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  1. Aw G with Lolita SO CUTE. I bet she missed him. PS: LOVE HIS JACKET and the curls coming out of his hat. Also, the coke cans So G.
  2. Can I just say I love how he walks around town with a bodyguard. In any city really. He's so awesome. I like how he could, in his position, have one with him practically 24/7, but chooses not to.
  3. Thanks Holly! I found the apartment hunting part odd as well. Why would he want something else when he already has that great place that we know he LOVES. Location searching is a good thought! Oh to be carted around in one of those luxury black cars I love his sweater on him and THE HAIR Still loving the hair and his lack of cutting it off.
  4. THE HAIR. It's so salty and flippy. THE PAWS. THE SUIT! AND FLAVA SAVA http://justjared.buzznet.com/photo-gallery/2486429/gerard-butler-loreal-ladder-commercial-03/ Can't wait to see this commercial. It's funny seeing his long legs trying to climb on that ladder.
  5. That photo I can't wait to see the rest. He has the perfect charm for selling products to men. He's one of a kind, but such an every day guy. Thanks Ren GORGEOUS. Yes, we will need plenty of scans.
  6. THE HAIR It's fantastic. I LOVE IT Moira I heard about the quickie in the bathroom from Sam's more 'rough' days For that.
  7. This is so awesome! He really is fantastic. He's using his fame for charity and to help out his Mum's village. So cute in that jacket too, he looks like a proud little boy!! I can even see him getting excited about his name on the letterhead Thanks Moira.
  8. Ren, I was thinking the same thing. She probably is all depressed when he leaves for months, but it goes away immediately when she sees him! Frannie, THANK YOU!
  9. OMG. OMG. This is fantastic. FINALLY pictures with Lolita That's the most adorable picture EVER. I love them! Thank you Barb.
  10. Holly and KT, he said your names I love how he sounds more Scottish! for being in Scotland!! Thanks for uploading and transcribing for us!! It means so much to hear this from him. You all work so hard and deserve it!!! He said "wee cheeky"
  11. So cool he made good friends there. The bearded one to the left in the gallery must be from filming b/c of the beard I loved the clean shaved face though from the party GORGEOUS! Thanks ladies.
  12. Hehe. Just kidding, take your time, but I can't wait.
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