now I'm of to bed and hope to chat around the boards. Love Charli
  13. Hi Gals, Special prayers for those in Florida. Keep Safe. All the best Mel. Sometimes a few jobs is the only way available. I'm hoping to go back to one eventually. I think I'm getting a bit tired. I feel really heart sick for those that have no other options and still can't get ahead. Belle, glad you enjoyed your holiday...its a bit cold here at the moment I can feel the gentle sun from your photos. Barb...I hope your house flooding situation drys up! Its still stressful no matter what situation you are in. Keep your chin up. Right back at ya Pil! Sue...relax and enjoy the day...as my daughter told me 'Why should I make my bed when I'm just going to sleep in it again' Bless her..we call her piglet. Hey Nay...Happy Tuesday. Enjoy. Raina snow...Congrats with the results. I bet you feel great. Kisses to ALL! I would have to say when Gerry hits that sustained high note in MOTN it makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up (in a nice way). It makes me all tingly. Just watched PSILY and I should have been working (at home). But do I look worried!!!!
  14. Hey Lady E, Happy Birthday and you look stunning. Great picture. have a fantastic day.

    kisses Charli

  15. Woo Hoo Sue & Dan, I'm so happy for you. Great news!!!! Tracey, I'll keep you in my prayers and I hope you both have some comfort. You too Mousie, my bro has the same. I hope it will settle soon. Its a warm winter's day (Spring's on its way) sitting in the swing couch with my laptop listening to jazz. Toooooo smooooth. And the birdies. Its Sunday Afternoon. Sending out big ones (hugs & kisses) to all the Gals. Why Oh Why! The rare dream I had with the G man in it, he was installing an awning at my home???? Not even wearing sexy overalls. I hardly dream and thats all I get. Hmpf. Awwww those hands though in all the right places. Hey if its handyman dreams, so be it. Yo, Pil!
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