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  1. Well, I haven't been on here for years. Now that IMDB boards are gone I don't know where to go for Gerry news. This site doesn't look too active anymore.
  2. Jessie, No I didn't find it. It is ONE CARESS, by Dupeche Mode. Don't know who made the video.

  3. Just read your entry..Fan Video..Did you find the vid..just curious..what was the name of the music/vidder? Jessie

  4. Just read your entry..Fan Video..Did you find the vid..just curious..what was the name of the music/vidder? Jessie

  5. Thanks, I looked thru them. Didn't see it unless it is not listed in the topic title. I'm sure this one was made back in the early days of POTO.
  6. Is there an index of all fan videos?
  7. I don't post much anymore. I have mostly gotten over my GB fever, but still have a soft spot in my heart for my Phantom. But I do want to comment on what Swannie said regarding this interview and his remarks about the convention. I am not offended either, cause I know what he is talking about. If you weren't there and are perhaps a newcomer to Gerry, you could take his remarks out of context. I was sitting at the table Friday nite with Jereme and I heard at least one side of many conversations he had with Gerry that nite. Gerry was conflicted, very much so, about whether to come by or not. He felt strange just that anybody was even having a convention in his honor. I think he really wanted to come just out of curiosity , for one thing, but he was afraid he would appear narcisistic coming to his own convention. I also met him the next day in the airport and I got the same impression from him then, that he was just bowled over by all the attention. These are just my opinions and the way I saw it that weekend. In spite of what others are saying, I don't think he has let fame go to his head.
  8. I believe the exact quote was "If you knew me you would not like me".
  9. I appreciate your position, Susan. I haven't posted here in a long,long time and was not really aware of all the rules. I will only say this in my defense. The site in question is not a fan site, but a public forum. I would never discuss another fansite here or anywhere in public. And Rubee, you are exactly right. The treatment Moira got was typcial, sad to say. I've seen others get much worse who tried to share their personal experiences, videos or pictures. Which, btw, I missed cause they were already taken down when I got there. Are they the same pics that were posted here?
  10. Sasha, Don't be fooled, it didn't last long, LOL They are back up to their old tricks!!!!
  11. don't know if this has been posted yet http://www.galaxyscotland.co.uk/hot"]Visit My Website
  12. Swannie, I don't post here much anymore, but I just have to say, I love the way you put the words in our hearts into language we can understand. Yer a bonny lass. LOL BTW, I LOVE your siggie..................
  13. Kanga, We didn't used to PC here. This all started in the last 30 years, especially the last 20. We used to call a spade a spade. Now the speech police are everywhere.
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