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  1. I´m ok with this either way. Great if it materialises, great if it doesn´t. However, I have to comment on Hollywood taking him seriously as an actor. I think he´s already proven himself and anybody with eyes can see that he´s good at what he does and that he´s definitely an A-lister, so he´s absolutely taken seriously in Hollywood.
  2. Ok, this might be some cultural thing but where I live, everybody rides a bike. Nothing childish or particularly cute about it, I mean. He´s looking cute though.
  3. Am I the only one who thinks that the "hat" is in fact a beanie? Anyway, I wonder why he´s wearing it?
  4. Here´s the "twins" pic again, without the text. Feel free to use it any way you want to. http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b118/Mat.../eviltwins2.jpg
  5. Thanks everybody, I didn´t mean that to be a signature, I just got an idea and acted on it. And I noticed that I didn´t even save the edited versions (damn!), but gimme 30 min and I´ll see what I can do! Okay, I would usually do it more carefully, but the pics weren´t exactly HQ to start with, so I couldn´t be arsed. http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b118/Mat...708-1edited.jpg http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b118/Mat...708-2edited.jpg (I hope I removed them completely. Sometimes when you stare at a picture long enough, you become "blind" to it, if you know what I mean...)
  6. I was inspired by these two pics... http://s18.photobucket.com/albums/b118/Mat...=eviltwins1.jpg
  7. Thanks, those pics are awesome! Edit: stupid question removed. LOL
  8. In some cases cancer doesn´t necessarily cause much weight loss. For example a brain tumor can be like that.
  9. I saw this movie yesterday for the first time and I loved it! The script was very clever and actors great! I loved how the bad guy turned into the good (?) guy and vice versa and I think it made Gerry´s role more interesting, too: at the beginning he was just too squeky-clean and too good to be true.
  10. Ooh. Now I get it why it´s been slightly, well, boring on here for the last few days: there haven´t been any new pics of Gerry! He´s looking good! Blue suits him and I love his casual clothes. But I want more pics of him and Lolita together! (Hey, who says it´s men and babies that look cute together.. To me it´s men and pugs! )
  11. I agree, Zany. You and I must be the only ones that don't like this decorating style. Congratulations on getting it done and best wishes, Gerry! Count me in. Coming from the north where it´s dark 6 months of the year, I need LIGHT! But as long as he likes it himself. Besides, the place probably looks very different IRL.
  12. I kind of understand what the critic meant by underplaying. And even Gerry says here (at 1:18 -) how he didn´t want to be theatrical in the role. So I guess other Phantoms have played it differently then (I personally haven´t seen any other Phantoms besides Gerry) and he didn´t want to go that path? http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=_TprAanNGc4
  13. Thanks Moira! Although first I´m going to have to locate the file. I can´t find it in the multimedia section (if you were referring to the one on this site) for some reason.
  14. Omg. Any chance you might share it with the less unfortunate of us?
  15. Wait. Wait. Wait. Do you mean that you actually have that recording in your phone? Or are you talking about how you imagine hearing his voice?
  16. I don´t like romantic comedies, so I only went to see PSILY once. However, I´m going to buy the DVD, so that I can watch some more Gerry.
  17. Ooh, he could sing anything he wants! I´m flexible haha. Or he could just record something like THIS for me: (yes, it´s the "Honey, wake up" thing that you all know!) http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=IDfLWl7PbDA&...feature=related
  18. Kez

    One More Kiss

    Sorry for necroposting as this thread is really old. But I just watched this movie a week ago and yesterday I tried to watch it again but fell asleep. I mean, I like movies that are sorta slow and make you think but there´s a limit for everything! Gee, they could have just deleted some more scenes! Can´t say that I sympathised with the characters that much either. I found Sarah especially annoying. Gerry was gorgeous though. It´s incredible how much he´s changed!
  19. LOL Can you give me a link? (Yes, I´m THAT curious! ) Or at least say when this was, approximately? Thanks!
  20. Eh? When did this happen? And how can someone take pics at a dentist´s office?
  21. Naah, I don´t worry about him. Ok, maybe a bit about the smoking, but he seems to be doing ok now.
  22. I couldn´t care less about what that guy writes. Honestly. Even if he said some really insulting things about Gerry or any other celeb, his opinion just doesn´t count. Maybe if English was my first language, I might find him hilarious (he sounds quite verbose to me...).
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