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  1. Welcome, sister! Yes, Gerry/Erik has captured a lot of Gals hearts with his POTO performance of which I was one. I am like you - no other movie/character has gripped me so - in fact, this bond goes so deep, it's very difficult for me to express. Often times, I can only express through fan-fiction and tears. I encourage you to join other Lair Sisters in Love Letters from the Lair forum....this is a haven for all POTO/Erik/Gerik lovers and obsessors. Check us out Here
  2. I would like my name added to the list: GerrysJewel: Weaver of Warmth Around Our Master's Heart Thanks! Weaver of Warmth Around Our Master's Heart
  3. OMG - Since I live an hour and a half from Toronto - if it opens up there - I AM SO THERE and hopefully with other Erik/Phantom lovers with me. We should really watch this and maybe make a Gathering of our Lair Sisters and all see it in TO. That would be SO much fun. I couldn't think of other people I would like to share this experience with (except my mom and best friend) but others from this board. I am so excited and I cannot wait to see how ALW pulls the story line and new music together. BRAVO, Andrew!!! Weaver of Warmth Around Our Master's Heart
  4. Oh, you're the best, Izzy!! I can't have enough of POTO siggies!!! Thanks! Weaver of Warmth Around Our Master's Heart
  5. Oh....goodie. more POTO siggies. Someone is going to have to snatch one up for me as I am always too late in claiming any of them. Sapphyre - I especially liked the last part of your poem. Weaver of Warmth Around Our Master's Heart
  6. While following the link to listen to the 3 yr old sing MOTN - I found this: A 7 year old girl singing Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again. The first link is her live performance before she had any voice lessons. The second link is an audio of her singing the same song after 3 months of vocal training. My goodness - She may be Christine in a few years somewhere! Weaver of Warmth Around Our Master's Heart
  7. YOWZAH!!! Frannie, you don't disappoint. PLEASE, PLEEEEZE make me a Phantom siggy with the bronze one............pleeeeeeese?
  8. WHOA!!!!! Good thing I was already on the floor!!! Wow, Swannie, thanks for sharing that. This will be my inspiration for my phan-phic. If you have more graphics like those, please share!! Weaver of Warmth Around Our Master's Heart
  9. I thought the exact thing. I thought it was Richard Gere! Anyhoo......WOWOWOWOWOWOWWEEEEEEEEE! on all the naughty comments!!
  10. I am just glad to hear that Gerry would like to do other musicals. Which means he still likes to sing after that emotionally and physically exhausting experience as the Phantom. Really, whatever he decided to do, I would love it because I can't get enough of his singing....and I don't want to get enough!
  11. Oh my, Swannie!!!! That graphic IS pairfect!! I just need to shorten the title somewhat, if you don't mind. How about: Weaver of Warmth Around the Master's Heart? Thank you SO much!
  12. Warm hugs to the new Lair Sisters. Thanks Deb for that link although I do need more time to thoroughly look it over. Swannie, I promise to check out your site and Crawford's last performance...... I too find it very difficult to post in this thread. But know that I do read here. Our Master's presence fills me so deeply that it is hard to bring it to the surface with words without getting overly emotional. Some day soon......the expression will come. I also do not have a name and I would like one with a graphic as well. Swannie, I saw your question and I am thinking of what I would love to give our Master as a gift. I am a knitter (or a knit wit or happy hooker ) so I think I would knit him an afghan that is so warm and snuggly that the two of us would be able to just cuddle together.....yes, that would be my gift to him. He has been in the cold far too long and I want to bless him with warmth of a blanket and the warmth of my love...... Oh, there we go..can't see the screen anymore for the tears.....
  13. Thanks for posting. I always enjoy reading these kinds of articles that give us a little more details of movie sets.
  14. Thanks for posting this Swannie - I just spent the last hour watching all these. They really put time and thought anc creativity into this! Such Phans!!! Reminded me so much of when I was younger. My friends and I reenacted shows all the time, but we didn't have the video technology yet at that time or else we would have videotaped it just as these phans did. I enjoyed it! I think the girl who played Phantom was the best out of all of them. There were places she had our Phave Phantom down to a T.
  15. Well Barb ~ You don't know what seeing my new name in print just did to me...... Move over, woman!
  16. Ah, Deb, how wonderful!!! I look forward to a detailed report of the show.
  17. My thoughts exactly! Rendered me useless for the rest of the night.....
  18. Marg, Bring it on!!!! PM me if you wish. I am working on my own now too! Yes, Erik/Gerry is a powerful Muse as Swannie stated. D - if you wish to start a PM list - please include me!
  19. Here are the things I love about this post in no particular order: He crossed Jude's name out on the mirror and replaced it with his. That's my boy!!! He went to a broadway show. That's my boy!!! All that thigh squeezin', hip-thrustin'.....And I am Sure he was wasn't quiet while ridin' that thing...... All I have to say is: Gerry - Forget the mechanical bull - That's my boy!
  20. All right.....All right.....I *have* to point this out..... Look at those FEET!!!! (and I am not referring to the model's feet either!) OMG, they're HUGE! http://www.gbgalsgallery.com/d/72367-5/Wm_...Row_21609_2.jpg
  21. Thank you Swannie for the very enlighteneing post! I sat here covered in chills as I read that!!! Congrats Deb on your Milestone Post! I hope your mom will be OK. Trust that she will.
  22. You got it right, girlfriend. It's NOT fair - it's not fair that there's only one of him! God he's just the perfect vision of manliness. You are SO right, Lisa!!! He IS the perfect vision of manliness and it's killing me.....slowly......
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