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  1. G and those paws :swoon:

    There will probably be pics. It's such a public event.

    He may have opted out of taking pics on the red carpet, but I'm sure there will be some.

    Of him at least presenting.

    Either way I can just imagine him surrounded by all those "Heroes" and just eating it up. He feeds off that stuff. The atmosphere, the energy, the great people. :pointy: I'm so glad he's participating.

  2. He has boundless amounts of energy.

    I don't know where he gets it :lol:

    He always has a blast on his birthday. I think he somehow feels that he's lucky to even be alive with the way he used to live so he celebrates to the max that he's made it another year :) I'm so glad he has too. As I know you are.

    I always hope we don't get pictures of his birthday. He deserves to have it privately.

    I wonder what G gets for his birthday. What do you give a man who has so much? Hugs and models? :lmao:

    Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image :swoon: I'm in a wulfie mood.

  3. Frannie...That is one clever siggy you made that gblover1 got.

    Leslie...I REALLY love that poem. So true!!

    I grabbed one of those vintage siggies by Cheryl. What makes me sad is that I owned a car once younger than Gerry. Is that depressing or what?

    Bailey...Send me the siggies you want rotated.

    ~HUGS~ Kathy

    On their way :)
  4. :funnyup: I love the curls too! I have some with those luscious long locks. I just love this pic too.

    I tell ya, he's gorgeous either way :hump::hump::hump:

    I agree. I think the man rocks the buzz cutt, the long hair, the mid length and everything in between.

    Bonnie, I love his profile. It's pairfect. Especially the smile because you get chnuzzle. :chnuzzle: MEEEEEEE!

    Could someone perhaps rotate my two siggies together?

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