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  1. Hi Ladies! I'm voting for the two below to be sent home. Jacko - Fast Food Sea Captain – Tale of the Black Freighter
  2. I'm so sorry for your loss. Pets are like children and they will always have a special place in our hearts. Powder, as well as you and your husband, will be in my prayers. Tap
  3. Where do you live in Oklahoma?

  4. Thank you so much! Isn't it just gorgeous! I love yours too...so proud of him for all the work he's doing in Haiti.

  5. I just love your siggy!!!

  6. Libby, That is FANTASTIC news and I'm so happy for you. May God continue to watch over you & bless you with good health. Hugs, Tap
  7. A "BIG" thank you to all the Mods and Admins!! This site wouldn't be as great as it is without you. To Bethy, Risa, Jill, and Cristina.... I know all too well about having to cut back on Gal time, we will miss you but we are just a click away. Also, to our newly appointed Mods..... Cheryl, Sue, Linda, Deb, Suzie, and Sally!! I'm very happy for all of you. Tap
  8. 12" King Leonidas collectible figure This 1/6th scale Spartan Warrior collectible stands approximately 30 cm tall, featuring Hot Toys newly sculpted and developed muscled body** with over 26 points of articulation. Dressed with a real fabric cape with harness, faux-leather belt, vambraces and greaves, and this stunning piece also comes with the following accessories and weapons: - Helmet features a real-like horsehair crest** - Real-like wolf’s tooth necklace - Sword and faux-leather scabbard - Battle damaged Spartan shield features the faux- leather hand hold and removable broken arrows - Spear - Two pairs of Interchangeable hands - Head sculpt with authentic Gerard Butler likeness as King Leonidas** - Additional head sculpt of King Leonidas features "This is Sparta!" expression - Figure stand with 300 movie logo and King Leonidas nameplate Pre-order here This looks awesome, I've pre-ordered mine already. Can't wait!! ~Tap~
  9. Great work, can't wait to see more. ~Tap~
  10. Congrats Stuart and thank you for all that you do for the site! ~Tap~
  11. *THUD* I love, LOVE the siggy Cheryl made you. :)

  12. That is WONDERFUL news, I'm very happy for you! ~Tap~
  13. My favorite parts were when Gerry sang Music of the Night of course and then the Beauty and the Beast skit. He was Hilarious!! ~Tap~
  14. I would pamper him 24/7 if I had the chance! ~Tap~
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