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  1. What is happening with MGP??? I haven't seen it. Literally!!! No commercials on tv, no newspaper ads, not even a picture of the poster in movie listings. Gerry did all those interviews & the film got good reviews & then NOTHING.
  2. Did anyone else see Moira being interviewed at the Golden Globes?
  3. Some guy at PWSpoilers has gotten his hands on some old pictures of Gerry & is passing them off as being taken on this most recent trip to Miami. They are suggesting that he has had some work done. When you see the pics you'll recognize them. I tried but couldn't find them in the gallery.
  4. Moira, You're breaking my heart. I'll be in Dublin this summer
  5. Hi, Our boy is going to have a very busy summer. Apparently he's also filming an IRA film in Dublin this summer.
  6. 91% They're crazy. They'll never let us vote all we want again
  7. All you ladies are awesome. Thanks for sharing. WendyM
  8. How does anyone keep up with that kind of schedule? I wish I had half his energy. WendyM
  9. For the life of me I can't remember the name of one of his other nieces. I seem to recall Rachel but not the other little girl. Help please WendyM
  10. I hope we can find it here. I've been to all the usual places, but none carry W Mag.
  11. Happy New Year everyone all the best for 2010 WendyM
  12. Hi Everyone, Just popping in to wish everyone Merry Christmas & a joyous, prosperous & blessed New Year. WendyM
  13. I don't know what I did {right or wrong} but it seems to have worked whew
  14. Hi Don't mind me. Just trying to see if I got any of my stuff back
  15. Help!!! What's all this Account Inactive stuff I know I was away for 2 weeks. I don't always post, but try to check in every day or so
  16. Hi Stuart, Thanks for posting this. We couldn't se it on MTV, being out of the country. WendyM
  17. Hi Sue, Welcome back Sweetie, you've been missed. Hope you're keeping well. Thanks for postin the pictures of your beautiful babies. That includes Bonnie. You remain in my thoughts & prayers. Keep the faith WendyM
  18. I've never watched Kimmel before. Does Gerry stick around till the end or leave right after his segment? WendyM
  19. I wish....doesn't come on here for nearly 3 more hours WendyM
  20. Thanks for sharing these, Moira. They're great WendyM
  21. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. Good luck WendyM
  22. Thanks for posting Swannie, This is such good news after all the negative reviews (my girls kept pointing them out). I don't pay any attention to critics. It's not easy to get big box office numbers in the summer, with new movies coming out every week. WendyM
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