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  1. I don't get it. Why is he talking about 300?
  2. Hi. Is there a way for me to find all my old posts? In my control panel I can only see the five most recent ones. Thanks.
  3. I don't understand his comment. You can see how tall Gerry is in his pictures next to Jeremy, and John Malkovich...and Ludicrus. I figure he must be joking about the larger-than-life stature of Leonidas...kind of like if he saw Rodrigo Santoro and said, "Shouldnt he be nine feet tall?" or something like that... I also think the panty-throwing comment was figurative. "Gerald", LOL!
  4. When did Gerry sign this photo?
  5. Aww, that's kinda cool she got her picture between the guys who played Leonidas and Xerxes.
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