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  1. Celebs Dish: What makes them nervous Or in Gerry's case "nair-vous".
  2. I think you're right, but he also went in 08 when he went to the Oneness University SEXY SEXY stud walking around, but yes old news. He talked about flying in October/November on Craig Ferguson.
  3. Just read the joke article. I'm not at all surprised he is the joker and also knows EVERYONE's name. He's such a great guy. My favorite part was about him being in his head and concentrating. Very Gerry. I can't wait for this.
  4. It was an interview they did in the UK. She brought him a cupcake :)

  5. Thank you Barb Gerry in Army gear is just AND carrying his trusty manbag He looks great and the set photos are amazing!
  6. I definitely think they would film in more than one city. The play is so complex and it being a modern adaptation they'll have to film it in various locations. I'm just glad he's finally there and doing what he loves most, acting. This far in his career I doubt he'd spend THIS much time preparing for the movie mentally/physically if he only had a very small role. A movie like the Untitled project is different. I'm feeling very sure he has plenty of screen time. The relationship between Coriolanus and Tullus can't be defined in little scenes, it's very intricate. I know he'll be enjoying the sites as much as time will allow
  7. So glad he made it safely Looking great too!
  8. http://www.emercedesbenz.com/magazine/wp-content/uploads/GButlerMBS400Hybrid_medium.jpg The SUV that drove him back and forth from the TUT set was a Flex Fuel truck as well. He's very eco-conscious. Looking very good I might add! He loves his Benz', he has the white one as well.
  9. I would sell a kidney and hitch hike to NYC for that one!
  10. Lord, he's amazing. "If I'm being honest, I have to say I'm a bit of latecomer to the world of giving back. It's mostly come since I started acting. With an increased profile, I was approached to support various causes. I used to think "why me?" but then I realized that lending my support to an important cause can raise its visibility and hopefully encourage others to support it, too. We all have a voice and the ability to make a contribution — whether financially or through volunteering. Please consider helping our neighbors in Haiti, teaming with the amazing young people in KKC or doing something in your own community. Sharing your time and resources with others is an incredible gift — for them and for you." He is incredibly self aware.
  11. So great he finally made it to Haiti. Good for him. It looks like they're getting their game plans ready. I can't wait to see if we get more pics of him. I'd love to see him with the children He's so awesome for doing this. So it's this and then off to Serbia? I agree Steph. Gerry has the capacity to feel emotions very deeply. Especially with the emotions of others. You can see in the photos how attentive he is, willing to learn, and in his eyes there is so much going on. This just shows how empathetic and really genuinely caring he is. It's a side I'm glad the world will be able to see.
  12. The Little Gerry's are adorable.
  13. He just gets hotter and hotter. Thanks for posting Moira. Extremely beautiful man and he looks so happy! I love seeing him in Scotland The hair, the beard, taking me back to Beo promotion
  14. My goodness he's beautiful! Three countries in three days is insane!! Thanks for posting.
  15. is on a gerry juice over load. how pleasurable.

  16. Gerry and Jay are on Comedy Central promoting HTTYD. It's "30 seconds" with them and they're stuffing their faces! Gerry talked about what voices he went through for Stoic. They're funny together and Gerry is stuffing his face!!
  17. Gorgeous! Looking adorable with his nieces. How many does he have? 4?
  18. Sweet! I wonder when it hits stands. ETA: Got a 94% on my History Final
  19. He is Thanks Barb. I can't wait!! Do they sell it in stores?
  20. She definitely admires him!I think they admire each other!
  21. I love hearing him say "Perverse" as "Pervairse" Thanks Barb!
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