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  1. LOL! OK Allie. Beachie would be glad to make you a siggy. All you have to is ask her. PM her and she will get in touch with you.

  2. Hi Alexis. Nice to meet you! I am glad you like my siggie. Beachie made it for me though I wrote the text. I am obsessed with Gerry as you are, GAL! :)

  3. Sadie,

    I discovered the Phantom of Opera movie this Christmas 2007 and fell in love with Erik and the Man behind the mask - Gerard Butler. Which led me to an internet search and I found GALS and your books (actually, I found your books searching Amazon.com under POTO before I even discovered this website.) I've read all 4 of your books and LOVED THEM. I was so happy to read more of the c

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