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  1. hello everybody i received my pressies yesterday. THANK YOU SO MUCH BARB!!!!!!!
  2. I think one songbird got confused for another! Actually, I believe Pil was referring to Erik/The Phantom as 'our masked songbird', which was not a direct reference to me, as Songbird, here at GBGALS. I know this because I've never sung 'masked' AND I've never written a Phantom fanfic! I'm happy to clarify for you, Daian. obviously i was going to bed and mind didn't work 100%. "I've never sung 'masked' " why don't you try? it can be soooo sexy !! GerrysJewel: don't be embarrased, erik's gasms are the best. I enjoy that thread.
  3. awh!! those models!!! please, someone, give them something to eat . look at those man cleavages. awawaw!!! disgusting!!
  4. I haven't read Gerrysjewel version nor Songbird's, i have to double checked the threads. don't wanna miss any Erik . But Jezebel's version deserves a book for sure. it's so well written, deep emotions, so much shadows of grey, complex characters and a thrilling story. I'm in the middle of it. and I'm enjoying so much. (hope i explained right, i'm going to bed, mind doesn't work at 100% ) and well. i'm enjoying your version also , Pilar, sooo much.
  5. Absolutely! He'll figure it out for himself. Like I said yesterday, I have complete confidence in his discernment abilities. It's very interesting to read about his quest. Makes me feel less weird about my own. ditto Lisa!! that's how I feel.
  6. that song is beautiful and thrilling!! thank you for sharing swannie, you have a talent!!
  7. thank you everyone for sharing you stories. swannie, yours has thrilled me so much.. we want that stories of Marty and Gerry....
  8. what a lovely nieces benedicte!!! a huge hug!!
  9. thank you Lisa for sharing!! have a good rest. hugs
  10. daian


    NordicGirl: i love that song. your version cracked me up. FANtastic!!!
  11. daian


    Go to the main page of Gals and look for Mission statement. it's very interesting. you can also Meet the stuff. great ladies around here.
  12. Hi!!!

    hope you're enjoying here also! Nice to meet you.



  13. i'm patiently waiting. see:
  14. I didn't have much time to participate but i'm enjoying your creativity so much!!!! Great work gals!!! Hugs!!!
  15. a GERRY MESSAGE???!!!!!??? ooohhhhh post it post it!! sorry ladies!! i'm just a LITTLE BIT jealous!! *sigh* enjoy for us!!
  16. thank you chelle for sharing!!!!
  17. sure she loves to torture us. but we LOVE that kind of torture, don't we???
  18. do i get it right when at the end of the video some razzi says "show me the muscle" "show me the muscle" ?????? WHICH "muscle" are you refering to???? any one specifically???? (i have some ideas!!!!)
  19. hi i have read that interview but i didn't know that you can LISTEN to it!!! so please, if you get it can you tell me how can i listen to it too? thank you!!! ps. i feel like being a little pug right now. +sigh+
  20. DK, you're never alone!!!! remember: for you hugs
  21. on that same page look for Tags: Gerard Butler and you'll find a Q&A with Gerry!!! funny reading.
  22. i've seen that video!!! the evolution of dance is a must !! and afterwards, you have to see the evolution of dance for the rest of us. or something like that. Histerical!!! Irish!!! when was that pic taken?? i've never seen it!!!! OMFG!!!! i'm going to bed. nice dreams waiting!!!!!!
  23. daian

    Friends Without Faces

    Thanks for sharing. Beautiful truthful poem hugs to all gals
  24. Just to say hi I'm very very busy so I cannot post very frequently but i read a little every day. Sending you my support if you needed. (for that weight problems... i really dont know, look for any help you need and be constant, think about Gerry, he's a great example: if you want you can do it. I know that being on a diet with friends or family is much easier than alone. Look for support around you. And you know we are here!!!!. Benedicte, glad you had a great holidays. i must wait till september at least. Thank you for that pics Anna. ....and Pilar... i've just starting reading L.T. when i have the time. Can I ask for that pm???? please???? I can't have enough of this: hugs to everybody. Daian
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