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  1. He looks so skinny. I cannot stand it! He was meant to be a beefy MAN. He looks so LA. I know, I know...its for a role, but geez, its awful - he looks sooooo ordinary now. Those goldish pants look like they can wrap around him twice. ICK!
  2. Wonder why he is dressed so warm??? It's HOT there!
  3. I have a good source/connection with a friend who works for HBO and this is a FALSE rumor. GB is NOT going to do GOT nor has he been asked. He is too big a star to do a series.
  4. $12 million? Wow, that number is shockingly low.
  5. My former BF flies (and gave lessons) for both helicopters and planes and most (not all) helicopters, like planes have co-pilot controls. No way of knowing if he was flying, but he certainly could have been. If a helicopter is a single pilot craft, there is NO seat for a passenger in the front. FAA guidelines state that no non-licensed individual can sit in the co-pilots seat of either a plane or helicopter unless they have a permit for training (you have to attend many classes, pass detailed, intense tests and clear several serious medical checks before you can even become a trainee). Chances are he was taking another lesson.
  6. There is no shelf life on PAIRFECTION!!!!! ...with that, Gerry can do anything he wants. Sure, he can and should direct films one cay. He has the personality for it - he can rally the troops and get people to evoke emotions they thought they didn't knew existed.
  7. Lisa, you interpretation is correct! Basically this article is saying that there are few 'sure deals' in Hollywood these days and even 'big names' deliver box office bombs. In the end, Gerry has been doing well playing this game...in these dire times, he has done VERY well in brining in big numbers. His name associated with a project not only gets backup financing, but in most cases, the film will make well over the studio's total budget. Good Stuff! Gerry really has come a long way! Amazing his career didn't start until his later days. He has an American Dream Story.
  8. First, thanks for posting, that was absolutely adorable and Gerry was completely taken by that cute little boy. Second, and don't ask me why I noticed this, but Mark Allen's hands are HUGE - what is up with that smaller framed man having huge mitts for hands. When he is waving them at the end they almost look freakish, LOL!
  9. Hi! I love Twitter! My handle is sav1231
  10. http://justjared.buzznet.com/2010/04/18/gerard-butler-hybrid/ Has he ever looked better??????
  11. Gerard Butler secretly jetted into Scotland to be the surprise guest at his parents' 25th wedding anniversary celebrations, Saturday evening. "I wanted to surprise them.They were just having a meal at a restaurant and I just walked in. They couldn't believe it and were over the moon." read entire article here
  12. Im just happy we get more Gerry now than ever. Its selfish, but its nice to see him in magazines, cover of magazines like AD and Mens Health, Mens Journal and even W. Whatever the plan has been or not been, its working and he is now a household name.
  13. One of my all time favorites Bette Davis was hated by so many in Hollywood. Early in her career and mid-way (even after some successes and an Oscar) She was panned by critics all the time for not being a natural beauty and they called her acting stiff and that she has an abbrassive delivery. She carried on and despite the critic and even studio execs that hated working with her she did pretty good for herself. Today, she is known as one of the greatest actresses of all time. Bette Davis was, in her own words, very smart and stubborn! I can both of those traits firmly in place with Gerry
  14. Sometimes too much knowledge of any one thing, or in this case person, can distort the joy in just being a fan and enjoying 'the ride'
  15. I loved this article! Not sure how they captured the title, but the content really makes you think about Gerry's choices, career path and just how well thought out he has planned everything.......or has he???? Whatever the case. The man is successful for a reason and that is due to his dedication, intelligence and most importantly his passion! http://www.guardian.co.uk/film/2010/apr/04/gerard-butler-scottish-hollywood-star
  16. The pictures are so great....what a gorgeous place! The framed picture of puppy Lolita on the coffee table is too adorable! (his baby)
  17. I can open the Link, but can't open the 'play' clickable / doesn't work! Is there another way to listen?
  18. I have to agree! I've said this before but it stands true, Gerry has never looked better than he does right now.
  19. He brings it on himself. Love the guy, but he does! Making out with random girls, calling our ex-crushes by name on national TV, moments like this one etc...He has no edit button. I know we all think it is so cute and cheeky, but it does damper his actual profession in being an actor. He seems more of a celebrity now than an actor! People know him more for his womanizing ways and looks than his talent because of 'his' actions/statements. At one point, I though he really hated the Lothorio tag, but I think he quite likes it. He has become ultra famous for it actually, so maybe he likes that attention so much he feels pressure to keep up with the reputation. Like he said "where there is smoke, there is fire!"
  20. http://www.reuters.com/news/video?videoId=...m_campaign=Feed IMO, I don't think Gerry has ever looked better in his life than he has in these past few months. Turning 40 has really....really.....really agreed with him!!!!
  21. He looks so handsome. Look at that left ear. It really did stick out more than the other. Awwwwwwwwww.....
  22. Most likely that is an LAX airport handler. Common for the celebs who are traveling commerical flights to be assigned a handler upon arrival.
  23. http://x17online.com/celebrities/gerard_bu...la-02272010.php Some sites say he was heading to Haiti! He looks so good!
  24. http://www.thesun.co.uk/scotsol/homepage/n...cks-symbol.html
  25. For what its worth, someone on Twitter said Gerry was seen flying into the Cabo airport himself (flying a plane!)....REALLY, he flies planes?!?!
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