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  1. Hi Sue, Glad to hear you got back safely. Driving a strange car a long way is a pain. Kept thinking about you & Dan all week, wondering if anyone had heard from you. Hope the new meds are successful & don't make Dan sick. Your little grandson is a very handsome lad. good genes from his grandma no doubt. I'll keep you all in my prayers WendyM
  2. With all the great pictures of Gerry at the premier, they had to pick that one!!!!!!!!!
  3. Hi Stuart, Let's try to get this thread going again, eh. I'm from Montreal originally, but I live in Alberta now. Hubby is from Glasgow. He's been here a little longer than you though. About 29 years longer. Still has his acent though. Especially when he gets worked up about something, or ticked off. WendyM
  4. I don't know how you guys do it, but I'm very glad you do. Bailey- I think I like the cheeky grin one best WendyM
  5. Hi everyone, I haven't had time to post much lately. I finally caught up on some threads' Tracy & Dennis- CONGRATULATIONS Sue & Dan- Still praying for you both. Stay safe. Frannie- You must want to throttle that boy. My brother-in-law rode a bike. His poor Mum never closed her eyes at night until she heard that rumble in the driveway Delene- Why do men never grow out of that kind of humour? My hubby will sit on the throne for an hour with the sports page & come out bragging how he's 10lbs lighter. Lilith- & You're going to love it here. WendyM
  6. What a kind thoughtful man he is. His schedule is unbelievably busy & he takes the time to send us message. Just when we think we can't love him more than we do............. Thanks so much Barb & katie for getting this to us. WendyM I've missed so much. My comp was down yesterday
  7. Count me in too please. Busy weekend but I'll be here as much as I can. WendyM Barb & thankyou andi
  8. Does that look like a woman's hand coming around from the back? WendyM
  9. Our guys days of travelling incognito are probably long gone
  10. Hi I'm sure I'm posting this in thr wrong place, but I thought I might catch more of you here. If this is old news, I'm sorry. I've been away. On starpulse.com our boy is getting his butt kicked in a final round poll. Granted, by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, but still..... HELP WendyM
  11. Dear Sue, I've been away for a week & just heard your sad news. I continue to pray for both you & Dan. WendyM
  12. All you gals are such inspirations. Think I'll give Weight Watchers another shot. Wish me luck WendyM
  13. Hi Anne, to GALS. You're going to love it here. Anything you want to know, just ask. The people here are awesome. WendyM
  14. Maybe the photographer said something nasty to him. He's been really nice abouth getting his picture taken since before Christmas. WendyM
  15. Creedy would have been my first choise as well. I picked the Stranger because I would have liked to see those two together. WendyM
  16. HAPPY NEW YEAR to all you wonderful gals. HOPE 2009 IS A GOOD YEAR FOR ALL WendyM
  17. Hi everyone, With everyone so busy at this time of year, I just wanted to wis all you great GALS a very Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays. WendyM
  18. Great find Sasharose, Thanks for posting. He looks so happy & relaxed. glad to see that he's getting to go home. WendyM
  19. Thank you, I thought I heard him say that
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