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    cooking, reading, gardening, spending time with my 10 yr old son gerard butler of course!!!!

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  1. if she needs help holding his kilt up or the spanking of his perfect bum then I am MORE than available! NAUGHTY BO THAT HE IS...mmmm well I hope so anyhow I think after watching him on "The Bonnie Hunt Show" his idea of a threesome is him, a deep fried Mars bar and a bottle of chocolate sauce!!!!!!!!! yummy!! lol pisces1962
  2. i did not see a place to post comments on the clip that was on www.bloody-disgusting.com.i was very upset by it-will probably have to wait and rent this one so i can skip those parts. was anyone else upset by it? maybe i'm just too sensitive! pisces1962
  3. when was he on Spike? i missed it! will it be repeated?? thanks pisces1962
  4. this is my 1st post! the clip you saw was on TMZ about 2-3 months ago-should have been titled"Luckiest Girl on the Planet!!" hope i did this correctly-LOL pisces1962
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