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  1. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, Gerry! 2009 wishes for health, success and love! Take care, LoveFairy
  2. I read the book and I think that Gerry was 24 when he got married
  3. [Dear Gerard, I am a big Gerard Butler Gal from Greece! As a matter of fact, you are very popular here! I first saw you in Dear Frankie - you were simply amazing! I really liked your acting in 300, The Phantom of the opera, Nim's island and PS I love you. As for the last film I mentioned, I have to let you know that I went out the movie theater with tears all over my face! It was a very moving film. I believe that you are an extremely talented actor -you really prove this in each film that you play in. I hope you to continue to surprise us with your future roles! There is only one thing left to tell you: It would be really nice if you ever come to Greece. You have millions of fans here and they are all looking forward to see you! With lots of admiration, LoveFairy [/font]
  4. Oh my God, they are amazing! great job
  5. oh my God! it is so sad!! I mean I read about it in PSILY book! honesty it makes me want to cry
  6. Well this is my bigest dream: to meet Gerry! I'm sure that I won't know what to say! especially if he'll smile at me! I strongly believe that the ones who have met Gerry DO are VEEEEEEEEERY lucky!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE MET GERRY!!!
  7. Yes! I do accept Gerry as he is without wanting him to change! Gerry is adorable whatever he's doing: when he seems to have a Celtic clue in him, when he is sensitive...I like Gerry's behaviour and I will always do!!!
  8. i've seen it 4 times! and every time I was crying........Gerry's amazing!!! GERARD BUTLER FAN.......TILL THE END!!!
  9. I wouldn't have a problem of where we would be.......Propably Glasgow see where he grew up! I would like to hear him talking about his life his ambitions...If only this could come true!!!!!!!!!!!Only for 10 minutes!!Or at least for 60 seconds!!!!! --sigh!----- GERARD BUTLER FAN.......TILL THE END!!!
  10. I really love Gerry!!When I wake up I'm just starring at his picture and wondering...What is he doing right now?he is the best actor alive the most beautiful creature alive on earth.I just wish he is forever happy.I wish that no-one will ever make him cry because if he'll do I will be more sad than him!!!!!!!!!!!
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