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  1. It's pretty typical for actors to seek unconventional modes of spirituality. Think about how popular kabbala, est, scientology and the like have been in Hollywood; whether it has to do with lifestyle issues or the tendency for creative people to "think outside the box." Anyway, I hope that Gerry finds what he needs.
  2. Two more Gerry movies this year! Hope Game is as good as it sounds.
  3. Evening, ladies and gents! Sue, I'm so glad that Dan has a treatment plan in place finally and can go forward with the fight against this awful disease. Thanks for remembering me in my silly little injury. I saw the orthopedic (sports medicine) doctor today and he said it's a grade III sprain--whatever that means--and that I have to keep wearing the Alex Rover bewt for the next month. He also said I should start warm soaks a few times a day and physical therapy 2-3 times per week, but that I can expect it to take 4-6 months to heal completely. In the meantime I don't have to rest anymore; in fact the increased activity will help to strengthen it. Benedicte, I love reading your posts...so glad to hear from you again. You sound like you are having a fun summer traveling about your beautiful country. Wonderful pictures of that inn. I saw the news about Ingrid Betancourt on MSNBC.com--a great relief I'm sure to her family and friends. Tracy, her husband is a very lucky man. Most women have the opposite response to the "change of life." Enjoy! Hugs to all, Andrea
  4. Thanks, Mel. So cute what a proud aunt you are! Hugs, Andrea
  5. Hey, GALS! Thanks for the well wishes, Peggy and Lady Elissa. It is so kind of you, Peggy, to remember me when your medical troubles are so much worse than mine. Yes, Susan, the buut (I can't think of any other way to spell it to get close to Gerry's pronounciation ) is helping some. Thanks for asking. Tomorrow morning I go to the orthopedic doctor for further evaluation. Hopefully it will be more rest, ice and elevation, not a cast or surgery. (I suspect I tore a ligament and that is what is bleeding and causing all the bruising.) Just teasing you, Tracy, because those racy emoties make me LOL! Hope you feel better soon, Lisa, or at least enjoy your beach trip in spite of the cold. Get well wishes for you also, Swannie. Good luck with your second draft! Sue, I hope you and Dan got to do something else today beside go to the doctor. Hope you are celebrating! Anna and Helly, seasonal allergies are the pits. Stay inside with the air conditioner on! Ooo...climbing the Gerry pyramid. Time for bed. Hugs to all, Andrea
  6. How exciting! Take lots of pictures, Susan!
  7. Thanks for the update, Barb. It's good to have confirmation that LAC is going forward.
  8. ANNIE!! He was a Commander of Roman Legions (my heritage!!) not a deranged murderer!! You missed the premise that he was royally F*****d by Commodus and had lost everything important to him. He didn't give a damn what he did at that point; he was ready to die if it happened. AND he was a formally-trained Roman Legionary - a military man whose job for the empire was to conquer. He was so good at what he did and couldn't believe people were entertained by senseless killing, so he just gets it over with as fast as he can - it's his form of a snub. It's not the killing I was taken with, it was the the reasons he did them and how he felt about the callous world around him. He told Marcus Aurelius the amount of days left to go home to his farm and his family - he was ready to quit the army w/no regrets. And then to lose it all?! I'd don't know what I'D do in that situration. I'll see 3:10 if you see A Beautiful Mind - he should have gotten another Oscar for that. ABSOLUTELY AGREE that he's nowhere near Gerry in looks. Babs We crossed lines here somewhere. Sorry, Barb. I assumed the quote you gave was from 3:10 to Yuma--that Ben character that Russell Crowe played in 3:10 was a deranged (but sexy as all get out) murderer, not the one from Gladiator. I totally agree with you about the justice of his character in Gladiator. And I loved A Beautiful Mind--definitely agree that RC should have gotten another oscar for that role. Sorry for the confusion. Andrea
  9. Can anyone say "The Ugly Truth"? But, I guess there's no sense in getting upset about a rumor.
  10. Good afternoon, GALS! It's a beautiful day here, sunny and low 70s. Pairfect. Thanks for the get well wishes, Betts. The "Alex Rover" boot seems to be helping more than anything else so far. I see the orthopedic doctor on Wednesday. Congratulations on your weight loss! If I could afford it, I think I would do nutrisystem. I love the idea of having the food delivered, so I don't have to think about it. Plus, I hate to cook. Charli, I'll take a sloppy hug! But wait...does that involve snogging? Good luck with your notices and taxes. Cat, I like that saying...anyday above ground is a good one...I think I'll adopt that. Sue, please let us know how the doctor appointment goes today. Tracy, Time to put my feet up. Have a great day everyone! Andrea
  11. Good afternoon, GALS! Thanks for the well wishes, Lisa and Sue. My house looks like a train wreck with my kids and husband in charge and my son has to drive me everywhere because it is my right foot. But, you're right it could be worse. Thankfully, I have a few days to rest up before our out of town company comes next weekend. Praying for all of you in the line of the CA fires! My in-laws live in Silicon Valley and my BIL's family was actually evacuated from his house near Santa Cruz. Thankfully, they didn't have any damage. Debbie, sorry to hear you were in the hospital. Hopefully you are on the mend. Sue, that is great that Dan is keeping his sense of humor. Laughter is good medicine. Still praying daily for you both. Hi Anna! Cute poem. Alice, sorry to hear that your job situation is so bad. Hope you find a better one soon. Gotta go. Hugs to all! Andrea
  12. No, Donna, a milkshake! I vote for McStudly! Well, we were all wondering what the Men's Vogue party in honor of GB was all about. Maybe this it and it won't be announced formally until PD's contract is up? Who knows? But, I have to agree with Lisa--this would be great exposure! Why not ride the mostbeautifulmanintheworld boat while he can? He won't be young forever--there's plenty of time to be known as a serious character actor later. Plus, I LOVE pictures of Gerry in a suit.
  13. Lisa, how does the saying go? You can't be too rich or too thin. (Like I'll ever know about either! )Hollywood types seem to like beating cash cows to death. Most of these articles seem like rumors or hopeful musings that Gerry would reprise the role. I have mixed feelings about it, but hey it's his career, not mine. I'll watch any movie he makes and support him as much as I can. What I'm wondering about is what source material Frank Miller is going to use? I don't recall anything in the histories about Leonidas except the battle of Thermopylae. Maybe it won't be about Leo at all, who knows?
  14. everyone. Just a quick note to say I'm thinking of all of you. Happy Anniversary, Fran! And may you have many more. I spent the morning at urgent care trying to find out why my ankle isn't getting any better. It's horribly bruised and swollen, but surprisingly not that painful. Just sore. Anyway, it's been 10 days so they x-rayed it and there are no broken bones thankfully. I have to see the orthopedic doctor this week and have physical therapy to help it heal. Wearing a tie-up cloth boot to support it that reminds me of Alex Rover's boots but not as cool. LOL! Hugs to all, Andrea
  15. Happy Anniversary, Bill and Elissa! Many more to come, I pray. Feel better, Susan! Remember my mother's favorite cure: hot tea with honey and lemon and whiskey. But only when you are not driving! Hope you hear soon about the job, Mel. Good luck on your driving test, Moira. My son passed his last week. It really helps now that my right ankle is sprained and it hurts me to drive. He's the new family chauffeur. Praying for Peggy for healing and Barb for peace and strength. Good job on the siggies, NanLynn. Hugs to you all! Andrea
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