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  1. Şölen nerelerdesin allah aşkına ..Gözlerim seni arıyor ama kaç gündür yoksun malesef..

    Görüşmek üzere canım.öptümmmm.


  2. Here is the trailer of Rocknrolla! http://www.empireonline.com/news/story.asp?NID=22795 Enjoy ETA: Screenshots
  3. Oh and I was looking for a place to put this one Well I guess I'll learn to be quicker. And why are you people still awake I loved reading this. Its a great article full of possitive stuff. He says stuff like this a lot, and I love him for it. He always thinks that people are going to say bad things, always ready to take hits. And what a clever answer that is! Gerry you're SOOOO wrong about that
  4. Yeah that "third" made me sure enough to post I agree that he's probably using an American accent in TUT so he doesnt want to mix things up. And the end kills me.. A verra verra creative razzi making the joke "when will you make 301"
  5. I've seen the video.. First of all I love hearing his laughter Its like a song to me Secondly I love how he giggles and enjoys when the stupid razzis hit something or fall and finally is it me or did he use the American accent there?
  6. O~M~F~B what a way to start the dayy!!!! All I have thought looking at the photos have been said. But I really believe he wanted to give us some goodies. I really thought "are we sure these are not photoshoots" ..... then up...... and then again.. in a loop
  7. Its finals week girls.. I reminded Kubra about the link. By the way its not a fan website. Its a part in another forum, only threads actually. Thats why I dont know them and Kubra does.
  8. I also have that audio file and I think I downloaded that from GB.net here is the full transcript of the interview. Women's Watch Interview - July 2006 Laura Kirby with Gerard Butler now I cant find where you get to download it all (its about 4-5 different files all from the same interview) You can listen to some of it here (its pretty late so I have to go to bed, and cant help you any further at this moment)
  9. Well no wonder he asked her to marry him, since they have been on numerous perfect dates walking on streets (thats what he said a perfect date would be) and they've been living together for a while now.
  10. You are welcome. Its a very powerful song and and as I said it hits you in the head. If there are any other songs you want the meanings or translations just ask. Always happy to help
  11. I tried to translate it but the lyrics are so plain in terms of word count, it may not make sense.. We made so many mistakes We got torn so much Our broken lives are stained There is no color nor light Everything is just average Shame, shame, shame its a shame Shame, shame, shame its a shame We were hit And divided slimly to separations For years we didnt recognize it We walked with desolation Tell me if it doesnt make sense
  12. ohhh hugs I dont want to set my hopes high because it is very probable I think that he wont be able to come, or even if he comes I probably will be busy with something that I cannot leave. But I just want to see him so much and HUGGG I made my boyfriend promise me if he comes and we are available we will go. The owner of D productions also owns a big tv channel so we will probably get full coverage on TV, and I will get it to you guys. Lisa, Kubra knows that site (I actually dont) so she probably will post the link. and hi Agnes! I agree Vurulduk is a very very beautiful song, it just hits you in the head. Do you know the meaning of the lyrics?
  13. So THAT is what everyone has been yapping about! Dumb question: what is his ethnicity and what language is he speaking? He is Turkish! the lyrics are Turkish. I am Turkish. I will translate the lyrics sometime for more drooling ETA: For more info click
  14. Here's quick translation of the link (there may be some mistakes) Date: December 2007 Star of 300 Spartans is coming Gerard Butler, the actor in leading role King Leonidas in Zack Snyder's film "300", will be visiting our country for the premiere of his new film "Game". Last week in Los Angeles at a dinner organized by the production company of his new film "Game", the star of "300" Gerard Butler came across the team of D Productions,Turkey distributor of the film. Butler also shared one secret of his. The famous actor indicated that a while ago he and a close friend secretly came to Turkey to recieve a boat he had ordered and during his visit he was awestruck by Istanbul. In the same dinner Butler also accepted D Productions' team's invitation to come to Istanbul for the premiere of "Game". Scottish actor who left his law career for an acting career, co-stars with a famous model Amber Valletta. This science-fiction film tells the story of a future where people are controlled by computers, and the insubordination of a rebel. Solen
  15. Solen, I've been watching Tarkan!! He IS gorgeous!! Now *those* eyes are verrrry green! I really liked the Hup video, but the one of him dancing in the desert to Kusu Kusu ....... he really is very yummy!!! I like him with longer hair though Hey Barb, I felt the same seeing Gerry doing the "stomach thing". He has a great control over his muscles. And that really is a hard move. Here are the videos I could find if anyone's still interested: More classical belly dancing by a hot guy and a girl: here and And Tarkan, belly dancing (in a modern way) in parts of his video clips and Sorsha I adore him (his eyes are verry verry green) and have almost all of his songs as mp3, if you cant find them I can help you, and when I have time I'll PM you more info on his songs and meanings of the lyrics (which are usually very clever or emotional or sexy). Hey Gerry I'm not cheating on you, totally different categories Solen
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