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  1. Last I had checked, keepvid.com worked still
  2. LOL I think this is why Im a cat person LOL I am admittedly not good with responsibility, or rather, Im good at it when I cant escape it but Im also good at avoiding it all costs. Dogs to me, as cute and lovable as they are, represent one thing to me: responsibility. My experience with every dog Ive met or heard of is: You have to walk them, you have to dote attention to them all the time, you have to bathe them, the list goes on. Thats just to much for me. The cat is an independent creature I think that was put on this earth so those of us who dont like responsibility wont be petless. LOL I dont have to bathe em except on a rare occasion, they bathe themselves. I dont have to walk them, and if anything most of the time I have fight to get them to give me attention when I do want it. ROFL Their should be a catdog mix. You know, all the benefits of both without the non-benefits. Well okay some cats come when you call, but not all the time. LOL Some dogs may be independent and not follow you everywhere or have to be with you everywhere, granted. But there stills seems to be a similarity here with them if they dont get their way. Dogs urinate if they are trying to say something - cats will if you reallllllly piss them off. LOL But they seem to be a little more creative, I think. Perhaps because unlike a dog, they have more resources to get too. A dog, for example, cant jump up on your bookshelf and proceed to knock everything off of it just because you are not doing what they expect you to do. Nothing as frustrating as cleaning your room only to come back and find a huge mess on the floor because my cat Gravy decided she didnt want things put away. And this cat... she has this thing she does. If her litter is not done to her satisfaction or if youre not getting off your arse fast enough to go clean it, shell go up to you and sit down just out of your reach, all fluffed out and pretty. Shell stare and stare and stare and stare at you. And I swear to you the look on her face reads exactly like this "Id like to register a formal complaint" bwahahahahahahahaaaaaaaa She does the same thing if its time to feed her. So as different as cats and dogs are, I think there are many, many, manyyyy similarities as well. LOL oh and Jo, I think thats why men and dogs go hand in hand! ROFL
  3. Lets say hypothetically he was offered this role. If he chose not to do it, thats his choice and should be made based on how he feels about it. If he chooses to do it, its the same scenario. Its about what he wants and what makes him happy.
  4. Gerry wouldnt be a hobbit if he was in it, there is one major character in the film, Bard - who is the captain of the guard of LakeTown and eventually is named King.
  5. ROFL it was still very funny, very well played LOL Ill go with it being a joke too! LOL Im just dying to know what the audience member said, because it was apparently very funny everyone laughed, and I missed it LOL
  6. OMG I just watched this on the site and I was laughing so hard I was crying - she is hysterical! Now I know this could be a skit for the show, but this just seemed to natural for even the most natural comedians... seemed genuine, which makes it funnier! Someone in the audience asked if she'd been out with him before, and she was about to answer, but someone else yelled something out, and I couldnt quite make out what was said, could anyone else? The part with the camera /boob shot was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny I wish we could save flash!
  7. I know in the past hes been featured in mens health magazines, cause of his body for 300... and I could have sworn I heard tell they post measurements... now if someone knows his neck circumference, that would help me LOL Shouldn't you know his neck circumference aqcheryl? You're the one who's leaning up against it in that gorgeous picture of yours! Steph ROFL I should have seen that one coming rofl but I can counter it! LOL a) that was in 2005 b) that was before he bulked up c) I think the man and all the other fans would have taken issue if I put my hands around his neck, it would appear I was strangling him LOL d) I wasnt making necklaces then LOL e) did I mention that was back in 05? f) OMG had this been recent, I dont think I would have had the brain cells to remember that, and if I had recalled it, the balls to ask - not unless I asked to borrow his of course And actually I didnt even have the balls to touch him, hes the one who was all touchy and put his head on mine (not that I minded! nor do I think the others did when he did the same to them) but point being - I didnt, and still dont, have the guts! LOL LOL
  8. I know in the past hes been featured in mens health magazines, cause of his body for 300... and I could have sworn I heard tell they post measurements... now if someone knows his neck circumference, that would help me LOL
  9. No, not zero! Theres always a chance! Trust me on that one! Watch out here she comes.... shell chew you up... shes a maneaterrrrr LOL
  10. Thats funny lol but I have a suspicion those wanton women that follow him around - and I dont mean fans/gals/tarts... remember that video from a few years ago... just after 300... hes walking down the street in a white tshirt, and these two women are following him and the paparazzi are like 'why are you ignoring them' - haha so I think wed have to get even more creative there LOL Those 'c**k' photos though, I swear... every time I see them I just wanna rub blackberry jelly all over... [insert something pg13]. LOL
  11. ROFL girl - my question to you is - what do you have to lose?? I'd send it. Now if you wanted a response or it to make it through to Gerry, Id make it... kosher. I've never sent a fan letter in my life! Not even to my beloved Paul McCartney! What would I lose? Seeing that look on his face when I whispered sweet nothins' instead of some strange person getting a good laugh at my expense. Even if Gerry got a good laugh, or was just embarrassed, it would all be worth it! I'd love to get a "rise" out of Mr. Butler! No pun intended! Delene Oh I meant writing the letter, I wasnt touching the whispering in the ear part bwahahahahahahhaaaaa
  12. ROFL girl - my question to you is - what do you have to lose?? I'd send it. Now if you wanted a response or it to make it through to Gerry, Id make it... kosher.
  13. I know every place is different, I also know they actually can hire firms to take care of the mail. It sounds like this is what the LA address may be. Or it could be someone working at Alan's office hired to sort through it. It really depends on the individuals criteria. JKRowling for example, has people sort through the mail, and what passes through is still huge amounts... from what I saw on A Year in the Life of JKRowling, she was looking at letters that discussed a myriad of things - how she has helped others overcome major obstacles in their lives, or to how important her books brought together a family before one of the members passed. I know she also sets aside money for a charity fund and will actually send charity money to people who write. Years ago I was a huge duran duran fan, and thats when I first learned of how fan mail is treated, just by other peoples experiences, news articles etc. And Im sure things have changed since then, this was the 80s lol, but they received so much mail and gifts, that they had to lease a full office solely for this one purpose - and there were at least like 6 people hired just to sort. Anyways I remember they were talking about how some things come through that are just more of the same, some things come through that are... lets say too bold or gushy lol basically inappropriate, etc. I also remember that sometimes the gifts were separated from the letters, and although the gifts were higher priority of passing through then the letters - that they might have gotten it, they wouldnt have known who it was from. They DO get stuff though...so but there are good people, or I should say people good at this that they make sure its all together. I just bring it up because we always have to be prepared what to expect. I mean, what if you sent him a letter, with a scarf you knit, and later you see him wearing your scarf- obviously he got it... but then you are left thinking why he didnt respond even with a thank you or something - most likely because he only got the scarf and not the letter.... that kind of thing. You are right, it has to stand out, but on the same token, everyones trying to stand out... so how do we stand out from even that lol BUT I believe that if its meant to be, its meant to be - dont let it dissuade you from sending a gift or letter, because it just might be your letter makes it through.
  14. LOL How do you think I felt - before when it was only a UK address! LOL Theres an easy fix...they should have.... two! hehe one in either location. And you are very much right, who couldnt love the man... I love it when cusses or slips up. I love that he has absolutely no filter... bwahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I sent a letter back in 05 to the UK address, never got a response... but then again, you know how the mail system is - I really doubt its any better on any continent lol I should have done tracking on it, just to no if it even made it that far. I think in the early early years, pre-Phantom, some ladies did receive a response. But I think the chances now are very slim. Generally the mail is pre-sorted and read by a staff, and it has to get past them / meet their criteria, before they pass it on to him. Otherwise Im sure the mailman would have to hire big rigs to deliver all his mail. Not sure his NY apartment is big enough for that LOL And the LA house, well I believe hes keeping that private, but I would imagine its roomy... LOL
  15. I didn't meet him at the convention but I did meet him in 2005 at one of the Leno tapings, where he took pictures and/or signed autographs for over 200 people. He was absolutely amazing - I clearly remember seeing how tired he was as the hours progressed, but he refused to leave until everyone had their chance. Alan kept reminding him of some dinner date he had to go to and Gerry told him to tell them he would be late! Hes one of those people who can look at you and make you feel like they see YOU. Too many people in this world, you can feel they judge you when they look at you, but not him. He listened to what that person had to say when they went up for the picture, and thanked everyone. Very humble man and all the more beautiful for it. I know what you mean about keeling over, cause I did - mentally! You know when you look in someones eyes you can actually garner their intelligence a little from it before they even speak - Im sure in mine he saw brain cells just *poof* one by one, evaporating LOL talk about embarrassing LOL
  16. Thanks! It was so brief a moment in time though, back in 05, but I would like to truly meet him. Im not alone in that I know. There are many gals here that had conversations with him, etc. Id love to have that. Though I appreciate the chance I did have, I know there are many who havent. But that doesnt mean I dont need a refill! ROFL! So yeah, if he got in my car (really doubt hed ever mistake a beat up 92 sentra for a mercedes LOL) I dont have auto lock, Id just have to start driving really fast bwahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Then again, not like my car has the best 0-60 in however many seconds LOL Heck by the time the engine turns over hed be out of it LOL Someone would have to hold him down while I started the 'get away' car LOL
  17. Alright gals, admit it, if Gerry hopped in your car by mistake youd be hitting the auto lock on all the doors! ROFL I love the story, but I have to say... it is a little old hearing "Gerard Butler is finding out how" bad it is with the paparazzi.
  18. lol you mean the one I found was exact same copy? Dang, cause it was cut off in the beginning, I was hoping the first version (and with that the hope there would be another) that starts before he starts talking hehe either way yuuuuuuumm
  19. heres another http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgP-EvyZpR0
  20. LOL Thanks for the clip! My vote - he was totally BSing! Besides the fact that he had a hard time keeping a straight face, and his tone was completely prankster (takes one to know one I guess LOL) ...look at the body language... after all profilers say that if you are answering honestly you look dead on at the person (or in this case camera) the whole way through.... he doesnt... before each sentence he looks away (several down to shield his eyes, at least once to the side)... I believe the right side is the creative side of our brains - they say if you look to the right you are accessing that side of the brain.... left would be the logical. LOL I just watched this, ET, and Craig, and Im just in tears, hes so funny! LOL
  21. The way its worded - if its a direct quote - sounds very similar to his style when he jokes around. Ive noticed he loves to say things with a straight face and sometimes if the person doesnt 'get it' he doesnt always clarify he was joking. Most of the times from what Ive seen he does but theres been a few. He likes to shock people, whether with made up stuff or the truth. Ive no idea if its truth or not on his part. And if not, if its on his part or the authors. But has he ever previously mentioned Jamaica in his past growing up? Most guys lose their virginity what - average earliest 14 to average latest 18? So assuming that (average) he would need to have been there at some point between 1983 - 1988? I think that researching that would help towards dispelling it if its a rumor, or help authenticate if its not.
  22. Ive had one response so far, she said that wolf medicine is just that - medicine. It is a traditional belief that wolves carry medicine that can naturally heal the sick and injured. They were also believed to take in lost children and nurture them. For you to be told you carry it implies that you are practicing the wolf medicine - essentially you are healing and curing by your actions. I dont know if you had told her in your conversation what you do or not, but generally when you know and understand how to read someone you can tell if they are healers etc. We all read people, its just when you hone in on it you can garner more information.
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