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  1. Yes, it was me. I feel so mean because I haven't been on regularly in a long time, but graduating from college and working has really taken up all my time! Once I'm back in graduate school I think I'll be able to lurk more steadily! I hope you're so well!!!

  2. BaileyS! Is that really you lurking about the boards?!? Hope you are having a terrific time whatever you are up to!! ;)

    Hugs from me, Ol' mrs. Naughty... :)

  3. Happy Birthday xx

  4. LOVE the Baftas. Usually those who present are on the very outer edge of the rows, but who knows. It'd be great to see him present, but him just being there is awesome.
  5. http://spletnik.ru/img/2011/02/arina/20110203butler_5.jpg He's so adorable!
  6. What I want to say would be illegal. Even for the gutter. He's perfect. http://justjared.buzznet.com/photo-gallery/2516558/gerard-butler-windboarding-hawaii-03/fullsize/ He's perfect. That body is just Chest, shoulders, hair, hips, legs, thighs, hands, arms. I'm dead.
  7. Yeah, definitely pictured him in HTTYD the ENTIRE time. It made me feel really awkward with the kids movie aspect GO GERRY!
  8. He's so gorgeous. The suit looks amazing and his hair I would love to see that man devour Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner Especially Mum's home cooking. I doubt you'd see his face
  9. http://www.wireimage.com/ItemListings.aspx?cbi=23234&igi=463847&nbc1=1
  10. G and those paws There will probably be pics. It's such a public event. He may have opted out of taking pics on the red carpet, but I'm sure there will be some. Of him at least presenting. Either way I can just imagine him surrounded by all those "Heroes" and just eating it up. He feeds off that stuff. The atmosphere, the energy, the great people. I'm so glad he's participating.
  11. Did someone say grey suit?? There are press photos up online already. None of G though.
  12. Gerry spicing up my Thanksgiving Thanks Cheryl! This is great for him. I think he'll enjoy it.
  13. THE CHEST HAIR Just beautiful. I love his taste in hats. I've always wanted to know where his bag was from. It's his favorite.
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