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  1. I chose good friend based on the fact that I am happily married to a man who NEVER leaves the seat up and worships me. But if I was single I'd pick significant other, I mean, who can resist this -----> ??
  2. Count me in! Sounds like a blast. I'm so glad you ladies are tackling the monumental task of putting the Bash together. When I first heard it was canceled I was like but now I'm like
  3. Please enter me to win the Bounty T-shirt and the Leonidas action figure. Good luck to all!
  4. Here's my 2 cents' worth: I met my husband of (almost) 26 years in Washington, D.C., even though he's a Brooklyn boy and I'm a Queens girl, at a self-awareness seminar in 1980. We had mutual friends but they were not instrumental in our meeting. I overheard Jeff tell someone he knew Frank Z., who I also knew. Then I found out he was in chiropractic school and I thought "he's cute, I'll ask him about my 'creaky' knee." I went up to him and mentioned our mutual friend Frank's name and asked him for a consultation on my knee. He took a look and gave me some advice and we started dating as soon as we got back to New York. On our first date he told me "I think I'm falling in love with you." I was like "????" Especially since I was so nervous that I drank way more than I ever had and threw up all the way home! Wow, some first date, but I guess he liked it enough to come back for more. My point is, you never know where and when it will happen. I didn't go to the seminar planning on meeting someone but it was meant to be, so keep on being positive and it can happen to you!
  5. Be there tomorrow afternoon, can't wait to meet the GALS!
  6. So sorry for your loss.
  7. As Steph mentioned I did book a room using my AAA card.
  8. ReggieNY11

    The "Wall"

    Would you please explain to us "newbies" what exactly these pages should contain? I'd like to contribute but I have no idea what you are looking for. Thanks!
  9. I wonder if she's the same rep who helped me a while back LOL. The one I spoke to said basically the same thing. Could there be two, or more??
  10. Ha-ha, that was too funny! Can't wait to see the whole show, any minute now.
  11. Hey Sandy! Thanks for that video. I was right next to you and your lovely daughter and it's so great to have your video to help me remember that night, for all the insanity. Take care, see you at the next one! Reggie
  12. Thanks for posting that! It was funny and entertaining, esp. the "tweeting, twittering..." part. That Sarah Lee has definitely been Butlerized!
  13. I'll be getting into the airport on Thursday, the 3rd, at 3:00 PM.
  14. Thought you'd like to see this. Hope I did that right!
  15. I chose Gerry Kennedy. Besides looking the best he ever did, any man who says "kissing is a man's business" can plant one on me good! Those kisses in the Irish countryside make me quiver.
  16. Check out this new clip: http://www.traileraddict.com/trailer/the-b...v-spot-extremes
  17. I am curious about whether or not you would know who Gerry was if you had never seen POTO. It seems that role has meant so much to so many and I got to thinking "How many GALS would have ever found him if not for POTO?" Guess I have too much time on my hands (yeah, right!)
  18. I'd be interested. I don't get in until Thursday so not sure how much I can do. Anyone interested in the Thunder From Down Under show? LOL I saw it a few years ago, it was a lot of fun.
  19. Deb - Knight Phantom Sally - Cybrsal Chery l- Paisleyscot Suzie - Texas Gramma Char - RedDragoness- Naoma - RezzRN Samantha - MzSamBewitched Suzanne - No Screen Name Annemarie - AlmadenAnnie Bex - Ready2fly Linda - Poppy Donna - Deetz Elissa - Lady Elissa Bill - Good Sport Erin - No Screen Name Bianca - Binkie1490 Sherrell - Bermos Katie - Songbird (SNOGbird) Raz - Razberry Regina - ReggieNY11
  20. I don't know, sometimes it's easy to read things into pictures. Unless you're there in person it's hard to tell what's going on. It could be the lighting or some distraction in the crowd that makes it look a certain way. Let's all keep a good thought and hope that Gerry is happy and doing what he wants to do.
  21. Just registered! I'm so excited to attend my first con. Can't wait to meet you lovely GALS.
  22. I chose Gerry Kennedy's boxers. He looked absolutely amazing in PSILY. I love that scene and it would be great to have them all to myself.
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