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  1. Jo :-) You know that I love these guys !!!!! I agree that Paul has an amazing voice.. so soft and lyrical. The way he sung 'Steal away' a little masterpiece. But I especially love George. George Donaldson..... the oldest one. He is just unbelievable!!! Listen to "The old man"- I cried like a baby when I heard it for first time. Kisses Aga
  2. another AMAZING siggy !!!!!!!

    You're so great Ferah.



  3. That's very clear situation and I respect him even more. I hope his great instinct will never leave him.
  4. Thank you Irish :-)) to much happiness
  5. I wonder is there any video from 2006 convention? I would love to SEE him saying that...
  6. you're right! I wish it was not a manip photo!

    I hope he will find the true woman to be happy with!

    thanks for the comment!

    btw, your drawings are amazing!

    loves and kisses


    PS. may I want you to watch my videos on youtube? I am wondering about your opinions... you can find me there with the same nickname:fksmtu!

  7. Ooohhh, what a lovely siggy!

    You look so happy together ;-)))



  8. wonderful graphics You're all Winners Love, Aga
  9. Agnes


    I think that's the biggest compliment NanLynn, maybe I should ask which talents you don't have ;-) That's really impressive... what can I say.. You're amazing artist and you have wonderful personality ( I should hate you :-P ) Gerry would be so proud of you!!!
  10. Great find !!! He looks gorgeous Well, this shirt is very unique !!! lol I love his style
  11. Agnes

    Poster Winner

    Sis, I can't wait to see you artwork !!!!! I'm so excited... I'm sure it will be spectacular. You're AMAZING !!!! I don't know what to say... I'm so ... I have tears in my eyes.......... (deep breath)... . . I've never believed in myself. Polish Tarts had to force me to show my drawings. Believe or not, I felt foolish. I thought it's ridiculous. How wrong I was. You're the best in the world!!!!!!!! Love you all!!! I want to thank you, Jo !!! I would do anything for you !!! For those who haven't seen, here's the poster: RcR it's so unexpectable.. I'm on gb. net since march... five months and my biggest dream is coming true. When I receive the item, I'll take the photo and post it here. I'm still in shock. This is a very big thing for me.... Thank you so much ! Aga
  12. Agnes


    wow! wow! WooooWW! NanLynn! You're amazing artist. Those are beautiful! I'm so happy and touched that you decided to show us your talent. Gerry lives in your heart. You captured his eyes brilliantly. Mezmering, beautiful eyes.... I visited your website and all I can say is: WOOOWWW!!!!! I'm a little bit speachless now.... NanLynn, you're the major artist here. I could learn from you. And you're great designer too!!!!!!!!!! Do you have any other talents..? Thank you so much for sharing... Aga
  13. I want to show you drawing which I made for wonderful Joanna. Thank you for beeing my friend, Jo. You're so special !!!!! CLICK Agnes (Aga)
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