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  1. All these comments about taming dragons and Crispy Creedys are making me feel like scorching something. Fat chance taming me. I will never be tamed. Do you here me? NEVER! Not even Gerry can tame me! *evil laf* hehe No more comments about Crispy Creedy, it makes my mop boy feel unloved. Now that I'm thinking about it, I probably go add another chapter to my Creedy fic now. The one where he DOESN'T DIE! *high fives jenn*
  2. The resident scaly one thinks so.
  3. Hey, Little Dragon! It's Dreamer only here I'm susanrae. Good to "see" a familiar face!


  4. ROFL Tracy, after a long work day. I needed that.
  5. Donna, don't you know that what happens in Vegas doesn't stay there? It stays on Youtube. LOL
  6. Aw, you make such a cute bunny Donna. *hugs* Anyone think the razzi should be banned permanently besides me? Not much gets my dander up but stuff like that just ticks me off. Ok, *breaths in, breaths out* Ok, the dragon's calm now. hehe And Gerry, here's a big squishy hug for ya having to put up with those jacka$$es.
  7. I've come to the conclusion that I had a bad pair of shoes. I switched pairs today and was amazed at how my feet were only tired at the end of the day, not hurting to point where I was limping on both of them. Donna, feel free to talk about pirates. I always find your posts highly interesting.
  8. Almost have my shoe issue figured out but now I have a sore throat. The shoes I have to wear for work aren't the softest in the world and the fact that the floor I walk on for 8 hours is 8 in concrete doesn't help either. Got some insoles and that seemed to help a little. Still wound up taking some ibuprofen though. I just hope my sore throat goes away. Do you have days like that, Gerry?
  9. Ok, I'm moved into my dorm, started my on-campus job, gotten my internet back, and my feet are none too happy with me. I'm working in the kitchen at the restaurant on the campus and while I love what I do in my job, the shoes I have to wear for it aren't broken in and have been wreaking havoc on my feet. Not to mention, I'm working an 8 hour shift and and standing all day on a 8 in concrete floor with about as much give as the pavement. Fortunately I have good co-workers and an awesome supervisor. Have you ever worked in a kitchen Gerry?
  10. That reminds me of some tarts who wrote odes to a bellybutton.
  11. Just discovered your fic and love it. Haven't read it all yet but I plan on it. I left a reply on the thread. :)

  12. Actually, not really. I just finicky like that. I prefer to wheel myself around. However he'd be more than welcome to tag along on his own bike.
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