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  1. I'm in love with it. I do believe I'd never leave, how beautiful and comfy.
  2. I really, really enjoyed this interview. I love how detailed he is and how heartfelt his answers always seem to be.
  3. I always wished they would have put him singing on the PS I LOVE YOU Soundtrack.
  4. go to fujisan.com They have a store where you can subscribe to any japanese magazine.
  5. Is it sad I subscribed to Screen and Movie Star just for his pictures?
  6. I think he could sing anything and I'd be satisfied, but "Love You Til the End" would be good.
  7. Dear God, you just made my day! I love his feet..lol
  8. I was just thinking the same thing. That and my eyes were glued to his neck..
  9. He does look great. I love the fourth one down :-) Thanks for posting.
  10. Not one bit, sweetie!!! Thanks! Uhm..I love your icon! Oh and to everyone, I love that bag. I'd definitely rather buy that than the hat, but I'm a college kid. My budget doesn't exactly fit that. Pretty much laundry, food, and soap..lol
  11. I still want to know where he got his bag too..lol and what he is reading.
  12. This thread is making me think dirty thoughts when I need to focus on journalism. Journalism is boring anyways. Gerry on the other hand is NEVER boring.
  13. I agree, like I said before it's really endearing. I've seen pictures of the GALS convention. He definitely looked really taken aback, but it is great. It's nice to know you are appreciated and your work is as well. HA! I knew a girl in high school who unfortunately had a drinking problem. Her favorite drink happened to be Bailey's Irish Creme. So her sponsor told her it'd be best just not to say my name. So she called me "hey" or by my last name. What works, works. I get that alot though. I'm always tempted to steal one of those huge "Baileys" displays.
  14. I think the nervousness and how he gets giggly, figity, and how he is hyper makes him more endearing. If we just saw this stone faced Gerry all the time it wouldn't be as human. It just reminds me that he is a human and it makes me appreciate him even more.
  15. I love the outfits they've been having him wearing! :-) He looks great whether he is dropping the f bomb or squinting into the sun. I love that bag though!! Where did he get it?
  16. I know this is a little off topic, but does anyone know where Gerry got his camo messenger bag he's been photographed with lately? It really cool.
  17. Bailey, your wee ones are adorable!! Issy And yes, our man looks yummy as usual! Dying to know what he's saying, though!! Thank you. They're my neices and nephews. His speech was awesome, I love how he kept giggling.
  18. OMG! He looks fantastic! And like he had such a great time!
  19. To be honest I was 10! Yes ten when I saw Atilla on tv and had a crush ever since. My mom thought it was adorable!
  20. Thanks for the gracious welcomes :-) Those monkeys in my sig are actually my two neices and two nephews! I'm only 18 so having kids would be a bit much for me right now. They're beautiful though. I agree Gerry looks fantastic in anything. Ahh Jackie and the towel. I have a thing for all of Gerry, but I Love his feet!!
  21. The man could wear a dress and I wouldn't complain. Hello by the way. My name is Bailey and this is my first post!! I've been catching up with all these different posts and I think I love you guys, you're fantastic!!
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