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  1. Well, I haven't been on here for years. Now that IMDB boards are gone I don't know where to go for Gerry news. This site doesn't look too active anymore.
  2. Jessie, No I didn't find it. It is ONE CARESS, by Dupeche Mode. Don't know who made the video.

  3. Thanks, I looked thru them. Didn't see it unless it is not listed in the topic title. I'm sure this one was made back in the early days of POTO.
  4. What I'm looking for is pretty old.
  5. Is there an index of all fan videos?
  6. I don't post much anymore. I have mostly gotten over my GB fever, but still have a soft spot in my heart for my Phantom. But I do want to comment on what Swannie said regarding this interview and his remarks about the convention. I am not offended either, cause I know what he is talking about. If you weren't there and are perhaps a newcomer to Gerry, you could take his remarks out of context. I was sitting at the table Friday nite with Jereme and I heard at least one side of many conversations he had with Gerry that nite. Gerry was conflicted, very much so, about whether to come by or not. He felt strange just that anybody was even having a convention in his honor. I think he really wanted to come just out of curiosity , for one thing, but he was afraid he would appear narcisistic coming to his own convention. I also met him the next day in the airport and I got the same impression from him then, that he was just bowled over by all the attention. These are just my opinions and the way I saw it that weekend. In spite of what others are saying, I don't think he has let fame go to his head.
  7. I believe the exact quote was "If you knew me you would not like me".
  8. I appreciate your position, Susan. I haven't posted here in a long,long time and was not really aware of all the rules. I will only say this in my defense. The site in question is not a fan site, but a public forum. I would never discuss another fansite here or anywhere in public. And Rubee, you are exactly right. The treatment Moira got was typcial, sad to say. I've seen others get much worse who tried to share their personal experiences, videos or pictures. Which, btw, I missed cause they were already taken down when I got there. Are they the same pics that were posted here?
  9. Sasha, Don't be fooled, it didn't last long, LOL They are back up to their old tricks!!!!
  10. don't know if this has been posted yet http://www.galaxyscotland.co.uk/hot"]Visit My Website
  11. Swannie, I don't post here much anymore, but I just have to say, I love the way you put the words in our hearts into language we can understand. Yer a bonny lass. LOL BTW, I LOVE your siggie..................
  12. Kanga, We didn't used to PC here. This all started in the last 30 years, especially the last 20. We used to call a spade a spade. Now the speech police are everywhere.
  13. Older Girls Unite Remember what singer Ronnie McDowell said about us, OLDER WOMEN Older women, make beautiful lovers Older women, they understand I've been around some, and I have discovered That older women know just how to please a man. (Verse) Everybody seems to love those younger women From eighteen on up to twenty-five Well I love 'em too, but I'm tellin' you Learnin' how to really love, takes a little time. (Verse) So baby don't you worry about growin' older Those young girls ain't got nothin' in you 'Cause it takes some livin', to get good at givin' And givin' love is just where you could teach them a thing or two. I'm thrilled to know there is somebody on here older than me!!!
  14. Ladies, This unfortunate incident should remind us all that unless you actually hear it from Gerry's mouth, it ain't necessarily so. The print media has never been a reliable place for truth.
  15. Mr. Thompson did not retract the article, IMHO he just tried to clarify a misunderstanding.
  16. I don't think that is a very good idea. It does Gerry no good. The nasties will just use the number of replies to underscore whatever lame points they are trying to make. What the fangurl stalkers think of Gerry's fans should not be our focus here. Letting this unfortunate incident die down is. No matter how much it may hurt fans' pride to read nasty things that are said about them, try to focus on the fact that Mr. Thompson's clarification of his statements has already proved that Gerry holds his fans in high regard, no matter how much he may not always be in the mood to give them his attention. That clarification should suffice to speak for itself. The more fans go over there and post, the more fuel it adds to the fire. And I don't think putting a focus on fans is good for Gerry. katie Katie, You are right. I over reacted. It's so hard not to strike back when you or your beliefs, etc are under attack. Especially by less than bright people, IMHO. You are very wise Katie, lets just let it die. We all know the truth, no matter what.
  17. Swannie, fifth grade is so right!!! Those comments sound so much like the trash talk that you can read over at IM**. These people are pitiful losers who have nothing better to do. I encourage ya'll to go to the blog and post a comment to counteract some of the rubbish.
  18. Bonnie, I'm so glad you sent that email. I know he will appreciate it. It's nice to be here where we are not ridiculed for such things. I've been over on the "darkside" about this and they are really taking me to task for getting involved in this. What a bunch of losers. I was really concerned that so many people were troubled by this column. That's why I mentioned it to him. BTW, will miss seeing all of you at the convention this year.
  19. My thanks to Bob for tackling this issue. I'm sure he had no idea he would be dealing with a bunch of pre and post menopausal women!!! Just a joke.............. I have been writing him about this and he seems to really be interested in what we think, so go to the blog and comment away!!!!
  20. Just as a matter of curiosity, how did the columnist find out about the "controversy"? Was it one of our shy, quiet, retiring members that called him to task for spreading "malicious gossip"? Liana I must confess. It was shy little me. But I didn't call him to task about it. I did though, about his assessment of POTO. The other part just came up so he said he would talk about it in his blog tomorrow.
  21. NOTICE PLEASE READ The columnist who wrote this article is going to address this controversy in his blog tomorrow. Check it out atBLOG
  22. I sent this guy an email about his POTO comments. He is obviously ignorant. I'm betting that Gerry's remarks about his fans was taken out of context. I don't think he was being mean at all. You have to hear him to know how to take what he says.
  23. I always knew he had a good head on his shoulders...............
  24. Never mind, it just popped up. BTW, those muscles behind his ribs, what do you call them? Looks like wings. Anyway, can you even imagine how hard he had to work to build those? Wow
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