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  1. Mid-April? Really? That's surprising, I thought he'd go right in after BH/HTTYD promotion! Maybe he'll be going to Haiti after all. Thanks Barb!
  2. Aw, he hadn't slept and is still gorgeous! I love how the chair must have been tiny because he looked huge in it. Especially his feet! I wondering when he'll go to Haiti! I loved hearing him talk about it. And his mum was here for the BH premiere, how great!! He loves his mum!! Okay, "So I married and axe murderer" is one of my favorites and that is my favorite scene! "Come let us dance like children of the night!" Great choice Gerry!!
  3. http://gbgalsgallery.com/v/premieres/BHNYC...HNY_38.jpg.html That girl is definitely snapping a pic of the "goods" There's HQ Pinky and Flava Sava. THANK YOU LADIES! The pinstripe suit is beautiful on him.
  4. LOVED IT! I thought it was funny he totally wasn't listening at the beginning. Wish you had.. "I wish I had a planet" Could really use.. "A planet" Drives you crazy.. "Earth" Glad to hear these, they're cute tiny things to learn about him. Gerry vacuuming. I find that sexy. Thanks Barb. I would have liked to hear his real most treasure possession though. Maybe Lolita.
  5. Look at him I'm so excited he did this role. Every time I see a TV spot I melt. It's so cute. Thanks Barb. "I think it's going to be a bit of a joy to behold" I am even more excited to see it now that I've heard how excited he is. His eyes didn't stop lighting up as he spoke of it.
  6. I'd be all over going to a premiere of his! Especially if he invited me. I think it was just him being friendly!
  7. I can't listen. It says not outside the UK? Lisa Snowdon is gorgeous though. A model and TV personality. Very beautiful.
  8. OMG! His arms Thanks Stu! We need an avi of when he says; "I think that's a pretty apt description!" I love the crinkly nose... "I went and spent time in Scotland for more than 30 years" "Thairt-ee" and he says "Nairvus"
  9. He's foul mouthed and polite all at the same time. "Can you bleep it?" Now he has an excuse for the Leprechaun Irish accent No apologizing this time. I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS!
  10. OMG. Yes Bonnie go with that feeling, draw it
  11. Bonnie your siggy I love it.
  12. I'm sorry to hear that, but I'm glad they are taking time for real life. They are all in my thoughts. Congrats to the new mods
  13. No, he is verrry familiar with mooning. They were talking about seeing his "goods", which sounded like something more than mooning. Mooning did occur, but I don't think he considered that his goods. I wouldn't either. It's good, but not that kind of "goods" I still can't get over him getting so excited when he said; "That was brilliant"
  14. "I'm playing hard to get!" I can't believe some girls have done that to him. Women are crazy I can't get over his arms. He's so animated so they're always moving
  15. I just watched them again. His arms http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/6PD7Dx/extra...hemisty.php/r:t Here is one from Extra.
  16. How excited he got when he said; "That was brilliant" is AMAZING. He is adorable. And SO FIDGETY! He can't sit still. They are cute, especially when they both nodded about the dating question I knew he could dance, he always says he can't!! GORGEOUS! Loving his out fit and hair. Thanks for posting. "I'd hit that. I'd hit that. I'd hit that." And I don't think any of us would mind getting mooned by him.
  17. You have to be cuffed to Milo for an entire WEEK! @bounty_alex is one of the girls. http://twitpic.com/18rdfm It's a life size cardboard cut. I want one
  18. "But I'll never kill again!" They showed the same ones over and over, but they were cute. Gerry kept rubbing his leg
  19. They do NOT make them like that around here at my school. Thanks for scanning.
  20. I wonder if they coordinated You can tell they are great friends!!
  21. Good lord that man is beautiful. I'm glad he went with the gray/silver suit. They are fantastic together, I can't wait for this film.
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